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Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/3/2018 11:05:43 PM)

Allied Turn: December 20, 1941

Axis Prior Turn:
Mud everywhere.
Gneisenau (CC) is scouting for S-4 and finds her in the Lenningrad port at the cost of a point of damage.
S-4 is then bombed by the German Maritime bombers. Soviet Fighters intercept, and Finnish Fighters Escort. Losses: Finnish FTR -1(or more), GE MARB -1(or more), USSR FTR -1?, S-4 -2.
S-4 is destroyed later in the turn by a German Medium Bomber.
The Prince Eugen (CA str 9) is spotted scouting the road from Narva to Lenningrad.
1st Panzer attacks LXXVII Corps across the river line south of Narva. The Corps takes 4 damage and manages to hang on.
3rd Corps in Luga is shattered after being bombed and attacked by 11th Panzer and a Panzergrenadier at the cost of 1 damge to the Panzer. However, the Germans do not move in to take the city.
A German bomber (not sure which kind) took a hit bombing 3rd Army in Vitebsk.
22nd Army positioned west of Smolensk is hammered by a Panzer and multiple Infantry units (including at least 1 Army and 1 Corps). It retreats north of Smolensk at a strength of 1, having done 1 damage to the Panzer.
VII Corps in Bryansk takes 3 damage from German attacks, and does 1 damage back to the German 5th Panzer.
An air battle is fought over Taganrog, this one doesn't go as well for the Soviets. The Russian Fighter takes 4 damage (2 from Romanian FTR and 2 from GE TAC), the Romanian FTR takes an unknown amount of damage.
Taganrog falls with the defending Corps doing no damage to the Germans.
IV Corps, north of Rostov, is beaten down to 2 strength and only manages to do 1 point to a German Corps.
10th Army continues to hold the bottleneck of the Crimea from the Romanians, but also continues to get the worse of the fighting. 10th Army takes 4 damage and does 1 back to a Romanian Army.

Partisans appear in Kiev

Allied Turn:
Snow in the Ukraine and Frozen in Russia and Finland.
10th Corps steps out of Velikiye Luki to relink the rail and road to Vitebsk, then steps back to the town.
11th Army is mustered right on the front line in the town of Luga before the Germans walk in.
More shuffling and reinforcing.

Axis Prior Turn:
Rough seas
*Note: The bulk of the UK's Eastern Med Fleet moved into the far south eastern corner of the med and was screened by 2 Destroyers (1 in the port of Port Said) and a CL.
HMS Sheffield and HMS Mohawk come under heavy attack from the Regina Maria.
Rundown of results against HMS Sheffield: Sheffield 3 dmg (str 5), GE Sub 0 dmg, IT CA 0 dmg, IT sub 1 dmg.
Rundown of results against HMS Mohawk: Mohawk 4 dmg (str 5), GE sub 1 dmg, IT BB 0 dmg, IT CA 1 dmg, IT CA 1 dmg, IT CL 1 dmg.

The Italians counter attack throwing nearly everything at the WDF Army and manage to shatter it. It didn't help that the German Arty managed to do 2 damage with 2 prepitory barages.
The WDF Army did the following damage back in the fighting: IT Army 3 dmg, IT Corps 2 dmg, GE Recon 1 dmg, and maybe 1 dmg to the IT 10th Army (str 9) which takes up the position in the line (I don't remember if it attacked or not).

