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Zap -> looking at the screenshots (4/10/2018 9:35:21 PM)

Personal opinion ,Looking at the screen shots what would distract me while playing the game is some of the graphics look to much like pieces of cut carpet.

Veitikka -> RE: looking at the screenshots (4/11/2018 9:21:19 AM)

Are you talking about the 30x30 meter grid system?

Zap -> RE: looking at the screenshots (4/11/2018 10:44:39 AM)

If you refer to the zoomed in shoots yes. It would help with some blemishes (color change, small light brown lines to define imperfect terrain).

What would distract is the almost perfect sections. terrain has imperfections in it. For example grass does not cover like a carpet. Anyhow just one mans observation

Issue8 -> RE: looking at the screenshots (4/11/2018 4:11:51 PM)

The game is grid based, like SP is hex-based; AB is square-based.

The ground graphics are square tiles, like grass tiles and road tiles. This tiling system allows for very large maps.

If the maps were much smaller, like the some other games, then sure, hand-drawing them would allow for more variations.

The tiles are 30x30 meters, and yes that means there are certain limitations to the approach.

The tile system is somewhat like this


CSO_Talorgan -> RE: looking at the screenshots (4/22/2018 8:02:38 PM)

So, it's a bit like CMX 1's map editor?

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