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LJBurstyn -> 6thTriumph (3/29/2018 7:22:34 PM)

May as well start a AAR.

Someone loaded a US turn numbered 2...I've already played turn 2....not sure if it is just a miss number or the same turn.

And I cannot seem to open it...I forgot to write down my password....ugh...memory gone...If it is not a old turn I need my password reset. I think the person before me can reset my password. Or I could just replay my old turn 2 and write down my password this time. (since turn 2 is the first USA turn).

ironduke1955 -> RE: 6thTriumph (3/29/2018 8:06:52 PM)

Changed to three I have no idea what the sequence of turns is vis a vis who is the last player, I guess its the British, then new turn.

ironduke1955 -> RE: 6thTriumph (3/29/2018 8:09:06 PM)

Regards memory I believe Cannabis is a good aid to memory [:)]

ernieschwitz -> RE: 6thTriumph (3/29/2018 9:50:12 PM)


I think the person before me can reset my password.

In a multiplayer turn, it has to be the nation before the nation before you.

ironduke1955 -> RE: 6thTriumph (3/30/2018 6:08:59 AM)

Ahhh Norway Turkey end of turn. Then first country up UK, you learn something every day.

LJBurstyn -> RE: 6thTriumph (3/30/2018 2:28:51 PM)


ORIGINAL: ironduke1955

Regards memory I believe Cannabis is a good aid to memory [:)]

An idea but unfortunately I'm allergic (and how I found out is another story). Person before the person before me...must reset my password because I cannot play the turn because of my forgetfulness. I'm sure I set a easy password but right now I've lost it...next time the first thing I'll do is write it down and save as text file in the game file on my computer (at the same time as I enter it).

hatemf90 -> RE: 6thTriumph (3/31/2018 12:45:31 PM)

2 nations before US, that's Turkey I guess, ironduke can you redo the Turkey turn and reset the US password? or try to reset it in some mid-game save for Britain, if it works it works, if not youl have to redo British turn too.

ironduke1955 -> RE: 6thTriumph (3/31/2018 10:28:36 PM)

I have a sure fire way of always remembering my password its always the same word, I dare anyone to play my turn or look at my dispositions good luck to them, I would detect that the turn had been opened and take necessary action. So same password every time works for me. Yes I am guessing your allergy became evident when you got down wind of a Willie Nelson concert[:)]

ironduke1955 -> RE: 6thTriumph (3/31/2018 10:31:57 PM)

Ok replay the Turkey turn how do you reset passwords not done that before

LJBurstyn -> RE: 6thTriumph (4/1/2018 5:14:04 AM)

Don't forget to PM my new password to me or email it directly if you know my email address. Thanks. I am sure that question was answered somewhere before but I don't remember where....oh yeah...try to AAR for Third Reich (2) I forgot my password in that game also.

Much thanks...mucho gracias (wonder if I spelled those words right...two years of Spanish in College but I only passed because my frat advisor was also my Spanish professor...and he knew I was only taking it because it was require to get a degree where I got my first degree.)

hatemf90 -> RE: 6thTriumph (4/1/2018 5:46:40 AM)


ORIGINAL: ironduke1955

Ok replay the Turkey turn how do you reset passwords not done that before

Click on the Diplomacy button where you declare war on others, make alliances, send messages etc, there will be another button for resetting the password, choose US and reset it, but don't forget the new password.

ironduke1955 -> RE: 6thTriumph (4/1/2018 12:03:04 PM)

New US turn posted password sent to Larry via e-mail

LJBurstyn -> RE: 6thTriumph (4/1/2018 3:33:15 PM)

Got it. It is saved in my Saved Game folder for 6thTriumph. Turn is done...although the USA really doesn't have much to do this early in the game...I see the Axis have declared war on Russia...good luck.

USA is building up it's economy, organizing it's army, army air corp, navy...(marines?) and hopefully soon building a shipyard as well as doing some research.

mooney65 -> RE: 6thTriumph (4/12/2018 1:23:15 AM)

What's happening with the Russian turn 3?

DRommel -> RE: 6thTriumph (4/12/2018 8:20:41 AM)

First there should be the Italian turn 3
but the game stalled by the German turn

rhinobones -> RE: 6thTriumph (4/13/2018 2:38:52 AM)

A cannabis inspired AAR. This should be good!!!!!

Look forward to the California legalized cannabis games....

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