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loveman2 -> FITE2 (1/5/2018 8:17:09 AM)

Looking for a Russian opponent for FITE2 playing with no partisans.[X(]

Lobster -> RE: FITE2 (1/5/2018 5:14:25 PM)

I would say okay but I'm not sure if I can go the PBEM++ route. I merged my accounts long ago but last time I tried to start PBEM++ it said I had to merge my accounts. If it doesn't work I'll just make another account and we'll go with that. Warning, not played TOAWIV against a living opponent yet. I must be nuts agreeing to play this. [:D][:D][:D]

From what I understand we shouldn't expect more than a couple of turns a week unless you don't have a life. [;)]

gids -> RE: FITE2 (1/5/2018 8:37:21 PM)

i dont mind ,i have time and patience

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