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KenPortner -> What to do as Japan in China? (2/19/2018 11:54:25 PM)

Those Chinese sure are tough. Canít seem to capture Nanning. Any advice appreciated.

Robert24 -> RE: What to do as Japan in China? (2/22/2018 2:43:32 AM)

If I remember correctly the Japanese have to focus on one city at a time. Along the coast use the CV air strikes.

marcdhanna -> RE: What to do as Japan in China? (2/22/2018 5:35:28 AM)

The CV airstrikes can deplete and are expensive to replace, not to mention using up elite status. Maybe buying some regular air units; the Chinese sure get enough fighters. I've brought armor in too, but it seems like the Japanese need to roll up the entire line from the east in order to finally get enough pressure to take Nanning. Maybe airdrops? In any event, it sucks up a lot of resources, so it must be worth it in the end, but I've yet to take it, either.

James Taylor -> RE: What to do as Japan in China? (2/22/2018 5:44:48 PM)

OK let me see if I remember this correctly. In the northeast, if you get some of the units mobility(Japanese) and bring in artillery and Strategic bombers you can eventually breakthrough the mountains and take that eastern side of China.

For the southwest, use armies and special forces extending the French Indochina front as a diversion but plow through the eastern portion reducing the fortifications one by one, building experience for your best units teched to IW2.

You can use your CVs, but in order to keep their experience level high they're only allowed to pick off units of 1 or 2 strength.

China is a good place to ramp up your units' experience levels. Dedicate a few to reduce entrenchments(those non-teched cheap Corps,CVs,and air groups) while allowing the experienced unis to garnish the kills, best odds.

Allow partisans to spawn in the easily accessible areas that you have set up ambush units. This will further the units' training and experience levels.

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