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Kennetho -> WRA settings / copy to all weapons (3/26/2018 11:10:19 AM)


I am having trouble understanding why the default WRA setting is "Use all weapons against target" and not a more conservative use of the weapons loadout.

If you want to change to 1 or 2 rounds per target and have a massive amount of different weapons in the scenario. Is it possible to copy the setting to the next weapon?

In attachment - I have applied my preferred WRA settings to the Maverick EO and want to have the same setting for the IR and Laser version. Is this ONLY done manually or can I copy my preferred settings?

guanotwozero -> RE: WRA settings / copy to all weapons (3/26/2018 9:27:30 PM)

For most scenarios I've played, the default for most missiles is "Target's Missile Defence Value".

Maybe it's a scenario setting? Or perhaps that's just the default for Mavericks. If you post the scenario we can look further.

If you change the setting for a particular target type, then all below (of that type) should inherit that. You have to do this for each weapon type you want to change, including different Maverick versions.

SeaQueen -> RE: WRA settings / copy to all weapons (5/27/2018 3:23:26 PM)

Typically I set only a few WRA settings on the side level. Those usually include air to air missiles and surface to air missiles. I'll set the WRA for air to surface munitions on the mission level, because it usually depends on the target set (I might use different numbers of the same weapon system to attack a SAM site versus a AvGas storage tank, even though they might have the same capacity to take damage). In the case of surface to surface weapons, I usually shoot them manually and allocate weapons that way. If I'm designing a scenario and I need the AI to do something with them, I'll use a combination of missions, start/stop times, actions and LUA to make sure they behave properly (e.g. switch a submarine from Sea Control to Strike or SEAD then switch it back when it should be done firing).

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