Allied Turn:
Sandstorms ground almost all of the Commonwealth land based planes (argh!), only a FTR is able to be used by hex switching with Monty in Sidi Barani.
The Aussies do 2 damage to the Italian 10th Army and take 1 back, they also get a pip of experience.
The desert Artillary then fires and does a point to 10th Army.
The Kiwis take their shot and also exchange 2 damage for 1 taken back against 10th Army.
7th Armor takes its turn and also does 2 for 1.
1st Corps takes a turn but only exchanges 1 for 1, leaving 10th Army at 1 strength.
The BEF (str 8), who were hoping to reinforce, now switch positions with the Australians and shatter 10th Army. Monty gets his first pip of exp.
Monty and a Fighter hex swap so that the fighter can actually fly.
The Fighter scouts and finds elements of the Italian Fleet, and comes across the Light Cruiser and damages her for a point. A BB, CA, 2 DD and 3 German subs are found as well.
The Parthian (UK Sub) attempting to make its way to the Italian Battleship finds a fourth GE sub (U35, level 2, str 9).
As much as the Battleship commanders want to muck it up, it is decided to let the Carriers do the job. There are just too many subs.
HMS Ark Royal strikes the Battleship for 6 damage over two strikes and takes 1 to her air wing.
HMS Courageous sinks the Battleship Andrea Dora on her first strike. Her second strike goes after a Heavy Cruiser and does 3 to it.
HMS Glorious sinks the Heavy Cruiser Pola after two strikes. Her air wing is reduced by 1 over the two raids.
HMS Amazon leaves Port Said to see if she can find out which of the other three german subs is the badly damaged U81. They are U371 (str 7, lvl 3), U47 (str 8, lvl 2) and U73 (str 7, lvl 3, 1 exp).
U81 is not here (not too surprising, given she was at str 3), but it means that there are 5 German subs in the Med, and 1 in the Atlantic and, for the moment at least, no more.*
Amazon strikes U73 and both take 2 damage bringing them down to str 6 (DD) and str 5 (sub).
The damaged Mohawk (str 5, 1 exp) takes her turn against U73 and forces her to dive.
HMCS Assiniboine (str 10) goes after U47 because she has the lowest supply (6). U47 takes 3 damage (str 5) and Assinibone takes 1 back.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
A German Fighter from western France flies over the Isle of Wight or Portsmouth and is intercepted by fighters in England. The UK Fighter takes 3 damage, and an unknown amount is done to German fighter.
Another German Fighter, from the Belgium/Netherlands area, flies over Dover. It is shot at by an AA gun north of Dover, but is not intercepted?!?** The AA gun scores a hit against the fighters.

USA declares war on Germany and Italy

Allied Turn:
HMS Montgomery finds U377 (str 10, lvl 3) while running the US to UK convoy line, not far from her last reported position but now on the South America/Carribean line next to the US line.
Montgomery forces the sub to dive.

USA begins Lend Lease to USSR via Persia.

No MPP lost to raiders (Canadian Convoy)

*Reports state that Germany has 10 naval vessels. I count 6 subs (5 of which are in the Med and 1 in the Atlantic), Prince Eugen, Gneisenau, Bismark and Tripitz (unless one of the Battleships was scrapped)?

**If an AA guns fire, does that mean you can't intercept with fighters? Seems odd.

Probably should've paused and reinforced before moving forward in Egypt last turn. I counted on the Arty to be more effective with defensive fire than it was and/or the German Arty to be less effective with offensive fire.

A level 1 Italian Army is not an even exchange for a level 211 UK Army, but the UK Army did more damage before dieing than the Italian one did.


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/4/2018 11:22:57 AM)

Allied Turn: January 21, 1942

Axis Prior Turn:
Frozen in Russia, and either frozen and/or snow in the Ukraine.
The Finns again attack th 13th Army in Vyborg, they do 1 damage.
1st Panzer and the 10th Panzer grenadier attack the 14th Army in Narva and do 2 damage.
11th Army in Luga is attacked by an unknown German Corps, the 4th Panzer (str 11), 1st Panzer and 15th Panzer grenadier and driven to the northeast at 2 strength. The Germans again refuse to take the city.
In the fighting for Luga a TAC bomber is hit by the AA unit north of the city, 1st Panzer took a point of damage as did the unknown GE Corps.
4th Panzer takes it's second strike against XII Corps north east of Luga, and is joined in by 14th Panzer grenadier (level 2). XII Corps takes 3 damage and 14th Panzer grenadier takes 1.
The German 12th Army attacks the 3rd Army in Vitebsk. The Soviets rebuff the attack taking no damage and inflicting 1 on 12th Army.
The German I Corps attacks an AA unit northeast of Smolensk, neither unit is harmed.
XVII Corps in Smolensk is attacked by 21st Panzer, 10th and 14th Army. XVII Corps takes 2 damage and each of the German units take 1.
VII Corps in Bryansk comes under heavy attack, taking 5 damage while doing 1 point to two German Corps and a Panzer. Not sure of the unit id's as there are 3 Corps and 2 Panzers near the city. Bryansk is nearly cut off.
The Romanians continue to attack 10th Army in Crimea, doing 5 damage and worse forcing it to retreat into the worse possible hex it could (to the north east).
26th Army in Rostov comes under attack. In the air battle the Soviet fighters take a point of damage and a German Medium bomber takes 2 hits (1 from the fighter and 1 from the bombing run).
26th Army takes a point of damage from either Tac bombers or from ground attack(s).

