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IronRanger -> AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/9/2018 8:12:46 PM)

Thought a AAR of the WW1 v1.05 game would be nice to see.... seams the WW2 version is getting all the love right now.

This will be Steph's and Iron's fifth fight so we should know each other well by now, last game ended on Turn 85
with a victory at sea by the Central Powers after the battle of St George Sound. No house rules, Steph will control
the central power, Iron Ranger the Entente.

Forgive me is this is the wrong place to post this, and move it. Also I have not written a AAR in years, and never
one with photos so unsure how this will look to the rest of you.

HC and Bill, TY for developing a game that's fun to replay and covers a part of history that's often ignored.

IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/9/2018 8:15:54 PM)

The war ended on T95, September 22 1917 with a Entente victory after the battle of the Baltic Sea.

The basic unit in the scenario is the Infantry Corps, Entente lost 92, Central Powers lost 79 - however of all other units including air, naval and support Central Powers lost more then the Entente.

The total spent in research by both sides is Entente 3275 MPPs, Central Powers 4200 MPPs... USA spent 300 MPPs.

The total MMPs earned Entente 45461, Central Powers 40549... however the CP is located continuous vs Eet spread out.

Holding with the name of the game, there were 5 key events, breakthroughs.... two by CP in Russia; three by Ent, two in Italy - one in middle east that broke open that front. The western front was very bloody, but from the end of 1914 till the end of the war the front hardly moved 2 squares. The Russian front was one of huge swings in movement and a lot of ground both lost and several almost breakthroughs with disheartening failures. The Italian and Greek front where surprisingly volatile. The Middle East is where from turn one the Entente applied pressure, slowly the Ottoman Empire cracked under the unrelenting attacks. On the waves, the Royal Naval had the upper hand and never gave it up but did absorbe a lot of MMPs to maintain a high level of readiness.

IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/10/2018 4:09:05 PM)

August 8 1914

Western Front

Germany opens with DOW on Belgium and push's units west. France responds by trying to block the route
to the coast and digging in along most of her line. Ships move into fleet location to support the army
or start blockading routes to the open sea.

Eastern Front

Russia probes the borders with AH and Germany while Serbia call up troops and digs deep into defensive lines.

Middle East

Fleet movements

Looks like this will be written mostly from the Allies POV, working on getting JPGs up... 200KB limit?


IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/10/2018 4:26:36 PM)

Was going to post the eastern front view, but I'm getting a pop up saying I need to wait 7 days before I can post again?

BillRunacre -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/10/2018 7:01:36 PM)

Yes, as you're new to this forum it's a bit more restrictive. Has your opponent been here for a while and can maybe post?

If not, perhaps prepare your reports and post them once you can. It won't be long before you'll have the required time spent and be able to post as much as the rest of us!

Great to see this by the way, very much so. [:)]

Cfant -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/11/2018 7:32:50 AM)

Yes, I'll follow your reports. Really loved the WW1-scenario and even played a Pbem once.

No troops in Antwerp and Brussels?

IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/12/2018 3:49:26 AM)

August 22 1914

Eastern Front:

Prussia - The German Empire (GE) and the Russia scout and look for weak points all around the eastern and
southern border. Most units dig in and wait for support but north of Warsaw a few units fight on the edge
of the forest. One advance German cavalry corps (Cav) is hit by 3 Russian Infantry Corps (IC) and routed
back over the border.

Poland - Austria Hungary (AH) digs in around key city's and sends a Cav unit on a deep raid near Lodz, locating
and destroying the Russian Recon Bombers protecting the city. Russia counter attacks and destroys the Cav unit
while pushing three army's over the border. One south of Lodz on the river line, one Striking Tarnow where an
unprotected HQ is reduced to strength (Str) 6, and third on taking Kolomean while mulling two AH units. Near
the border mines three GE IC and a HQ are spotted as they rail in from the western front.... the easy pickings
on the AH border will not be so easy anymore.

Serbia - AH hits hard on the western border of Serbia destroying One IC and One detachment (DT), forcing the
Serbia's to evacuate the capital and try to hold a river line south of Belgrade.


IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/12/2018 3:59:59 AM)

August 22 1914

Western Front:

Belgium/France - Germany push's through central Belgium destroying 1 IC and 1 Dt and stoping at Ypres. The French
from the Swiss border to Verdun dig in and reinforce the line. From Verdun to Arras they counter attack (after
learning that the German reserve's have been shifted east) with the help of the BEF and destroy 2 IC and one Cav
unit. From Arras to the sea a mixed bag of Belgium, UK and makeshift French units shift and try to hold a defensive
front to hold the GE from the coastline.

Atlantic and Mediterranean - Fleet squadrons continue to adjust and form up into fleets and blockade groups.

Middle East - Ottoman Empire (OE) is happy to hear they will be receiving the ship's they ordered from the UK


IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/13/2018 9:42:46 AM)

Bill - My opponent gave his blessing to posting the AAR but says he will not be posting turns, But it looks
Matrix has lifted my restrictions for this thread so I can put up SS as the game moves ahead.

Cfant - Thank you for the support, I had those troops fall back to give a better line of ZOC and defense. If you have suggestions on best Format for AAR posts I'm open to ideas.

September 5th 1914

Shadow Front:

UK sends salesmen to Norway to try and persuade them to sell Iron Ore to the Allies.
Spy's note that GE and AH have invested enough research to possible be researching Infantry Weapons.

Navy Front:

Ships continue to move into blockade position in both the Med and Atlantic

Middle East:

All Quiet


IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/15/2018 7:41:04 PM)

September 5th 1914

Eastern Front:

Prussia - More movement on the boarders by both sides with additional Infantry Corps railed in from the west. Three Russian IC attack the reinforce Cav unit and route it out of the forest.

Poland - A combo of AH and Ger attacks destroy 2 Russian IC, Russia counter attacks near Kolomea and damage the AH defenders. Else where they did in and entrench, massive numbers of German units are Railed in near Lodz.... France is saved!

Serbia - More AH aggression and POOR generalship in the MTs of Serbia, two more Serbian IC are destroyed and a massive hole opens in the center of the country.


IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/15/2018 7:46:37 PM)

September 5th 1914

Western Front:

France - Germany continues to push to the sea, destroying a Belgium Dt and pushing back the French Marines on the flanks of Yerps.
The German troops from Arres to Verdun entrench and pug holes. Verdun to Swiss border remains quiet.
The French receive word that even more of the Germans are railed east and continue to counter attack around Arres, two German IC and a Cav unit are destroyed.


Cfant -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/16/2018 11:37:36 AM)

What a beginning. Your opponent seems to know what he does. Never achieved such an advance into the balkans. Sure, AI will have more units then a human player, but still... Impressive defense of the Central Powers in Galicia too. His "Russia first" strategy could work,as Russia is short on MPP - and has to keep Serbia alive. You should have an eye on the Hochseeflotte.

In my opinion, the best use of german ships is to attack the Russian fleet. Here it is superior (will certainly win) und therefore weakens one main opponent. Attacking in the West, the allied moral-losses are shared by british and french, which "halfs" the effect. Even more, Russia is fighting AH too, who also has the profit of weaker Russian moral. So I guess, your tsarist fleet will get a visit very soon...

On the plus-side, he weakens the Western Front. I think it is crucial to build up pressure there. Funny thing, that I never understood how stubborn Real Life generals launched their offensives in WWI, but now I can understand it better [:)] You HAVE to keep Russia in the war, and therefore you HAVE to attack in the West. Do you know, where the german guns are? I always like to send them to Belgrad to take the city in 1914. Super-CP-Opponent already has the city...

By the way, what's your research? Infantry Weapons seems absolutly crucial here, I'd say. Trenches too, as they are cheap. But I hope, you invested in IW too.

@AAR: Is there a way to make the pictures bigger, if I click on them? Hard to see the details. Other then that: Great AAR of the Great War! [:)]

Last question: Why keep the Osmans out of the war some time longer? They don't seem too dangerous, and there spawn quite a lot british and russian troops, when the join the war (or is that only in single player?)

IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/16/2018 6:45:21 PM)

September 19th 1914

Eastern Front:

Prussia - German Empire digs in and holds the border. Russia, with most of the reserves now in play, makes a move on the eastern side. Two army's advance out of Kovno and isolate Memel. No real change on the southern border.

Poland - GR regroups her oversized army south of Lodz while AH reinforces all units in contact with Russia. Russia continues to attack around the Kolomea area but gains no ground.

