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DismalPseudoscience -> New Scenario: Hypersonic (1/14/2018 1:13:27 AM)

I've always had fun playing with future weapons, but never felt there were quite enough scenarios featuring them. So here's a quick one pitting the USS Zumwalt, kitted out with lasers and HVPs, against the Petr Velikiy in its 2023 configuration, featuring a main battery of 80x hypersonic Zircons.

I'd appreciate any comments or advice on how to improve the scenario further. At the moment, I think the lasers make Zumwalt a little too missile-proof, but curious how others find it overall.

Have fun and good hunting!

Edit: This requires Chains of War to play.

AlexGGGG -> RE: New Scenario: Hypersonic (1/14/2018 11:26:36 AM)

Whoa that's cool. This is just a scenario I was dreaming of, with future weapons. Thank you very much. I'm still playing so no AAR nor suggesions yet.

What I found interesting, Zumvalt is intercepting missiles with a 155mm... what is that, railgun?

Also shooting "Laser Shot (Deuterium Fluoride)" says "Phase 2 High energy lasers are not enabled in this scenario". So I only have "Laser Shot (Solid State Fiber)" (which by the way works nice)

AlexGGGG -> RE: New Scenario: Hypersonic (1/14/2018 3:46:38 PM)

That was fun to play. The most threat are subs, obviously. Lasers are effectively impenetrable for missiles, to the point I had to adjust WRA so that SAMs effectively were not firing against incoming missiles; for it was just a waste of SAMs.

I just wonder if you can transplant the same Zumwalt (it is custom made, not a stock one, correct?) into some massive scenarios, like Connie vs. Quatif (or how was it spelled), or like Black Tigers V, instead of all the NATO force, just a single Zumwalt, how will it fare. I know that's ridiculus, but it looks quite unsinkable by way of missiles.

Excroat3 -> RE: New Scenario: Hypersonic (1/14/2018 6:37:44 PM)

Well made scenario! Only suggestion is to allow the Russian ships to fire at unknown contacts, as it stands currently they tried to get a visual ID on me and that allowed me to ambush them with a Railgun and ASM ambush. Also the patrol altitude of the Bears is 1500ft, meaning that they don't get as much range out of their radar as compared to them cruising along at 36k ft.

DismalPseudoscience -> RE: New Scenario: Hypersonic (1/15/2018 12:17:22 AM)

Thanks for trying it out!

The Zumwalt is indeed a custom job - I took the 2025 HVP Zumwalt in the database and added LRASM and two laser turrets. I'll have to play around with the different lasers in the database to see if I can get something slightly less invincible, although the ridiculousness might be half the fun in this case.

I'll examine the Russian ROE and the Bear patrol settings again and see how it plays with those changed. In all of my prior test playthroughs, they still got off the first shot, but I didn't want them to fire off everything right at the start.

Excroat3 - did your ambush allow you to avoid relying on the lasers?

Excroat3 -> RE: New Scenario: Hypersonic (1/15/2018 6:13:09 PM)

I targeted the Petr Velikiy first with the railgun, and even though the HVPs had no chance of sinking the ship, they wrecked basically everything topside. That, coupled with the lack of ASMs the Russian SAG had after they annihilated a NATO SAG further north (I think they had around 1/3 of their ASMs left) meant I didn't receive that much return fire, and what was shot at me was intercepted by the railgun/SAMs before the lasers had a chance to deal with them. However, the Backfire attack that came after left me heavily relying on the lasers.

MariuszN -> RE: New Scenario: Hypersonic (1/15/2018 8:19:53 PM)

I am attacked by invisible missiles and I lunch invisible missiles. Anyone knows how to resolve this issue? My UCVs successfully found Russians.
I have installed all addons and last patch.

ultradave -> RE: New Scenario: Hypersonic (1/16/2018 11:13:54 PM)


There are a lot of "invisible" missiles that are attacking the unseen NATO ships. In the log I saw some ships sink.

But WOW. That Zumwalt is a fearsome machine. I scored a Triumph with 1000 points. My only losses were several Seahawks that strayed to close to the action while protecting against subs. Sank 3 or 4 subs, and the Zumwalt destroyed the Peter Valiki with a barrage of 155mm HPV shells with Tomahawks following close behind. Didn't stand a chance. After that it was easy pickings taking out the Udaloys and the Gorchkovs that were following behind.

The most fun was shooting down 2 Bears with that 155 gun. One shot, and BLAM. Blown out of the air. Can you imagine being in that and not getting a missile warning - suddenly your plane explodes.

Fun but I have to say as the NATO commander, I think you greatly overmatch the Russians. But as a demo of capabilities? Wow. That was fun.

FTBSS -> RE: New Scenario: Hypersonic (1/17/2018 9:39:40 PM)

I do scenarios based on future development as well as cancelled projects (NATF, A-12, F-35C, LRASM, SV-22, ASM SM6, EA-18G NGJ, CG 21) Love seeing the progression of technology (even modifying Seawolf subs with Virginia block IV NSSN launchers).

A CSG with that firepower listed above could probably eliminate the armed forces of 90% of the countries in the world.

Will give yours a try.

ultradave -> RE: New Scenario: Hypersonic (1/17/2018 10:35:43 PM)


(even modifying Seawolf subs with Virginia block IV NSSN launchers).

Hah! Well, I can tell you we won't be seeing that one. But check out the Block V VIRGINIA's with the VPM module.

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