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ultradave -> Delta Force (3/3/2018 6:46:27 PM)

Challenging scenario. (easiest to hardest eh? Can't wait for the tough ones)

I'm 2 for 2 so far. Managed to launch my missiles but died trying to head for cover. That's a loss. Once you've launched the missiles of course you've pointed a giant arrow at your location, so unless you have a lot of breathing room, you get located and sunk pretty quickly. At least my experience has been that.

If at first you don't succeed......

apache85 -> RE: Delta Force (3/3/2018 7:00:11 PM)

No spoilers, just some tips.

There's three different launch zones you can try, if you're consistently having trouble with one try another LZ.

There's plenty of time to get to the launch zones without moving too fast (they're equidistant from your SSBN).

If any fighting needs to be done, do it with the SSN.

Russian submarines have a different design philosophy and engagement strategy than US submarines; you have long range ASW weapons (Starfish and Stallion) and to use them to their full extent you might need to go active just before launch.

A diversion is a very legitimate tactic.

As a general gameplay tip with submarine scenarios, configuring the message log so you get pop-ups on new contacts, weapon contacts, mine contacts and special messages will allow you to use high time compression (and therefore go nice and slow without getting bored) without risking things getting out of control.

ultradave -> RE: Delta Force (3/3/2018 7:13:14 PM)

I did ALL of these things, except the "ambush". Used my SSN as a shield/decoy and sacrificial anode, crept to the zones at an offset angle (outside). And I get all those popups that stop the time compression and pause so I can evaluate what happened.

I think I'm pretty much doing everything for success. Just came up short getting torpedoed on my way out back to under the ice.

I have one idea for next time around but I won't mention it here.

apache85 -> RE: Delta Force (3/3/2018 9:59:35 PM)

Out of interest which LZ are you going to?

ultradave -> RE: Delta Force (3/3/2018 10:27:49 PM)

Went to the right hand one the first time, the left hand one the second and third time. Third time's the charm. Managed to avoid death and escape to the ice.

Darth Holliday -> RE: Delta Force (3/3/2018 11:22:17 PM)

Thanks for the info...I too am an Ensign...!!![&o]

Nerconiglio -> RE: Delta Force (3/4/2018 10:20:05 AM)

Ended scenario now with a triumph.
I've put the two subs as deep as possible, the escort on cruise as vanguard (identifying enemies soon in the middle and right LZ - "right" from my POV) and the main SSBN on creep.
Then moved the main SSBN to the far left LZ (away from enemy ships) and the escort in the middle, waiting and guarding at the bottom of the ocean.
Enemies were all moving to the right, so no problem in receiving transmission and engaging land contact. After that, moved as deep as possible, cruise, to the safe ice zone.


giantsquid -> RE: Delta Force (3/4/2018 11:11:55 PM)

Thanks, used a similar plan but lost the SSN. Luckily the SSBN stayed undetected, remaining creep and at distance from the kill.
I loved how communications are modelled. Great work.

apache85 -> RE: Delta Force (3/5/2018 12:24:59 AM)

Thanks giantsquid!

Wasicun -> RE: Delta Force (3/15/2018 7:48:48 PM)

I Failed twice.

RafaleKiwi -> RE: Delta Force (4/20/2018 8:48:48 AM)

Am I missing something with this scenario?

I've tried about 8 times now and get whipped every time.

The last 3 I've managed to get the Delta (K117 Bryansk) into the launch areas (Roman x 2 and Pavel once) and had it at between 60 and 150 ft for a few hours but don't get WRA trolling along at 3 kts. Twice the scenario has ended and once it's finally been detected and destroyed.

From the brief I understood it needed to be between 60 and 160 ft for a few (like 6) minutes and I'd get targeting data. Is it a bug or did I overlook something?

Using the latest update 1.14 Build 998.7

Regards Paul

apache85 -> RE: Delta Force (4/20/2018 10:46:44 AM)

Couple of things to check:
Are special messages turned on?
If so do you get a special message saying the Bryansk is on station?
If so did you activate the special action as mentioned in the gameplay notes?

If working through that gives no joy please post a save on the tech support forum and I'll take a look! [:)]

RafaleKiwi -> RE: Delta Force (4/21/2018 12:56:51 AM)

Ahhh I thought I had special messages enabled, but had played a scenario where it was recommend to turn off and forgot to turn it back on again - duh - Sorry.
Now I have WRA!

apache85 -> RE: Delta Force (4/21/2018 2:35:59 AM)

No problem, enjoy!

Jeff8583 -> RE: Delta Force (5/13/2018 7:45:29 PM)

My first attempt I did what I would try with US subs: I went at creep speed and deep as possible. My SSN was taken out on approach by a target I didn't see. My SSBN was then taken out shortly thereafter. I then changed strategy to keeping my SSN shallow and using active sensors to clear out the launch point. I detected and shot at the enemy submarine first with one of those rocket assisted torpedoes. After the SSBN shot it's 4 nukes I ran both out as deep as possible and flank. I kept my SSN's sonars on to make him a more juicy target. I scarified my SSN to get my SSBN out safely.I haven't done much messing around with subs before. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

FelixCulpa -> RE: Delta Force (5/28/2018 4:51:47 AM)

Recently started CMANO and being a sub tragic picked up Silent Service and played Scenario One - Delta. Wondering if anyone else has had this game issue. In the transmission zone, receiving the nuke signal and sub goes to -50m (probably due to my settings at the way-point) and loses the signal. When I adjust depth to less -50m to regain transmission I'm never able to re-establish contact.

As a few have mentioned, getting home safe is the biggest challenge. Had some success placing the Victor 3 (at 0-2kts) between the surface vessels and the Delta IV and getting the D-IV to make some noise by going to cruise in short bursts. Draws the surface vessels towards the V3. Is a reasonable mission for a new player to cut their "submarine" teeth on!

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