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Rusty1961 -> Screen size foul up... (3/4/2018 1:29:35 AM)

Okay, I updated to .26b and how I lost my screen size and now the game, in mini-window, is unplayable.

So I scanned the forums, created a new shortcut which I placed on my desktop, updated the property to:

CMatrix GamesWar in the Pacific Admiral's EditionWar in the Pacific Admiral Edition.exe -altFont -px1920 -py1080 -skipVideo -SingleCpuOrders -cpu2

And when I run it I get the error message: Error: Could not find data file.

Any help appreciated

Korvar -> RE: Screen size foul up... (3/4/2018 2:14:21 AM)

The path posted is incorrect, it should be:

"C:\Matrix Games\War in the Pacific Admiral's Edition\Beta2\War in the Pacific Admiral Edition.exe" -SingleCpuStart -cpu2 -fd -pxf1920 -pyf1080 -deepColor -dd_sw -altFont -skipVideo -archive

Although you may have it correct in the desktop shortcut and perhaps something got garbled when copying it to your post. Even if the punctuation is correct in the actual shortcut, it's still missing a critical piece - the "Beta2" subdirectory where the beta resides (i.e. version .26b). That said, even a path to the WitP:AE main directory should still work... it will just run the official release instead of the beta; the beta and official releases coexist rather than the beta replacing the official release.

Note I added the -fd, -dd_sw, and the -deepColor switches. You can change -fd (Fullscreen, daily autosave) to something else if you prefer, and -deepColor can be deleted if you prefer to exclude it. You probably want to keep the dd_sw, as it's the swtich that typically resolves interface lag (except in some cases on Windows 10 versions 1709+).

However, this is a happy coincidence. You get to be my guinea pig! [:D] I've been working in my spare time to produce a 1st release of my WitP:AE configuration app, SeaBee. I've created two game shortcuts using SeaBee for you to try, and have attached them as a .zip file. One shortcut is to run the beta, and the other is to run the official WitP:AE.

Double check that I got the file path correct... I had to do some minor guesswork, but I'm fairly confident I got it or am close. In any case, the shortcuts provided should be a solid template that you can perhaps make the final tweaks to make them perfect.

Rusty1961 -> RE: Screen size foul up... (3/4/2018 2:25:53 PM)

It worked like a charm. Thanks.

Korvar -> RE: Screen size foul up... (3/4/2018 7:36:40 PM)

Good to hear. You're welcome.

Oliver Heindorf -> RE: Screen size foul up... (3/19/2018 1:38:32 PM)

The switch -skipVideo can be skipped if you just delete the vid from the folder. Why keeping it when no one wants to see it. The loading screen will just appear if there is no vid.

Greetings from an old fart in this game.

Korvar -> RE: Screen size foul up... (3/21/2018 5:43:30 AM)

That's a good idea, although I have to admit that every once in awhile I watch the intro video in a video player.

Also, good to see one of the "old guard" still around. [;)]

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