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tom730_slith -> Any add-ons for purchase being considered? (5/4/2018 4:31:10 PM)

With all the great add-ons produced for WIF over the years, and especially now with the amazing new boxed set, is there any chance of a "for purchase" add-on to MWIF? I'd be especially interested in new units that appeared later in the war or were just on the drawing board that are in the newest version of WIF.

If not, I understand some of the uncoded "Optional Rules" may still be forthcoming - is that still a possibility?

paulderynck -> RE: Any add-ons for purchase being considered? (5/4/2018 5:56:51 PM)

The missing optional rules are on the roadmap, after NetPlay and I think before the AI, if memory serves.

I would advise you to not get any hopes up for anything else in the foreseeable future.

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