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ulsterandy -> What is going on (1/20/2018 11:14:12 PM)

Right guys I have got to march 42. I have survived the winter months just. Taken most of Leningrad less one northern part still no Finns. I am 3 square away from the fins no attack lines on the north east side of the lake.
But in the center the Russians had.me on the back foot I had to fall back to the don river with gaps all over the place. now at the start of the march turn the Russians are pulling back 5 square gap
Same in the south I am pushing forward to Odessa but the Russians are pulling back from the Romina troops.
Is there something I should fear?

No idea -> RE: What is going on (1/21/2018 8:14:32 AM)

Is it MP or Single? If the latter, then there is nothing to fear. Probably the ai retreats because it has gone too far for its supply.

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