Serbia - AH surrounds three units at Nish and punishes them greatly (str 8,7,1), The allies support Serbia as best they can, units are brought up to str 8, the roads to Uskub have blocking units set up and pray for time.

IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/16/2018 7:09:21 PM)

September 18th 1914

Western Front:

France/Belgium - The "Battle for Arras" continues, GR destroys 1 French, 1 UK IC that were badly damaged in the fighting and reoccupation of the city. Units are pulled from the GR army's facing Ypres and Verdun to plug holes in the line. Again the French counter and remove one IC and the last Cav unit from the west, the BEF occupies Arras (5th exchange since August) and declares "No retreat". France sets her last reserves, and pulls a IC from Verdun to support the exhausted army between Verdun and Arras.

Naval Front:

Atlantic - North Sea blockade is complete, Iceland to Scotland blockade is set at 50%.

Mediterranean - Coast of Turkey is scouted. A French sub squadron is sent in to the Adriatic and confronts the BB group in the straights, sub str6, BB str 8.

Shadow Front:

Norway agrees to ship Iron Ore to UK (Norway +7%). Russia, France and UK all agree that they should research the best type of shovel to dig holes for men (Trench tech 1 chit). No report from the Central Powers R&D work. Russia decides NOT to send two IC from the border with Ottoman Empire.


IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/17/2018 12:39:08 PM)

October 10th 1914

Mud, mud everywhere and the Entente are happy. Its been nearly 10 turns of clear weather and that helps only the Central Powers as they grab land at the start on try to hold on till the end.

Western Front:

France - The last gasps of the Battle for Arres continue, Germany and France trade damaged IC north of the city. Most units now are entrenched and getting reinforcements, the army's of both sides are exhausted for now.

Atlantic - Navel squadrons continue to shift based on needs at each location, the Grand Fleet has heard anything form the High Sea's Fleet and pulls back the North sea blockade. Its too quiet, something is about to happen.....

Eastern Front:

Serbia/Poland/Prussia - Mud reduces movement to a crawl, little news except AH wipes out another Serbian unit by Nish. Russia destroys an AH IC near Kolomea, after general Ruszki is removed from command for stupidity.

Mediterranean - France try's to push past the Adriatic narrows, combat continues.......


IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/17/2018 5:44:21 PM)

November 7th 1914

Eastern Front:

Prussia/Poland - Germany leaves the safety of their border forts and moves into Tsarist Russia. Minor combat has contact is made with Russian Infantry. Its raining and mud but the counter attack is harsh, three GR IC are wiped out. One outside of Lodz, one far west of Warsaw, one south of Memel. The Russians had to leave their entrenchments for that attack so they are exposed as the weather turns to winter. AH continues to contest that area around Kolomea and losses' one DT while several Russian IC are badly damaged.

Serbia - A break in the combat as AH reinforces her units and Serbia deploys a new Dt.

Adriatic - Sub/Minefields make clearing the narrows almost impossible for the French Battle group.

Middle East:

All quiet, Ottoman Empire at 61% readiness.


IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/17/2018 5:45:45 PM)



IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/17/2018 5:52:43 PM)

Western Front:

France/Belgium - More of the same with another exchange of Infantry Corps north of Arras. All the troops appeared exhausted but the fighting goes on... sub 50% moral for a lot of units.

English Channel - The Grand Sea's Fleet show's up at the straights of Dover and destroys the French blockading group. The English counter but little can be done due to rough seas.... three ships are lost, one a key destroyer. Disaster!


IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/18/2018 3:03:56 PM)

December 5th 1914 NO SS

Western Front:

France - Germany moves in force North of Arras, France losses one IC. It looks like the German army's facing Ypres have been stripped of all extra units. France digs in and reinforces all front line units to Str 10.... UK better bring more troops or a breakthrough might happen during the winter of 1914.

Atlantic - High sea's fleet retreats to the Baltic but 3 subs are now raiding UK's shipping lanes.

Middle East:

Egypt - ANZAC troops starting to show up, Ottoman Empire is nearing 90% readiness.

Eastern Front:

Poland/Prussia - A war of movement (in the mud) leaves two Russian IC destroyed, one AH IC gone and several German IC badly damaged. Lodz holds on and becomes the focus of a counter attack south to were the Germans retreated behind the river.