Soviet Winter strikes

Allied Turn:
North of Rostov, the 1st Red Banner Army forces 3rd Panzer (5 str, 1 exp) to retreat. 3rd Panzer does get a 2nd pip exp though [8|]
Bryansk is abandoned.
10th Corps moves westward from Velikiye Luki and spots an Italian Corps in Ostrov.
Northeast of Smolensk, 1st Tanks moves forward and attacks the German I Corps (str 10, level 1, 1 exp) and does all of 1 damage.
1st Shock Tanks, unable to reach the German line guard the northern flank of 1st Tanks.
18th Army moves forward into the spot once occupied by 3rd Panzer (i.e. just north of Rostov).
Partisans continue to dig in Kiev and fly the Hammer and Sickle on all the buildings.
*And that is the great Soviet winter counter offensive folks. All of 1 damage to a German Corps.

More shuffling and reinforcing.

Axis Prior Turn:
Axis forces retreat westward (one western most Italian unit moves northward) out of sight. Presumably around Tobruk.
Subs also pull back.

Allied Turn:
All Clear and nothing in visibility range.
Commonwealth troops creep forward and take the abandoned town of Bardia and form a line there.
Monty and the Fleet commander are furious over a bureaucratic snafu that prevents reinforcements from arriving this turn.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
Atlantic Wall is built

Allied Turn:
Nothing of note

No MPP lost to raiders


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/4/2018 11:32:50 AM)

Allied Turn: March 4, 1942

Axis Prior Turn:
Frozen and Snow in Finland
Frozen in Russia, and either snow or frozen/snow in the Ukraine.

A Maritime Bomber based in Kirkenes, Northern Finland takes a hit (I think 1 damage) bombing the Garrison in Murmansk. It should also see the IX Corps northwest of Murmansk.
The 13th Army in Vyborg either took a point of damage (without doing anything back) or I forgot to reinforce it last turn.
The Finnish Fighter took a hit in an air battle over Narva. The 14th Army in Narva took 2 damage from attacks.
In Luga it is the XVIII Corps turn to get hammered on. XVIII takes 9 damage and does 1 point back to a Panzer grenadier and an Army.
An air battle takes place over Vitebsk, a German fighter takes a hit and a Soviet fighter takes a point. Ground attacks on the 3rd Army in Vitebsk, prove ineffectual other than to reduce the entrenchment and morale.
Smolensk is attacked, A German Army takes a point of damage as does XVII Corps defending the city. A German rail gun is spotted north east of Orsha.
In Kiev, the Partisans are attacked by the Italian Albanian Corps and the Italian 1st Army. The Partisans take a point and do a point the 1st Army (Note Partisans had entrenchment and level 1, the Italians level 0).
3rd Panzer (str 5, 2 exp) retreats westward behind 2 (8th and 4th) German Armies along with a Hungarian Army and Corps.
North of Rostov 18th Army takes 2 damage and does 1 back to a German Army (8th, I think).

Allied Turn:
Frozen in northern Finland, Rain/Mud in Finland, Mud in Russia, Rain/Mud in Ukraine
The Partisans in Kiev exchange fire with Italian 1st Army. Both take a point of damage.
Near Rostov the Soviet 18th Army attacks the German 8th Army. Both take 2 damage.
1st Red Banner Army then hex swaps with 18th and attacks German 8th Army. 8th Army takes 1 while 1st Red Banner takes 2.
26th Army attacks 8th Army from Rostov. Both take 2 damage (8th Army str 4, 2 exp).
German I Corps, north of Smolensk is bombed by Soviet Medium Bombers. German Interceptors take 2 dmg, Russian Escorts take 3 dmg, Russian Bombers 2dmg, I Corps 1 dmg.
Russian 1st Tanks then hit I Corps for 4 dmg and force them to retreat.
The 1st Shock Tanks move forward and destroy I Corps then move back.
In a move to attempt to pinch the Finnish Garrison that stepped south out of Petsamo 9th Corps finds Kesselring south east of the town along the rail line. 9th Corps exchanges point of damage with the HQ. 9th Corps also sees that Petsamo is unoccupied.
The Murmansk Garrison (level 2) then rushes forward and seizes Petsamo and also exchanges a point of damage with Kesselring's HQ. It's a major pity that 9th Corps couldn't cut the rail line though.

More shuffling and reinforcing.

Axis Prior Turn:
Nothing visible.

