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cantona2 -> Sicily to Brenner Pass (Allied) (12/17/2017 5:48:35 PM)

Jagdfluger had graciously accepted my offer of a game of the Sicily to Brenner Pass scenario and he will take over the Axis side. This wil be an AAR from the Allied side as the Allied forces take their first step onto Festung Europa...

cantona2 -> RE: Sicily to Brenner Pass (Allied) (12/17/2017 6:06:21 PM)

July 10th 1943

Under the cover of a heavy swell and leaden skies the Task Forces of Operation 'Husky' deposit 3 American, 2 British and one Candaian Division on the South and South East of the island of Sicily. Months of Allied wrangling about where to go next were dispelled with the first boots touching Italian ground. These belonged to the pathfinders of the US 82nd and British 1st Airborne Divisions. The latter captured the important rail and land bridge at Ponte Grande to the south of Syracuse intact. The former dropped to the north of Gela and secured the airstrip at Pont Olivo. Both airborne elements were relieved by sea landed forces by midday on D-Day.

These had landed just before the dawn and the US sector ran in a West-East line from Licata to Scoglitti, running through the village of Gela. The 3rd Infantry Division landed in the beaches by Licata and quickly secured the fishing village while pushing North West and making contact with the 207th Coastal Division defending the bluffs. The attached 3rd Ranger Battalion pushed directly north into the hills above the town to secure the defensive high ground.

The Big Red One landed at Gela and its recon battalion immediately sped north to make contact with the paratroopers. As landing craft of diverse types landed infantry Gela itself was secured and the HQ of the division set up its artillery park in the outskirts of town. Later in the day elements of the 26th Infantry Regiment made contact with German forces, armour and rocket artillery 10kms North of Ponte Olivo. Radio intercepts identify the unit as Schwere Panzer Abteilung 508 equipped with Tiger tanks!

The 45th Infantry landed on the beaches lying at the Eastern end of the Gulf of Gela and came in unopposed and its regiments quickly secured the Ponte Olivo-Comiso Road. The village was occupied by the Italian 18th Infantry Brigade but short work was made of this unit as the 45th secured its perimeter in anitcipation of the landing of the second wave later in the day.


cantona2 -> RE: Sicily to Brenner Pass (Allied) (12/17/2017 6:20:30 PM)

A further 4 divisions were landed in the British/Canadian sector with the immediate objective of the capture of the port of Syracuse as a priority. This was made surprisingly easy by 10am on D-Day with the 5th Infantry Division relieving the glider borne infantry of the 1st Airborne.

The 1st Canadian Division came ashore just east of the US 45th Infantry and tussled with major elements of the 206 Coastal Infantry Division, though this did not stop the Canadians from securing the town of Ragusa. The 51st Highlanders came up behind them ater unloading at Pachino. With the 50th Infantry disembarking on the beaches around Avola the allies had been able to land 7 divisions in a virtually unoppsed first wave of Husky.


cantona2 -> RE: Sicily to Brenner Pass (Allied) (12/18/2017 2:43:19 PM)

Solid contact is made with the enemy across the front and it seems that OKH has ordered the fight to begin as close to the beaches as possible with three major enemy formations identified across the Allied Front. The 15th Panzer Grenadier Division has been identified to the North of Liscata while the Herman Goering Division, well at least a Kampfgruppe of said division is holding a front just beyond Niscemi. The Napoli Division has been identifed in the British sector as the 5th Infantry moves up to engage. The terrain is not really conducive to envelopment movements so this intial breaking of the crust will have to be done the hard way. The US 2nd Armoured Division, a second wave reinforcement, will lie in wait ready to exploit any breach in the Axis line.


cantona2 -> RE: Sicily to Brenner Pass (Allied) (12/18/2017 6:34:05 PM)

A second airborne drop by the 1st Para Brigade has secured the Primosole Bridge via a coup de main cutting the railway line south and routing German reinforcements heading to the Augusta Front. The Paras dig in to the distant sound of guns...


cantona2 -> RE: Sicily to Brenner Pass (Allied) (12/18/2017 6:40:46 PM)

Attacks all across the front as the Tigers of Schw.Pz.Abt.508 are swept aside north of Gela. US Infantry begin to infiltrate the lower slopes of the hills towering above Ponte Olivo as the Panzer Grenadiers of the Hermann Goering dig in. The tubes of the 2nd Armoured and Army units of the 7th Army begin to rain death on them.

Further East, the 4th Armoured Brigade and the 50th Royal Tank Regiment storm out of the Vizzini Hills, rout the Napoli Division and surprise the advanced guard of the 29th Panzer Grenadier Division on their flatbeds. 5kms to the North the tank country of the Augusta Plain beckons and the relief of the Primosole Bridge.


John B. -> RE: Sicily to Brenner Pass (Allied) (12/19/2017 10:42:54 PM)

This looks to be a very interesting and well written report!

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