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Tremono -> How to make "empty universe" mod? -> error (2/21/2018 11:52:15 AM)

I remove everything, left only one race with race family, government, etc... absolute minimum. No components, resources (only one fuel type, what game needs), facilities, designs, everything... Idea is create blank starting mod for remake from scratch.

Now i can start game, but "Creating new galaxy" end with error:
Where is problem? What minimum game needs? Thanks!

Zip with mod folder attached in second post.

Tremono -> RE: How to make empty universe mod? -> error (2/21/2018 12:04:48 PM)

Mod folder in zip attached here:

Sabranan -> RE: How to make empty universe mod? -> error (2/26/2018 6:10:31 PM)

I haven't tried a minimal load for DW but I would think you'd need at least one of every ship component type so that derelict ships can be spawned. You'd have to experiment to figure out what else you can get away with.

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