Serbia - Nish is surrounded, soon it will fall. Another line is forming almost on the Greek border, new units are being raised to help hold back AH.

Adriatic - France overcomes the sub/minefield in the narrows and push's almost the entire Mediterranean fleet into this narrow sea. No ships sighted on open water.... all hiding in port?

IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/19/2018 9:35:40 AM)

Its been a very active year, 1914. About all the Entente can do is hold back the inevitable as the Central Powers grab land and knock out minors. This year will be even worse as the GR gets its war machine cranking. At the end of 1914 I conducted a few high risk moves hoping the weather holds.... my luck is it will not.

Cfant - R&D has been fairly lopsided to the CP advantage, but at a cost of units. It looks like he has invested over 800mmps to my 400mpps. If I had to guess, CP invested in gas shells, infantry weapons and advanced subs, all aggressive. I'm invested in sonar and trench warfare. Diplomacy is the opposite where I have invested 4 chits to his 0. As far as the Ottomen Empire, that decision event was different then the norm and I like to try 'what it' options more then the basic 'follow history' strategy.

January 2nd 1915

Western Front:

France/Belgium - The Heavy German Arty has shown up outside of Ypers, it has a full 10 shell load... not hard to know what's going to happen next. France and UK move troops to the front in the hope winter holds and they can grab some of 'no mans land' cheap. Quiet everywhere else.

Atlantic - Sub located off of Spain but no DD groups to intercept... 2 more raiding towards USA coastline. UK receives a few more ships for the Grand Fleet... about a month too late.

Balkan Front:

Italy - It looks like she will be joining the Entente at some point.... DT showing up on the AH boarder... more stress on the already stretched thin AH military.

Serbia - Mish falls, the army regroups in the far south with a few new units to try and hold out in the MTs till some of the pressure can be relieved. Montenegro try's to sneak a raider along the coastline to the ports in the Adriatic.

Adriatic - The French navy search's the ports for AH ships, isolates the ones that they can and will start shore bombardments.

Eastern Front:

Prussia - Unit movements

Poland - More unit movements, soon the Russian Army will have to start thinking of retreating. Once Germany gets another HQ she will not be able to pick at the unsupported units and hold back the gray tide (Trench Tech one hit)


IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/19/2018 9:37:29 AM)



IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/19/2018 9:39:14 AM)



IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/22/2018 12:58:04 AM)

February 1st 1915

Each Entente country has sent a reprehensive to a meeting in the North Sea aboard the HOOD to discuss what was and will be in this war.. that didn't end at Christmas. Overall on the battlefield it was a turn of movement, with the exception of Belgium.. they have signed a peace treaty with the German Empire.

Tsarist Russia - Six Central Power army's (HQs) are now facing the six Russian army's in the field, they are at - East Prussian Boarder, North of Warsaw, South of Lodz, Outside Limburg, South of Kovno (just railed in from Serbia), and the new one is forming up between Warsaw and Lodz ready to drive into the flanks of the city defenders. This combined with the new front opening up on the Ottomen Empire means operation 'Turtle' is now set in motion. Russia points out that they are in DIRE need of more support.... they are poor and hold the longest front in the Entente.

Kingdom of Serbia/Montenegro - Finally, with the winter weather and Typhus outbreak a solid line is set for defending the most extreme southern capital of the Kingdom. Montenegro is proud to point out the are on the march with the support of the Navy on the coast of the Adriatic.

Republic of France - Their army has survived, and they hold almost exactly on the boarder but their troops are tired and will be limited to minor attacks until they get more support. They are developing operation 'Mud' and hope it will help pull German troops from the east.... when they are able to kick it off.

United Kingdom - With the new fronts opening by the Ottoman Empire joining, and the subs raiding supply lines in the Atlantic; they are being pushed to the edge of their resources (0 MPPS this turn). Where they can the Queens Service, BEF and all units will support the Entente how they can but no Major offensives will be started for some time. Its best to start planning on a long war and investing in the future, they advise their Allies.

Italy (20% readiness) - Proudly they inform everyone that the boarder with AH is lightly defended, and once they have supply sources in place they will end the war by attacking the AH in the back door. Victory is in sight... once Italy joins the war.