Allied Turn:
Sandstorm in Egypt
Bureaucratic problems continue to interfere with Commonwealth reinforcements and replacement equipment.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
Atlantic Wall is built

Allied Turn:
In a stroke of luck HMS Jersey finds U377 northeast of the Faroe Islands but is unable to engage and no combat is fought (was near the very end of a naval cruise).
HMS Javelin is called out of Scapa Flow before she undergoes repairs (strength 8) and does a point of damage to U377 in the rough seas. Just as important U377 is down to 3 supply.

Churchill, at his commanders' behest insists on a cut in arms being shipped to the Soviets. Parliament agrees, but not to the degree that Churchill wants.

No MPP lost to raiders

The Russian army has finally destroyed it's first German unit! [&o]

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/6/2018 4:39:25 AM)

Allied Turn: April 5, 1942

Axis Prior Turn:
Thor wakes from his all to brief slumber and blesses the Wehrmact yet again: Fronzen in northern Finland, clear everywhere else. The weather rolls this game are unbelievable.
HQ Kesselring rails away from Petsamo.
A Soviet garrison occupying the town of Kuusamo is attacked by a Finnish Corps. Neither side takes any damage.
The Finns assault XVI Corps in Vyborg doing 5 damage, but taking 1 dmg to an Army, 2 dmg to a Corps and 1 dmg to another Corps.
An air battle is fought over Narva. Finnish Fighters take a hit, German Medium Bombers take 2 hits and the Soviet Fighter takes 3 damage.
The 14th Army in Narva is then attacked by German Paratroopers and the 1st Panzer. 14th Army takes 6 damage while the 2 German units take 2 damage each.
16th Army northeast of Narva is shelled by a Battleship and Prince Eugen, no direct damage was done.
XI Corps in Luga is destroyed, a German Tactical Bomber takes a hit.
This time Luga is occupied by the German VIII Corps, which then attacks the AA unit that had been defending Luga. VIII Corps takes 1 damage while the Soviet AA takes 4.
3rd Army in Vitebsk is destroyed and the city taken. 3rd Army inflicts 1 damage to a German Army and 1 damage to a Panzer.
The AA gun defending Smolensk hits a German Tactical Bomber. XVII Corps in Smolensk takes a point of damage.
The Partisans continue to hold off the Italians in Kiev. The Albanian Corps takes 2 dmg (str 7), the 1st Army 1 dmg (str 6) while the Partisans take 2 dmg (str 5).
In the Crimea the Romanians continue to attack. The XXVII Rifle Corps takes 1 damge and the 10th Army is reduced to 5 strength (not sure how much damage they took, probably 5).
They return 1 dmg to a Romanian Army (maybe another point of damage to another Army or Corps, I missed it).

Allied Turn:
Frozen in Northern Finland, Mud in Finland, Rain in Russia and Clear in the Ukraine. A pox on the weather RNG, A pox I say.
The Russian GAR in Petsamo (str 4, lvl 2) does 1 damage to the Finnish GAR directly southwest.
IX Corps then does 2 to the Finnish GAR and cuts them off. They can see the German Maritime bombers in Kirkenes.
Armor and AA units pull back from Smolensk.

More shuffling and reinforcing.

Baba Yaga place a curse on Thor and a late April snowfall is seen at the end of my turn.

Axis Prior Turn:
Nothing seen

Allied Turn:
Replacements and reinforcements finally start arriving in Egypt.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
U377 bumps into HMS Bulldog and takes 2 damage.

Allied Turn:
HMS Jersey finds U377 and does 1 damage to the Uboat.
HMS Bulldog does another point of damage to U377, which also brings the sub to 0 supply.
HMS Javelin takes her shot and another point of damage is shaved off the sub (str 5).

5 MPP lost to raiders on the UK to USSR line. It can only be the Maritime Bombers.

Reports say there are now 9 German Naval vessels, so something got scrapped?


KorutZelva -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/6/2018 5:48:34 AM)

What's the tech situation at this point of the game?

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/6/2018 12:06:43 PM)

It appears that Germany has gone heavy for unit density.
At this point I think they have just recently gotten INF Weapons 2 (per the Corps in Luga and one of the Mechs). Germany hasn't done a mass upgrade of them either.
German Tanks are still at level 2, so I suspect he was late starting that Tech and didn't get a breakthrough. I don't know for certain but it feels like the German Fighters are also still on 2 given the damage
levels the Soviet level 1 fighters are taking. I don't know what his Ground Attack Weapons are at either, but a future partisan will attack a TAC that is at level 1 (and has Long Range 1). Diplo investment has been nil since failing to stop the Yugo coup. Sub Tech is hole different story on the other hand at this point he is at 3.
France's long life (late August) appears to have stalled German Tech investment. Maybe the damage France did had something to do with it as well. Or maybe he invested heavily in Industry and Production.

