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atsjewell -> New Master file (12/18/2017 6:47:34 PM)

Could anyone please point me to where I may find help on how to create/modify a master ruleset file (*.at2) . I'd be happy just to be able to tweak a few rulevar values and then save the changes as a new .at2 file so I can reuse it without having to make all the changes again in the next scenario.

I've figured out how to edit a random scenario to change rulevar values on a scenario-by-scenario basis but I can't find a way to save those changes to a new .at2 file that I can reuse in the next random scenario.

I apologize if the my tone is little tense. It's just that I'm very frustrated at the moment. None of the web links to any of the tutorials provided with the game work. The link to the community site takes you to some weird clothing store. I've found the wiki on vrdesigns, but the wiki is largely empty. I've searched the forums here and there's no hits.

The game is advertised as being able to support all types of rules from fantasy to ww2 to sci-fi. I take that to mean it ought to be relatively easy to implement your own rules and yet I can find no documentation anywhere on how to do that. I can see a lot of different .at2 files that come shipped with the game as well as others created by the community.. and yet I can find no information on how to actually create those files myself. Tried Notepad++ to see what the files contain and it's all gibberish. I even tried opening one as a zip file. No dice. Is there a separate editor available for download somewhere? How are people creating their custom rulesets?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

EDIT: *facepalm*.. FOUND IT. Don't ya just hate it when you find the answer right after posting the question? I'm such a newb. For the other newbs: In the scenario editor, click the map button, and then the SAVE button at the button to save your settings to a new .at2 file.

ernieschwitz -> RE: New Master file (12/18/2017 7:48:19 PM)

I feel ya :)

But glad you found the save button :)

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