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YohanTM -> Greece (3/27/2018 12:29:48 AM)

Germany took out Ukraine in early 41. Now year end and Greece still sitting at 48%? No diplomacy effects for either side. Seems odd it is still sitting this low. Any ideas?

PvtBenjamin -> RE: Greece (3/27/2018 10:24:03 AM)

I'm guessing you are playing Allies.

Did you have an opportunity to say yes to

De 104 uk: support a Pro-Allied coup in yugoslavia?

It drives Greece up 30-40% towards Allies.

YohanTM -> RE: Greece (3/27/2018 12:24:08 PM)

No, he attacked before the coup

KorutZelva -> RE: Greece (3/27/2018 12:36:33 PM)

You missed out on greece increase with Axis striking first, but there was a bigger USSR mobilization bump.

sPzAbt653 -> RE: Greece (3/27/2018 2:02:00 PM)

It makes me wonder about Greece - should it enter automatically on the Allied side, as if Italy had attacked it, regardless what the Axis player is doing, in order to simulate Italy attacking it on its own without consulting Germany. Or is that just a bad idea to have in the game ?

PvtBenjamin -> RE: Greece (3/27/2018 5:57:10 PM)

Axis attacking Yugoslavia should certainly swing Greece significantly toward Allies.

Yohan I'm sure you've figured this out but investing in Greek Diplo and getting them to move to Allies side gives you a great launch for attack.

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