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jwells -> where did the years go? (5/7/2018 2:30:25 AM)

I used to play a bunch of steel panther say...15 years ago. Does that sound right? Might have been 20. Used the forum a bit. I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to see if it worked on my brand spanking new pc and it did. Man there is a lot of updates. So anyway, it is one of those amazing games you seldom see anymore. Like AOE and Civil War Generals. Now I need to know where some of the scenarios I remember best are. Do they still exist? There was one that was like a wake island dec 1941 scenario. had roadblocks and a jeep I remember. And there was a SAHARA one based on the stuart in the bogart movie. Anyone ever see these? Thanks for the help!! Oh...also the one with witburg?? the german tank officer and his group shooting at a field of Russian tanks from high ground. fish in a barrel kind of thing.

Zovs -> RE: where did the years go? (5/8/2018 1:39:54 AM)

jwells, your best bet is to go to: The Depot, there you will find all the vanilla stock scenarios and campaigns and as a bonus the updated Enhanced version that some players/hobbyist have created replacing all the scenarios and campaigns by updating all the OOB's.

Stock scenarios and campaigns: Stock Stuff

Enhanced scenarios and campaigns (with installer): Enhanced Stuff

Enhanced topics:
Enhanced summary

More Info

jwells -> RE: where did the years go? (5/8/2018 3:28:49 PM)

wow..thanks for that.

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