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Frozen Fritz -> Unit arrival hexes (1/18/2018 5:20:36 PM)

Anyone know what happens if a units arrival hex is occupied by an enemy unit at the time?

Does the arriving unit divert to another hex, or is it unable to enter the map?

thedoctorking -> RE: Unit arrival hexes (1/18/2018 5:46:15 PM)

There are alternative arrival hexes. It's in the manual somewhere. Basically, they displace to the east.

Aufklaerungs -> RE: Unit arrival hexes (1/18/2018 6:04:45 PM)

18.1.1. Reinforcement Placement
Reinforcements appear per the unit reinforcement and withdrawal info screen (5.4.8). There are two methods of reinforcement placement for on-map units. In the first method, Axis combat and headquarters units will appear in the westernmost controlled city or urban hex of their nationality that does not violate stacking limits. Soviet combat and headquarters units will appear in the easternmost controlled city or urban hex under Soviet control, with the exception of the Moscow Defense Zone headquarters unit, which will appear in the vicinity of Moscow. Combat and headquarters units reinforcements that do not have an open spot in a valid city or urban hex will appear in a hex adjacent to a valid city or urban hex. If the situation should exist where there are no valid hexes available for the placement of a reinforcement unit, the unit will never appear. Destroyed combat and headquarters units that are reformed as nearly empty units to be rebuilt with replacements follow the same placement rules as above. In both these cases the units are placed on the map only in a city with the nationality matching the unit, with the westernmost (for Axis units) or easternmost (for Soviet units) valid city or urban hex being selected first.

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