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FF_1079 -> AI is quite competent in 1.12 (2/28/2018 1:40:27 AM)

Sorry - I had a very long post about some incredible choices the AI opponent had made in my first playthough since version 1.03/1.04 - but it gotten eaten by the editor! In any case, The UK taking beating the combined Italian/German forces in Libya and then Tunisia after which they invaded Sicily solo. Germany taking Leningrad and Moscow by summer 1942, and allying with Spain at the same time. The programmers and developers of this game have done a remarkable job in upgrading the AI routines in this game, I am intrigued enough by what I have seen in this play through to experiment with playing the Soviets next time around.

ILCK -> RE: AI is quite competent in 1.12 (2/28/2018 6:24:04 PM)

Where the game suffers most is on the Eastern Front. It is insanely aggressive to the point of pushing units into positions to get isolated and cut off all the time. Playing now as the Soviets and last turn alone two German armored corps "broke through" but had zero support got 2 hexes behind the lines and the lines promptly closed behind them.

Of course since moral and readiness mean nothing in this game apparently it will take me a half a year to kill both of them off and expend more corps to do it so maybe it is a net win for the AI.

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