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DOCUP -> Aircraft Factories (3/17/2018 12:43:54 AM)

I added a few new Japanese AC, and engine factories. I want them to come in on a certain date. Do I need to put in R&D factories? Any do's or don'ts in adding engine and AC factories?

el cid again -> RE: Aircraft Factories (3/18/2018 8:37:05 AM)

These are somewhat complicated features of AE.

R&D is not related to factories per se. It IS related to the DATE associated
with an aircraft site. But there is no necessary connection between a factory
and a type. On the other hand, there can be. IF there is, these can help
you "buy" early arrival for the type. That theory does not work very well.

What aircraft factories do depend on is the availability of HI points. And
that is complicated. For some reason, an aircraft factory in a city with HI
plants seems more likely to get HI points than one in a city without them.
HI points are a real problem because they are used for so many things, and there
are never enough of them. Further, the more HI plants you add, the more they
demand resources and oil. When stores of both run out they will shut down
except on days you have large enough local pools to run the factories. The demand
for resources and oil also exceeds road and rail capacity - you must feed a major
metroplex (e.g. Tokyo) by shipping or it will shut down when the local stockpiles
run out. Thereafter it will start and stop.

This complex system means that aircraft and engine plants never produce what it
seems they should. No game in any mod ever produces anything like the record -
Ki-84s in December in many hundreds. It turns out many factors influence how
these factories behave, and also how easy it is to feed them.

My rule is - if you add a factory - do so in a place that has HI - and which is not
too demanding or hard to feed with resources and oil.

A better rule is use moderation. Extreme numbers of anything in any one place tend
not to work so well. Too many aircraft plants in one place (for Japan) means that
many types won't produce on any given day. [It looks like priority goes to lower numbered
slots in the definition of aircraft for the mod. Higher numbered slots will produce
seldom or never unless they are not competing with other aircraft with lower numbers
in the same hex.]

ALLIED factories are different. They need no "food." They simply produce automatically
what they are set to produce (unless you have some damaged ones - which permits production
to increase over time as they are "repaired").

inqistor -> RE: Aircraft Factories (3/19/2018 11:34:54 AM)

If those planes arrive with new units, IIRC you don't need to produce them (but you'll end up without replacements). You can also just dump engines in pool, if they are not used by anything else.
But every plane/engine can be put into Research Factory by player, and it's arrival date will be accelerated. Just don't put those planes as any upgrade, and they will show up only with fresh unit at designed date. Now, if Player Defined Upgrades are turned on, you have a problem :)

DOCUP -> RE: Aircraft Factories (3/21/2018 12:41:01 AM)

Thanks guys.

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