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zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (2/10/2019 8:16:35 PM)

read'm and weep.[:D]


zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (2/13/2019 11:34:44 AM)

A cheesecake update from Zulu HQ

Iven sat at the card table alone. The view of the wharfs was comforting as so much supply was unloaded
in the past twenty four hours. Fuel was another story.. His mind shifted north to Cararvon. The solitary
pier was disrupting the time table for Roo. A radar unit had held up the entire operation for forty eight hours
and it was still in most part aboard the transport. Only four tanks had been unloaded in seventy two hours.
Yesterday he ordered the harbor master to get his tanks to the pier, the radar would have to wait.
At least the US transport aircraft could begin flying in more engineers and support soon. The airstrip
was only a little over half complete and also moving very slowly towards completion.He needed to have his
armor rolling north, Exmouth was waiting. A message from the Americans at Suva revealed the IJN had been
not been spotted for two days off the Santa Cruz Islands and they expected the main body to be headed north by
northeast. He would receive daily updates.He suspected IJN carriers would be heading his way, particularly
after the drubbing off Exmouth. Prince of Wales and Repulse of force Z had hit Port Hedland last night causing
more of an ado. The mission was to hit Broome where IJ had stationed bombers hitting our Bn at Exmouth but
spotted 280nm out the task force had opted to change targets in the interest of self preservation.

zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (2/18/2019 11:30:20 AM)

another cheesecake update....
Looking down at is watch, the crystal scratched from African desert sand, the band bleached
by Libyan sun, he stared at the second hand. The dispatch before him, confirmed by the Americans,
purported a heavy volume of radio traffic in southern Java. Only eight more tanks had been offloaded
at the pier in Carnarvon yesterday. He ordered the small force of twenty north, to Exmouth. Iven
would allow another twenty four hours for the freighter to unload before considering ordering it south.
He would be ready to absorb the blows if the IJN turned it's attention to his command. If the IJN
had sent the main body of KB or a division of it west to meet him, he would be allowing the Yanks
to apply pressure in the east. Short of a landing on northwest Australia propper he would try and
hold them here, particularly capital ships.

Halsey was frustrated he was not on a bridge. The fiji's were secure and far from the impending landings.
His assignment to SoPac command by Nimitz was gracious but he belonged in front, leading with
the Pacific trade winds in his face. Unspotted, but hundreds of miles out was AMPHIB-K task force.
It should close on the target in the next twenty four hours. If they were unspotted tomorrow night
they would go in. This would be the most precarious time of his command.

zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (2/19/2019 9:10:41 PM)

turning the page...


This is what Wake looked like after capture to the fast carriers. Thats a lot of boats!

zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (2/19/2019 9:12:36 PM)

another day...
August 19
Perth, 2nd Army Headquarters. Mackay read the daily brief from Sydney. The airstrip at Portland Roads was 67% percent complete. The enlargement of Tennant Creek was 56% of the way to level 4. His own strip reached 91%and there was a small chance it would be ready tomorrow. Yank APDs arrived and were fast transporting elements of a construction RGT to Cararvon and should depart this evening. As soon as a strip was up he could transfer in some Royal Navy fighters recently staged into Perth. A US fighter squadron would be unloading at Sydney in the morning and would rail west with all haste. As soon as the strip was open for business he would put the engineers on adding piers. He had a lot of tanks to unload. He was expecting a visit from the IJN within forty eight hours. Word would not reach 2nd Army before nightfall on the twentieth on the US landings on KiraKira.


zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (2/24/2019 12:59:45 PM)

some catch up......the ugly first


zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (2/24/2019 1:00:57 PM)

China can only fully be seen in color......UGH! Now the good..


zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (2/24/2019 1:02:22 PM)

and a little intel, this is good because I do not believe he can retake Wake, KiraKira, Ndeni without a blood bath.


zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (2/24/2019 1:04:01 PM)

The SigInt is good because I see no preparation for counter invasions nor offensive operations regarding Allied bases requiring
amphibious landings.

*ps It can't feel real good in Changteh though.

witpqs -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (2/24/2019 1:15:59 PM)

Keep in mind it seems the game will not give SigInt when prepping for own bases, so he might have 10 units prepared for some base you are just about to invade... [X(]

zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (2/25/2019 10:14:08 AM)

double [X(][X(]

zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (2/25/2019 10:14:22 AM)

quick map, more on this later...


zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/2/2019 4:41:27 PM)

A little catch up...