United States of America (4% readiness) - USA can not ignore the sub squadrons sinking shipping just outside of her coastal boarder....... more MMPS will be set to UK to help put an end to this problem.

IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/24/2018 3:03:05 AM)

April 10th 1915

Western Front:

France - Germany reinforces their line and pulls a HQ back off the front line. France and UK decide to open combat before the German forces near Ypers can move south. Under cover of Frances big guns a GR IC is destroyed north of Arras. Elsewhere basic movement and reinforcement of units.

Atlantic - The north sea blockading line is almost abandoned, the Iceland line is 90% filled. Three German subs continue to raid, 2 by US coastline, one near Spain. UK sends a mix of ships to try and counter the raiding.

Italy - Reports are more AH troops railing in... form Poland? One HQ, IC and 4 DTs now set on the boarder. Readiness 43%, Shovel design getting researched.


IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/24/2018 3:12:56 AM)

Eastern Front

Prussia - German and Russian units sit out the mud and prepare for the summer offensives.

Poland - GR & AH units prepare for summer. Russia continues to beat on the doors for access to the Fortress of Limburg.... the oil fields to the east falls and units move into contact with the city/fort on the north and west side. The cost is Kolomea is left undefended. The Russian HQ is driven out of the city and reduced in strength to 4 (OUCH!!)

Russia gets IT L1 and invests in IW, one chit.


IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/24/2018 3:14:16 AM)



IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/24/2018 3:20:02 AM)

Southern Front:

Serbia - Entrenches and reinforces her units. Serbia and her local allies reset the border units and prepare for the upcoming summer attacks. Bulgaria has entered the war on the side of the Central Powers!

Adriatic - France sinks one AH battle cruiser group that could not find a port to hid with in, two BB groups shift to the narrows incase that Ottoman Navy try's to push this far west.


IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/24/2018 3:30:32 AM)

Middle Eastern Front :

Mediterranean - All quiet, one UK transport shooting across the sea to Egypt(?)

Egypt - Strong UK units push up to Ottoman DTs on the boarder, Aqaba falls to UK SAS DT, Basra falls to UK Indian DT.

Caucasus - Russian DT units block the MT pass's while an army march's on Rize with the main target.... Trabzon?


Cfant -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/24/2018 7:41:12 AM)

He seems quite weak in Palestine. I always wondered how to defend the long coastline as Osman in a Pbem. Maybe a landing would be hard to counter for him? Could you make an amphibious attack at Haifa?

IronRanger -> RE: AAR SC WW1 Breakthrough Steph vs Iron (1/25/2018 12:39:45 AM)

- Cfant: The Central Powers need (both sides really) to build a fair number of detachments for guard duty around the different fronts. Have a unit in a port supply center is key, the rest you can leave blank with less risk of a major problem.

May 8th 1915 (Turn 21)

Shadow Front:

Germany has Trench Warfare L1, UK gets Intel L1. Almost no MMPs spent in diplomacy since early 1914.

Western Front:

France - First battle of Ypres begins with and exchange of IC from France and Germany, several other units damaged. The French Maries are left exposed on the front as a blocking unit, Entente need to buy time for UK to get its new army into the field. Quiet everywhere else.

Italy - Readiness 86%. Boarder with AH is manned, its looking like only the city's will have garrison units.. as of right now.

Atlantic - Two German subs raiding near USA, third sub is no longer hiding in southern Spanish waters. Iceland blockage is now 100% complete, North sea minimal ships assigned. Convoys to Russia are stopped as UK needs all the resources she can muster.

Southern Front:

Serbia - Units reinforce to full strength as the HQ unit has recovered from typhus epidemic. Bulgarian IC is spotted replacing AH units on the front line.

Adriatic - Two AH ports are reduced to supply 0, subs are sent in to slowly sink the squadron of ships trapped in the ports. AH sub is located not in port and bombed from French Air Craft carrier.

Middle East Front:

Sand Storms lock down most units

Eastern Front:

Russia - One German Army moves up to the edge of Lodz and prepares for and assault, two other army's wait on the flanks but refuse to make contact with dug in Russian infantry. One AH Cav takes the town of Kolomea while another is destroyed outside of Lemburg. Raw troops are feed into the combat around the Fortress City.

Caucasus - Russian units dig in as supply is low to forward units near Rize.


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