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ringerthrawn -> AK -> AR? (1/6/2018 4:30:44 PM)

Did they turn off this upgrade during some previous patch?

ndworl -> RE: AK -> AR? (1/15/2018 10:49:25 PM)

I don't think so. I'm playing Japan in a CHS campaign and am building a few ARs. They need to be disbanded in Osaka.

Mobeer -> RE: AK -> AR? (1/17/2018 4:28:49 PM)

It definitely still exists as an option in the latest patch

ndworl -> RE: AK -> AR? (1/19/2018 9:19:16 AM)

I just had a look at my game. The 5000 unit AKs, disbanded in Osaka, have the conversion options.

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