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bluewolf3691 -> The Silvermist (2/4/2018 11:46:15 AM)

Hello everyone, Hopefully this is the right section of the forums, but I have a question that's been burning on my mind for the last few years and decided to ask here. The Silvermist, from my readings online are creatures that multiply after consuming vast amounts of ships and bases, and allegedly travel between star systems gradually devouring colonies as they go. However, since I bought the game back in 2014 I have yet to ever observe this behavior. Even now as I write this I've been testing the Silvermist in a newly made universe by feeding one of them large amounts of ships, it's reached size 1500, and consumed all the ships in the system, but it has not multiplied nor made the jump to any neighboring systems despite there being a newly founded colony in the next system too it.

I was thusly wondering; was this the result of a patch or update maybe? Or is it a consequence of using the Extended Universe mod? Or perhaps even a bug? I have noticed sometimes that a silvermist cloud can become stuck, it's speed reading showing 4000+.

Bingeling -> RE: The Silvermist (2/4/2018 12:03:32 PM)

I have not seen them (or played much) for a long time, but from my experience they kept "an area" clear of colonies and whatever else. The area could maybe be a sector or thereabouts. And when I have met them they for sure moved around (but with a limited area as mentioned). And I am quite sure that I have seen multiple ones in that area (so it multiplied).

This is quite a long time ago, however. Also the AI is very good at feeding it, as it does not learn from its mistakes. It will just put down that colony over and over again, feeding the monster.

bluewolf3691 -> RE: The Silvermist (2/4/2018 12:27:03 PM)

I see, that would make more sense. Though, that being said I have yet to ever see the Silvermist clouds move to another system even in the same sector, they usually stay put.

One thing I have noticed as well in recent testing, is that while eating ships if their strength value goes over 150, trying to open the silvermist in the editor returns an error. I'm not sure if that's at all relevant, but it felt worth mentioning.

It's a bit sad if they're not a galactic threat, I was hoping that they would be almost like a 'grey-goo' scenario, in the sense that they multiply rapidly and spread exponentially unless stopped, eventually leading to all life being wiped out. Somewhat like the Prethoryn Scourge in Stellaris.

Bingeling -> RE: The Silvermist (2/4/2018 6:54:58 PM)

If they multiplied and went all over the galaxy, I think they would stop the AI from achieving anything at all... Except feeding their own destruction.

Erik Rutins -> RE: The Silvermist (2/7/2018 8:26:09 PM)

They can spread - the Silvermist has the capability to travel between systems. I've seen them wipe out entire sectors in past test games, though generally that happens against AI factions or unprepared players. Once you know how to defeat them they are not as much of a problem. Give it a try with the base game and see if you see the same results.

SirHoraceHarkness -> RE: The Silvermist (2/7/2018 10:06:47 PM)

I wonder if 'hunger' is a factor on travel to other systems? If you keep feeding it ships then its not going to be very inclined to leave that bountiful all you can eat bar. Locate a silvermist then see if it moves on after it doesn't find anything to feed on.

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