Italy has Naval Weapons 1 and INF Weapons 1, but not all their stuff is upgraded; and it doesn't stand up to the UK anyway. Fighter Tech also appears to be at 1 and they don't have Ariel Warfare either.

The UK has put a lot of effort into fighting the subs (constantly repairing and upgrading destroyers and 2 motor torpedo boats) and defending, then slow counterattack in Egypt. Advanced Tank Tech has suffered the most followed by Ground Attack Weapons and quite a few others I want/need. The UK did get to INF Weapons 2 before Germany did. Currently she is putting max to near max effort in supporting the Soviets.
So the UK typically can either repair units (particularly air units which is what has swung Egypt their way), buy a unit, or invest in a Tech each turn and not much more. Thus Monty's recent pause in advancement.

The US has now outpaced or matched the UK in Tech in all but Fighters and ASW.

The USSR is doing OK on the core techs, but feels like it is lagging a touch on the supplementary ones. I picked up Spying/Research as the first tech after investing the first chit in Infantry Weapons, on the hope to get a few extra breakthroughs. It hasn't paid out. I think I got an early breakthrough on the initial starting chit for Production. Meh... Probably should've invested it in AA or something else. Oh I may have gotten a breakthrough for Infantry Warfare (Feb/March '42) when it was in the low 80% range. I'm trying to force myself to buy a Tech a turn for the Russkies on the premise that they are being gifted 300 MPP/turn from the Wallies. It's still a struggle when after reinforcing units and buying back the shattered ones it too becomes a choice of 'buy a new unit' or 'invest in a tech'.

KorutZelva -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/6/2018 12:57:44 PM)


ORIGINAL: Taxman66

It appears that Germany has gone heavy for unit density.

What's the unit count?

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/6/2018 3:43:55 PM)

It'll be in the June 10, 1942 update. [:'(]

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/7/2018 12:07:34 AM)

Allied Turn: April 27, 1942

Axis Prior Turn:
Baba Yaga place a curse on Thor and a mid April snowfall is seen in Russia and Finland. Mud in the Ukraine.

The German Maritime Bombers flee Kirkenes, Norway.
A couple of German units back away from Narva, including a Panzer. Probably to upgrade.
Northwest of Luga, the XII Corps is shattered.
Southwest of Luga, the XXIV Corps takes 7 damage but manages to do a point back to the 15th Panzer Grenadiers.
The Partisans in Kiev continue to taunt the Italians. The Albanian Corps and the 1st Army again take a point of damage each while doing x to the Partisans.
The good mood in Kiev darkens somewhat as the rebuilt Afrika Corps (INF) show up south of the city.
German Medium Bombers take two hits of unknown damage over Rostov, the first from Soviet Fighters and the 2nd from the 26th Army in Rostov.
The 1st Red Banner Army north of Rostov is hammered for 9 damage and retreats towards the Don river, while only doing 1 back to the German 8th Army.

Allied Turn:
Northern Finland is Frozen, Finland is Mud and clear everywhere else.
The 2nd Shock Army moves south and sits on the roadway in a forest, partially behind a river between Smolensk and Bryansk. They spot a Panzer Corps (2nd Panzer) north Bryansk, which was known to be in the region, and a HQ in Bryansk itself.
Medium Bombers are unintercepted as they bomb 2nd Panzer north of Bryansk. The bombers take 1 damage.
The 1st Guard Heavy Tanks roll and stop just north of 2nd Panzer.
XIV Corps moves forward and throws themselves into the teeth of 2nd Panzer, doing 1 damage and taking 3, but also removing the last entrenchment level.
1st Guard Tactical bombers then hit 2nd Panzer doing 2 damage.
Next the 1st Guard Heavy Tanks take their turn and do 5 damage while taking 2.
Soviet 2nd Tanks then swing around to the northwest side of 2nd Panzer (no ZOC as 2nd Panzer is now strength 2) and shatter them.
X Corps moves forward, from northeast of Orel, and attacks the German XXX Corps northeast of Bryansk. X Corps takes a point of damage and only reduces the entrenchment of XXX Corps and perhaps some morale and readiness damage.
1st Shock Army moves south and follows with another attack on the German XXX Corps. They do 3 damage and take 1.
Russian paratroopers land just east of Konotop. They were out of range for direct landing which is fortunite as the German 1st Army is occupying the city.
The paratroopers then move northwest into the forest and on the road between Konotop and Bryansk.
The Moscow Corps, near Kursk, rushes forward and takes the city of Sumy.
The Bryansk force (1 HQ, 1 Panzer, 3 Corps possibly more?) is now cut off. Their options: A) Kill the Paratrooper & 1 of: Partisan in Kiev or Corps in Sumey; or B) Reopen and defend the road to Gomel; or C) retreat towards Gomel.
The Partisan between Mogilev and Gomel sadly can't sit in one spot and defend both roads (Gomel to Mogilev and Gomel to Babruysk). So instead they move northwest and attack a German Tactical Bomber airfield and do 2 damage.
This also puts them next to Babruysk, and covered by 4 hexsides of rivers.
The Murmansk Garrison attacks the cut off Finnish Garrison and does 1 damge.
The 14th Garrison then finnishes off the Finnish Garrison (say that 3 times fast).
IX Corps the takes... err... liberates (Yeah! That's the ticket!) Kirkenes.
The 1st Cavalry Corps then finds a Finnish Garrison in the town of Kemijarvi. No damage to either side in the surprise.

