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Bombur -> Anti ship value for aircraft (2/5/2018 10:39:24 PM)

How is AS value for aircraft calculated? I notice there are only 3 values possible.
1-For aircraft without the antiship trait there is a very small value
2-For aircraft with antiship trait there are only two values: 120 or 240
I believe this is highly unrealistic, there should be a large variation of AS values. A Japanese G3M or G4M (level bombers) can carry torpedoes, but it will never be as effective as a dedicated torpedo bomber (like a B5N or a TBF). A TBD with a ridiculous torpedo cannot have the same value of a B5N. A Backfire, armed with two long range missiles should have a much higher value and so on. How could we acheiev more realistic anti ship values?

josant -> RE: Anti ship value for aircraft (2/6/2018 6:51:01 PM)

It also depends on the antipersonnel value of the aircraft, varying it you can obtain antiship values of 360 and 720.

Bombur -> RE: Anti ship value for aircraft (2/7/2018 7:37:27 PM)

Thank you, josant, this actually poses a challenge for modders, since dedicated antiship aircraft in WW2 usually had a limited payload
and limited antipersonnel capability (see the relative failure of the A-24 vis a vis the successes achieved by the SBD). So it will very hard to simulate realistic antiship effectiveness for these aircraft without giving them excessive anti personnel values. Maybe it could be changed in a future upgrade? Why not to create a specific field for antiship values?

Bombur -> RE: Anti ship value for aircraft (2/7/2018 7:54:30 PM)

Also the trait torpedo bomber doubles antiship values, which makes sense for WW2 era aircraft but not for modern aircraft armed with antiship missiles.

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