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urtel -> I think we need small AI tweak(fix) (2/26/2018 11:28:04 AM)

Here is situation, i'm playing soviets against axis AI on hard. In early 42 i knock Finland out of war, but it was too late to save Leningrad i lost all hexes around city beside one ligth urban hex nort of Neva, now mine line start in that hex and go all way to lake Ladoga.

Problem is that AI(i hope it is scripted in this part) constantly repeating attack on that hex with very weak forces, and in process make mine troops all guard expert and trashing his troops. I guess this is part of script which work on premise that soviet troops in Leningrad are cut off so it just trying to drain they supply or manpower, but that is not case i m not cut off!
So for 6 months AI attack hex every turn with ~1.5-2.5 divisions (over Neva), some time with just one regiment, and shooting it self in foot.
It will be nice somone update scrip to have some check like if Finland is out of war or if Soviets have working RR line around Ladoga do not kill ur self in pointless attacks.

No idea -> RE: I think we need small AI tweak(fix) (2/26/2018 1:30:33 PM)

The AI is utterly dumb, especially playing as the axis. They really need to fix it for wite 2, because it makes the single player game feel pointless against the axis, unless you play with absurd bonuses to morale, fortification, supply...

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