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VonCurry -> Pilot Question, Resource Question and a Italy Surrender Question (1/8/2018 4:55:54 AM)

Hey guys got another one for ya.

I've noticed people discuss disbanding Night Fighter groups for pilots and transferring them to day fighters....
How do I go about doing this? Also can I reform those night fighter groups after disbanding (say packing them full of novices)

Resources: I'm noticing that Italy builds quite a bit of the CR.42 Falcos... In my game I put them on restricted to funnel good pilots to better Italian aircraft...
However by Oct. 44 I've got spare Falcos laying around and I wanna throw some cannon fodder into the skies above Sicily and Italy. Now to the point, when Italy surrenders will Germany absorb their resources such as fuel?

Italy Surrender: This is simply for fun, I like to keep Italy alive as long as possible and I just wanted to see if any of you guys have any tips on how to keep them alive when the Allies land on the mainland..
I read somewhere an unmodified CV value and a random roll = the surrender... but where can I go to see the unmodified Combat Value of units? Also are there any tips on building up a strong German presence to keep them in the war?

Finally one I just thought of while writing this...Can the game editor make changes so that if I wanted an Italy that would fight to the end.. could that be possible in the editor?

Thanks in advance.

loki100 -> RE: Pilot Question, Resource Question and a Italy Surrender Question (1/8/2018 8:59:08 AM)

Partial answers

1 - Simply disband the NF formation - that'll put the pilots into the pool. If you allocate in the same turn you can control exactly which day formations get the pilots. But, you can't build new units so any replacement NF formations will be the few (if any I forget) reinforcements. My logic is to start doing this as you notice that your day fighter units are becoming relatively weak (so sometime in spring 1944). Do it slowly and run down your NF by the start of 1945.

3 - There is a large random element. I've had a well garrisoned Italy surrender on me when the Allies moved across the Straights of Messina. Its hard to really boost the German presence due to the wider garrison rules but in general once the Allies get a naval invasion (plus crossing at Messina), Italy will surrender

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