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perkinh -> Looking for Allied Player (closed) (4/11/2018 3:46:57 AM)

Looking for an allied player for 7-10 turn a week game. SCEN #1 latest beta patch, first turn in the can with the following settings.Open to HR discussion, and looking for a friendly game.


Mike McCreery -> RE: Looking for Allied Player (4/12/2018 2:08:40 PM)

Have you had any previous experience playing the grand campaign against human opponents?

perkinh -> RE: Looking for Allied Player (4/14/2018 9:21:02 PM)

Yes sir...just been a couple of years. Have taken several games to the bomb drops...and been crushed in several other games. When i returned it merged accounts and i got some name i havent used in years...any suggestions on how to get my old account name back. Happily i have found an opponent, and are flipping turns once again.

asurob -> RE: Looking for Allied Player (4/14/2018 10:29:08 PM)

You can't. I lost my account with the merger as well...been playing since this game was called Uncommon Valor :-)

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