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KorutZelva -> Suggestion (2/7/2018 12:08:19 PM)

One of the things that saves France in this game is that the AI is lenient in its raid of French ships. Technically he could force them to sea with relative ease for the English to wipe off. A rule that could be added (especially if there's a UK expansion) is that the allies can't use French ports for invading (but they can evacuate from them). The Allies would still be able to force the french ship to sea but they would have to muster their forces some territory away (like Holland or Tuscany) allowing the French a chance to intercept and protect their naval assets.

KorutZelva -> RE: Suggestion (2/11/2018 11:56:29 PM)

During the end screen summary, it would be nice if it listed the two commanders that faced each other for each battle.

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