SwPac: Cararvon: I have added 50 engineer squads (combat mode) and switched to pier building. SUPER slow. 4-5 points per day. Its
like trying to build an airfield on Dutch Harbor.

SoPac: I like whats going on here. I "think" Francois is moving the KB diagonally from a point north of the Santa Cruz Islands to
points west and southwest of Wake. If I am right and the KB is not divided, I should be able to time some naval OPs.

Burma: The immediate goal for the IJA is breaking the Chinese at Paoshan. The box, the horseshoe, and Myitkyina are a sideshow for
now. Although the attack on Myitkyina today indicates I am wrong on this. I feel comfortable with CBI for now.

China: utter chaos. FUBAR.



Don't forget that each attack on units increases the supply usage by 10%. It does not matter how many bombers fly, either. So if you think there are no enemy fighters in the area, a lot of small attacks at multiple locations on units besides attacking the bases could hurt his supply situation even more.

Just think, he could sucker you in to attacking a base and then return with overwhelming force to evict you. On an island, that would be bad.

zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/10/2019 1:24:23 PM)

OK, I go after some LCUs in Burma. I will try anything to reduce supply to the forward IJA units. I post a few days of
combat reports today keeping in mind there are some debacles in China. The Chungking plain is open and Francois
has achieved a breakthrough at Changsha. The Changsha position is far stronger than the Chungking area and I
have many Chinese units standing in place if only to make mop up that much harder. Maybe even cut some roads
and rails in the future. FUBAR.


zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/10/2019 1:26:09 PM)

some more


zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/10/2019 1:26:31 PM)

out of order but still more


zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/10/2019 1:27:23 PM)

last one, KB still loiters in SoPAc.


witpqs -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/10/2019 11:21:25 PM)

Nice hit on Soryu!

RangerJoe -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/11/2019 12:11:05 AM)

If you break your bomber units into thirds you can get in three times as many attacks . . .

zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/14/2019 9:52:29 AM)

Again, never thought of it, however I think that may tax the airfields by number of groups operating. I have never
tested it. I only have one level 9 AF in India (it is on the frontier though, but coastal). I have combat air patrols
up over most bases daily primarily to reduce possible losses to transports and heavies. We are playing PDU
off (my first time, and liking it) and it is important not loose these assets unnecessarily on the ground. My fortification
first strategy this game has left many positions still building as engineers shift from on base to the next. Par
example, I just sent 50+ engineer squads to the coast to continue fort building south of Chittagong. This maybe
good timing as China may collapse before fall.


zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/14/2019 9:54:34 AM)



RangerJoe -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/14/2019 7:01:40 PM)

Acknowledging mistakes is the first step to wisdom and enlightenment. Aggravating but necessary.

I think that each third of an air group counts as a 1/3 air group. Three thirds should/would count as one. Simply check the number of groups, break them down and check the number of groups again. Think of just how much more frustration for the enemy as each third sends just a couple of bombers to attack a different hex . . .

zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/18/2019 11:47:33 AM)

some popcorn from the front...

Iven had reason to be upbeat. Four tanks and a duece and a half were left in the holds at Cararvon. They should be off loaded over night. He would send the column north the following day. The second pier under construction was only thirty percent complete, the work agonizingly slow. He had sent the second armored element north along the coast road yesterday from Geraldton. It should not be neccessary for it to help take Exmouth. Royal Navy Martlets patrolled the skies over Cararvon and USAF B26s had arrived to provide ground support. A group of USAF P40s had arrived Perth and were now fully operational to support the operation as it developed. Word from higher indicated he may have tranports available within the month for Broome. Halsey was busy trying to sneak supply into his forward areas with the IJN positioned to make any further advances in SoPac highly risky before major improvements could be made at Ndeni and KiraKira.
Halsey paced the planks between the signals hut and his HQ. IJN carriers were spotted daily north of the Santa Cruz islands three out of four days a week, generally keeping between 340nm and 380nm NNW of the Americal on Ndeni. Word arrived last night a small freighter had arrived 80nm SSE of Ndeni and was preparing to move to the Americal and offload. Two APDs would depart Luganville on a high speed run into Ndeni as well. If all went to plan the Americal would have enough supply to continue expanding the base as well as support the sorties now being flown by two squadrons of Aerocobras on the island. The plan revolved around several circumstances apparent in the past two weeks. One, neither Ndeni nor KiraKira were being reconoitered. Two, with all the submarine attacks on the IJN carriers they had backed off their proximity to the island. Ergo there was no reason to believe the IJN knew the airfield at Ndeni now had fifty fighters operational and while the IJN air arm had great range, they would be guessing how many aircraft to send against a single merchant, and a small one at that. It could result in a double whammy on the IJN. A crippling turkey shoot and a decent amount of supply landed to continue operation Snipe.
Adm Nimitz was anxious. With Wake being pounded by air and the occasional visit by the IJN battle line supply was almost gone. There were no air defenses and no air support. Enterprise was due off Wake in the evening to CAP the island and cover a small resupply mission. At great risk the USN was going to expose its most valuable asset to the defenders. He would keep the Big E off Wake for forty-eight hours max. There was nothing from HYPO.

zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/19/2019 10:24:04 AM)

map from Sept 1, relief of Wake


zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/19/2019 10:24:42 AM)

another chance....


zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/26/2019 10:13:25 AM)

Commentary a bit later....


zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/26/2019 10:13:57 AM)



zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (3/26/2019 10:43:14 AM)

Briefing. The situation in China deserves reporting as it will determine allied strategy elsewhere. I have neither the heart nor the time at the moment. By end of September an accounting of the present lines and relevant changes to strategy will get posted. In Burma a Brit brigade relieves an Australian brigade and holds at Myitkyina. This position is a meat grinder for the Japanese thus far. The box and horseshoe hold without pressure. Only the supply situation keeps me from reinforcing the positions. At Wake I decide on a course of action in the evening of the 7th. Five new task forces are formed to resupply, reinforce, and support the island. Big E and company arrive to discourage the daily bombings. At Ndeni supply is finally reaching the garrison. They are still in the yellow but the needle is moving up. In the ROO AO armor has started moving north to Exmouth at last. The port situation is still poor, only 45% percent up from last report.

zuluhour -> RE: ALLIED SIDE ZULUHOUR(A) FCHARTON (J) NO FCHARTON (4/16/2019 11:27:52 PM)

Time to catch up a little, after this post I'll show some of the combat since the last post.

September 19, 1942
2nd Army HQ. Mackay toured the wharfs at Perth. The US Navy had departed for points southeast. Three days ago the 2/5th armor Rgt attacked the Japanese positions at Exmouth having made excellent time through the scrub from Cararvon eliminating the garrison by nightfall. The Bandasan SNLF was no more. The 2/6th would likely meet up with the 2/5 in the next twenty-four hours and continue into the desert on the way to Broome. It was logistics now as Exmouth was still devoid of docking facilities and air strips. The expansion of the docks at Cararvon was very slow. C47s would need to fly supplies up to Exmouth to supply his armor until shipping could carry the load. He could at least be satisfied at the 400,ooo points of supply and over 70,ooo points of fuel now available to the command. Rumor had it 2nd Army may have a much larger role come the new year.

RL: Francois is traveling abroad and I have a chance to catch up here. Game date is planning for September 20. I had to take care of some stuff as well so we have only gotten in a week or two of game time.

Game: Wake is secure. There have been no air raids since last reported. A squadron of experienced naval aviators in their F4s now call Wake home. The carriers have retired for repairs and upgrades. I will have to swap out the highly trained carrier squadron after the carriers are finished at Pearl. In SoPac, I have not seen the IJN in any strength for a week or so. KiraKira is building an airstrip, Ndeni has a level 4 air base now and I am enlarging the port. Large amounts of fuel has been arriving at Sydney and Suva. Australia is still thirsty and I am trying to take advantage of every day to get as much there as possible. In SwPac I am about to commence Operation Delilah in the east and hope to increase the tempo for Operation ROO.
Burma has been my rock. Francois has continued to build his army there and the pressure on Paoshan complements all the stress on the Chinese positions everywhere. I donít think I will have much of China by Christmas. I do not have the naval assets to effect any kind of flanking move and supply is so difficult to force into upper Burma. I am only committing as many men as I can reasonably supply.

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