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Shannon V. OKeets -> NetPlay - Experienced WIF/MWIF (12/20/2017 2:36:49 AM)

I am looking to start another Global War scenario using NetPlay and Skype.

I am currently playing 2 games, so this would be my third.

As the developer, I am able to work around the current NetPlay problems for games-in-progress, but there may be some delays from time to time while I figure out how to compensate for bugs.

My goal here is to simply play MWIF. However, I will be gathering saved games from time to time for debugging purposes.


Now, I live in Hawaii but have been able to schedule times with opponents in the mainland US and also Australia. I don't know if Europe would be feasible.

Anyone interested should be forewarned that I have some knowledge of how to play MWIF [;)] and tend to be rather hard on my opponents. Of course I expect the same in return.

As for optional rules, we can discuss that, though I have some strong preferences.

I don't care whether I play the Axis or the Allied side.

Once a week for 4+ hours at a minimum for playing sessions - but more often or for longer is always a possibility.

Jaimainsoyyo -> RE: NetPlay - Experienced WIF/MWIF (12/22/2017 6:11:35 AM)

If you donīt play with OIL count on me . Iīm retired and I use to play at least 12 hours per week to MWIF

Jaimainsoyyo -> RE: NetPlay - Experienced WIF/MWIF (12/22/2017 6:14:05 AM)

Btw Is it possible to return lent units to their original major powers? I tried it during production phase but I couldnīt do it.

Shannon V. OKeets -> RE: NetPlay - Experienced WIF/MWIF (12/22/2017 6:10:40 PM)


ORIGINAL: Jaimainsoyyo

If you donīt play with OIL count on me . Iīm retired and I use to play at least 12 hours per week to MWIF

Send me an email, so we can discuss details:

PeteGarnett -> RE: NetPlay - Experienced WIF/MWIF (12/29/2017 8:28:48 PM)

I can play at weekends Steve - have used netplay & am on skype.

Flexible re optional rules but like oil.

Joseignacio -> RE: NetPlay - Experienced WIF/MWIF (1/3/2018 10:28:36 AM)

I have evenings free (spanish time). From 5 p.m. or so I use to be free.

The problem is that I couldn't overcome the bugs in the deployment phase. If you want to give a try, we could check if with the new versions the problems have been solved.

WIF veteran (15+ years) but forgetful with rules, so not perfect.

Ugh! Eleven hours difference... Well, if you start early it could be possible, let's say 19 hs -11 = 8 a.m. ... even 20 hs ---> 9 a.m. start could still give some hours of game play.

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