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Pionpion -> Plane Percentages (1/21/2018 11:18:34 AM)

I'm currently playing my first PBEM game as the German. I'm wondering what are the colored percentages on my air units : red (I think it is weather modifier), Blue and Green negative modifiers (in percentage).
Any help ? I wonder how to improve or cancel them. Do I have to base my units near my HQs ? I've changed them but I wonder if it was a good idea. I've rebased all my air units (losing APs) to land them near my HQs. It is worth the expense ? Or should I let them behind to keep them closer to OKH ?
Thanks !

MrLongleg -> RE: Plane Percentages (1/21/2018 4:04:24 PM)

Each airfield can only hold a limited number of aircraft. If you overstack you get negative modifiers. I think the limit is 100 per airfield.

Pionpion -> RE: Plane Percentages (1/21/2018 4:08:24 PM)

You're right thanks ! Don't help me too muwh though ;)

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