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Bombur -> GD1938 3 player test (1/31/2018 12:35:34 AM)


Here are the house rules created by ernie and me. Ernie corrected some of my old house rules that were obsolete or hardcoded.

The following restrictions would be applied to each country

-Must start a war before June 1940 or the Allies win the game
-Can make alliances only with Japan or Italy (see special rule on Axis alliances)

-Can make alliances with Germany or Japan (see special rule on Axis alliances)

-Can make alliances with Germany or Italy (see special rule on Axis alliances)

4-GB and France
-Can make alliances with China, USA or USSR (see USSR restrictions)
-Can make alliances with USSR only if USSR was attacked by Germany and/or Italy AND they are already at war with the Germans and/or Italy (thus allowing Germany to go for a USSR first strategy)
-Cannot start a war against Japan, Italy or Germany
-Can make peace one time with USSR

-Can make alliances with China, France, GB, USA
-Can make alliances only if at war against one of the Axis powers
-Can DOW any country any time, except China, however, once they DOW an Axis power, then cannot make peace
-Can make peace one time with USA
-Can make peace one time with France
-Can make peace one time with GB

-Once it wakes up from isolation, can make alliances with any allied country that is at war with one or more Axis countries
-Can DOW any Axis country that is at war with an allied country
-Can make peace one time with USSR

-Cannot DOW any country
-Can make alliance with any allied country at war with Japan

Other restrictions

If a war is started, peace cannot be made until the game ends, except the three western powers that can peace with USSR only one time in the game.
Two axis countries (Italy, Japan, Germany) can make alliances only if the two involved countries are already at war.

LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938 3 player test (1/31/2018 1:09:17 PM)

Did the Allies turn. Preparations for war seem to be the order of the day. China really starts this war in a hurting state.

Bombur -> RE: GD1938 3 player test (1/31/2018 9:44:25 PM)

Feb 1938-USSR

The new scenario is much more realistic now, the Soviet Union has a huge army, with almost 4.000 tanks, however, most of them are T-26īs and BT-7īs, light tanks wih poor armour, and a good gun. Our airforce is also huge, but most equipment is already becoming obsolete. Our I-16īs and I-15īs are no match for the Bf-109īs and Hurricanes. Updating this big army will be a titanic task.
Productivity levels (80%) are low and we cannot produce too much equipment if we want to spare pp to increase production levels.
Quality is also a serious issue, due to the recent purges. Itīs clear that the Soviet Union cannot start offensive operations against any major country. In the diplomatic front, we are helping the Spanish Republicans to fight the fascist hordes. We also want to improve relations with Mongolia.

Bombur -> RE: GD1938 3 player test (2/17/2018 2:09:25 PM)

Aug 1938

Soviet leadership is somewhat worried with the situation in Europe. From one point of view, the war between capitalist powers gives us time to recover from the purges and also to bring new equipment to our forces. However, if Germany emerges victorius we will be in serious trouble.
The USSR had the best equipment worldwide in 1936-37, but they are approaching obsolescence now and we will be left with lots of useless tanks and aircraft soon. We are introducing the new I-16 type 24 in our units, but this aircraft is said to be inferior to the German Bf-109D and the British Hurricane. We are working in two improved projects, the Yak-1 and the LaGG-3 but itīs likely they wonīt be ready before 1939.
In the diplomatic front, we are also improving relations with the Blatic countries and negotiations are being made to have them joining the Soviet workerīs paradise, with the czarist opressive system gone, there is no reason for them to be independent.
Resources are being spared for new factories in the Urals.

LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938 3 player test (2/26/2018 2:11:36 PM)

France desperately tries to defend itself but it is obvious that Germany was better prepared for this war than France. France is unable to get help with supplies from the British who are producing more than they need right now.

Britain is busy taking Holland's colonies away from Germany but is having trouble getting supplies to the French...British leaders have taken into account that the 109D is a better plane than the Hurricane I so is trying hard to improve their aircraft. British attempts to influence the American public so far have proved unsuccessful.

USA leaders see that the USA will be forced eventually to enter the war over the objections of the general public--they are trying everything to change public opinion. The USA has provided it's most modern planes (volunteers) to the Chinese in their struggle with the aggressive Japanese.

China is grateful over the support they are getting from both the Western countries and Russia but the Japanese troops are better trained and prepared for combat--the planes provided by the West have proved their worth in fighting the Japanese aircraft. In one air battle we shot down more Japanese planes than we lost.

German turn is finally uploaded...only took EIGHT (8) HOURS to upload after I put it in the Dropbox folder. It is now Germany's turn.

LJBurstyn -> RE: GD1938 3 player test (3/12/2018 1:03:13 AM)

Another turn.
France still trying to defend itself against the much better prepared Germany Wehrmacht. Supplies continue to come in from the British. And the entry of the Russians into the war may take some pressure off the French (hopefully).

Britain still trying to take the German colonies that used to belong to the Dutch. British still trying to lobby the Americans but so far no good results. The British are now send tanks to the Chinese to replace the ones that Russia used to provide before they declared war on Germany.

USA continues it's efforts to convince the public that we must get involved in this war. The Americans send officers to help the Chinese fight the Germans and some P40B's.

China continue to fight the Japanese...the planes from USA and Britain have proved useful. And the combat vehicles from USSR have also helped. Conducted several air attacks but no Japanese fighters showed up????

New ISP uploaded my turn within seconds of being placed in the Dropbox.

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