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cardas -> Scen 169 - fantasy (2/1/2018 9:19:02 AM)

Latest version of my fantasy scenario, STILL VERY MUCH UNFINISHED.

WARNING! Will overwrite some of the map art and the pwhexe.dat, so make sure to backup anything it overwrites in case you want to test it out.
Hopefully I didn't mess anything up...

This ought to be in a somewhat playable state but maybe not entirely balanced. More of a boost to the Allied side. The Japanese gets some (German) torpedo boats, destroyers and cruiser along with a few submarines, many of the destroyers are pretty hefty and reasonably powerful. The Allies gets a bunch of different (Nordic) combat ships, subs and auxiliaries. The new Allied surface ships generally have a worse punch than what the Germans does. The big difference however is that the Allies also get a small amount of additional aircraft and air groups and some land forces, so on the balance they are probably better of.

Not really much new artwise, though it includes some preliminary German stuff I made along with some of Gary Childress German art and some JWE stuff. There is of course the new map art, behold the Northeast Passage!

I use it as the route for German ships to get to the Pacific. Therefore there's also a custom pwhexe.dat now included (thanks for MAPGEN RyanCrierie, sure simplifies things).

Here's the full map that shows you the new land in the lower left corner as well.
The new land is under the control of the "Nordic" nation (basically some kind of united Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland seeing as I've based the ship designs on their ships along with roughly the infantry formations). I had to compromise somewhat on the positioning of the new land due to map edge, don't want Allied ships to be able to use it to quickly and magically flee.

Okay, an overview of the "Nordic" forces.
The new land forces that occupy this land makes up around ~1000 AV, which might or might not sound like much, as a comparison the Dutch have about as much on Java alone. The replacement rate is also pretty anaemic, which hopefully will mean at most limited offensive use of these forces. The intention is that they should be enough to make sure that the main island in the lower left corner is reasonably secure, but the island chain west of Australia should be up for grabs to allow the Japanese player to squeeze the supply lines.

As far as ships goes they got reasonably armored but slow cruisers lacking floatplanes. The exception being some special seaplane cruisers which on the other hand are very lightly armored. Powerful guns, but few for the size of the ships on the more modern cruisers. Starts with 3 cruisers, ~8 in 1942, ~10 1943, ~10 1944 (although 6 during a short time due to withdrawals), ends up with 19 in 1946.

The early destroyers aren't much to speak about, but more screening ships is of course never wrong. Later destroyers starts getting some DP guns which are pretty good. 10 destroyers at the start, 15 for most the time until mid 1944 when a bunch starts to show up ending with 43 in 1946. Also get some torpedo boats which aren't that exciting.

6 submarines at the start with a reasonably steady increase to 40 in 1946. Finally there's also some slow, but well armored coast defence ships floating around in the new lands.

A small airforce is also included, 3 fighter groups, 4 patrol groups, 1 float plane and 1 bomber group (plus a few more groups later). Not a whole lot, the patrols are probably the most interesting ones. Do make note of the very low pilot pools though, a single pilot has to go through 3-4 planes unless you want to start having more airframes than pilots.

Due to US87891 posting that Chinese OOB I was also inspired to do the same for a 1945 division of the fictional Nordic side:
(uses the symbols as found on )

scopejockey -> RE: Scen 169 - fantasy (2/1/2018 1:47:58 PM)

Looks cool.

I've often thought of adding some land masses to the game, incorporating an alternate universe, or two, from Shipbucket.

Zorch -> RE: Scen 169 - fantasy (2/1/2018 4:32:25 PM)


ORIGINAL: scopejockey

Looks cool.

I've often thought of adding some land masses to the game, incorporating an alternate universe, or two, from Shipbucket.

Can we have some White Walkers and dragons? [:D]

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