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nukkxx5058 -> Removing text (4/9/2018 5:20:00 AM)

Hi, is there a way to remove the white text ?
Can't find which option does it ...


temkc5 -> RE: Removing text (4/9/2018 5:51:57 AM)

Map settings - data blocks -none

You're welcome

nukkxx5058 -> RE: Removing text (4/9/2018 7:18:23 AM)


ORIGINAL: temkc5

Map settings - data blocks -none

You're welcome

Nope ... I already tried, won't work. :-(

nukkxx5058 -> RE: Removing text (4/9/2018 7:23:18 AM)

*delete sorry for the mess .. :-(

nukkxx5058 -> RE: Removing text (4/9/2018 7:24:18 AM)

With data blocks on, it's even more chaotic ... but removing datablocks won't remove all white etxt.

Here's with datablocks on.


Blas de Lezo -> RE: Removing text (4/9/2018 9:45:14 AM)

Go to Map Setting,

Then Contact emissions, you have multiple choices there, the most usual is to select All in the first half of the contextual menu and then, All emissions for selected contact, Fire Control Only for the rest.

This will eliminate all emissions that now are bugging your screen, only that info (emissions) will be presented related to the selected contact, but if any other units start using its Fire Control radar (thatīs it, it is going to shoot at ypu) the corresponding equipment will be shown off in red...


nukkxx5058 -> RE: Removing text (4/9/2018 10:16:39 AM)


ORIGINAL: Blas de Lezo

All emissions for selected contact, Fire Control Only for the rest

Cool ! yep, that's the one. Thanks !

rmunie0613 -> RE: Removing text (4/9/2018 11:48:51 AM)

Pay close attention though... getting rid of the clutter is really nice, but if there are a lot of systems there, make sure you periodically check them to see if any are a threat.. the one that most would concern me (as 'Blue' playing against a 'Red') are the search tracks for the S-400/SA-21... when their 'fire control' comes on, it is often too late... so periodically I would display the "all" and try to classify where the threats are.

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