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Silvanski -> Krasni Bor 1943 (1/15/2018 3:16:02 PM)

Krasni Bor Crucible, 1943

by Dr. Peter D'Adamo
Version 1.0 for TOAW 1,06

TOAW IV conversion by silvanski

2.5 Km/hex
16 half-day turns

Playable as either side, perhaps more challenging as the Axis.

The elite Blue Division finds itself entrenched at Krasni Bor, outside besieged Leningrad. To lift the siege, the Red Army has ordered a massive artillery bombardment and combined-arms assault just at this point.

Verntallat7 -> RE: Krasni Bor 1943 (7/16/2018 8:58:52 PM)

thanks silvanski I can't wait to crush those blue division dudes, hurra!!

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