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4personalbusiness -> Bordeaux control after Vichy...v2.7.1 (4/15/2018 3:47:44 PM)

France was Vichied in the previous turn. At that time (and now) Bordeaux was in the uncontested ZOC of CW land units. Also, at the end of the previous turn, Bordeaux was occupied by a CW FTR, a French oil marker and French BPs. The oil and BPs have become German and the hex is controlled by Germany. However, the British FTR is still occupying the hex. Shouldn't control of Bordeaux have passed to the CW? As a test, I moved a CW land unit into the hex and control did change. However, this forced the CW FTR to rebase, which doesn't make sense either. Here are some screen caps of the situation at the start of the turn after Vichification. Thanks, Pete


4personalbusiness -> RE: Bordeaux control after Vichy...v2.7.1 (4/15/2018 3:49:03 PM)

Sans units...


4personalbusiness -> RE: Bordeaux control after Vichy...v2.7.1 (4/15/2018 3:52:50 PM)

and the file...

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