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xalinas2 -> Question on terrain CV modifier (2/9/2018 5:37:30 PM)

Hi all,

I have some questions on the terrain CV modifier. In the manual it is stated that "AFV and combat vehicle type ground elements will have their CV (26.1.4) reduced by half when attacking or defending in urban, heavy woods, swamp, broken or mountain hexes. Infantry type ground elements will have their CV doubled when in urban, heavy woods, swamp, broken and mountain hexes."

The following questions now come to my mind:

1. I assume both rules apply for defending (already in such a specific hex) as well as for attacking (such a specified hex) units. correct?

2. I assume the defensive CV displayed on a counter of a unit in such a hex takes this effect already into account, the CV of an attacking unit obviously not. correct?

3. As I understand it, the multiplier is applied not at the unit (division, brigade) level but element by element. For infantry divsions, I guess I can just assume that the net CV effect is close to x2, but what about (German) PDs and MDs? Some of their TOE elements should face a 0.5 multiplier and some of them a x2 multiplier. Are there any rules of thumb for the net effect?

4.In some AAR a couple of weeks ago (can't remember which exactly), I think I read that the same multiplier also applies for Level3 fortifications. Does anyone have a (presumably patch) reference?

Any help is much appreciated, its still an extremely steep learning curve...

morvael -> RE: Question on terrain CV modifier (2/10/2018 6:07:02 PM)

1. Yes
2. No, this is applied only during combat. Precisely because it's cannot be applied to attack CV when browsing the map, it's also not applied to defensive CV. This, just like the river effect, means you have to factor in by yourself.
3. This is by element slot, so yes, infantry elements in the same unit may get a bonus while tank elements a penalty.
4. 1.08.00 new feature #40

xalinas2 -> RE: Question on terrain CV modifier (2/10/2018 7:39:21 PM)

Thanks (once more) for the help, Morvael!

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