More shuffling and reinforcing.

There is a rumbling in the heavens. Thor is angered.

Axis Prior Turn:
An Italian Fighter goes on a reconnaissance mission into the Eastern Med and finds screening elements of the Commonwealth Battle Fleet. Italain Bombers (1 Medium & 1 Tactical) launch strikes.
The end results:
German Fighters, Italian Fighters, Italian Medium Bombers & Italian Tactical Bombers all took 2 hits each of unknown damage.
HMCS Assiniboine (DD) -3 dmg, HMS Kent (CL) -1 dmg, UK Fighter -3 dmg, UK Fighter -2 dmg.

Allied Turn:
UK Maritime Bombers are assigned their own reconnaissance mission, to find the German and Italian air fields, and anything else along the way.
HMS Ark Royal raids the Italian Medium Bomers for 4 damage and takes 1 damage to her air wing. There was no interception.
HMS Courageous follows and shatters the Italian Medium Bombers with her first strike. Her second strike does 2 damage to the Italian Fighters.
HMS Glorious then hits the Italian Tactical Bombers for 4 damage over two raids and takes 1 damage to her air wing.
HMS Rodney and HMS Malaya bombard the German artillary, reducing its morale and readiness a bit.
Commonwealth units move forward but don't attack. They form a north south line just east of Tobruk.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
U377 runs into HMS Montgomery and HMS Bulldog while trying to flee. U377 takes 2 damage (str 3, supply 0), and Bulldog 1.
A German sub is spotted west of Gibralter then disappears.*

I don't recall seeing a pop-up for the port of St. Nazaire and it still appears to be German, so I guess the raid failed.

Allied Turn:
The Badger (MT) forces U377 to dive, and quickly refinds her.
HMS Jersey hits U377 for 1 dmg, but takes 1 back as well.
HMS Javelin hits U377 for 1 dmg.
HMS Bulldog forces a dive.
HMS Montgomery forces another dive. U377 is down to 1 str and 0 supply, but survives for now.

6 MPP lost to raiders on the UK to USSR line. It can only be the Maritime Bombers.

* Reports now indicate 11 German naval vessels. So this is likely a brand new sub; and the other is the April '42 German Destroyer.

Drat, if I thought a little bit more ahead I could've had another armor unit to follow through and hit the HQ in Bryansk. On the other hand, I didn't know it was in there.


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/7/2018 12:19:04 AM)

Allied Turn: May 19, 1942

Axis Prior Turn:
Of course the Axis get perfect weather in all but northern Finland.
There was far too much going on to record everything. I'll provide highlights.
In Northern Finland a German army is seen moving towards Kirkenes.
2 German Medium Bombers hit Narva and attacks bring the 16th Army in the town down to strength 6.
The defensive line at Luga is crushed. An Army and a Corps are both destroyed.
The XVII Corps in Smolensk comes under heavy attack, and holds out at strength 6.
German units pull back from Bryansk and beat up on the Soviet paratroopers (strength 3) who manage to do a number of good counter hits even when on low strength.
The Partisan near Babruysk is destroyed, but does manage to take a small bite out of the TAC that was next to it as they got bombed.
The Partisan in Kiev manages to barely survive, and again does a point of damage to 3 units (IT Army, IT Corps & GE Corps).
The Romanians push down to the north of Simferopol and do 2 damage to the XXVII Corps there. The Russian 10th Army has taken up a position in the mountains north east of Sevastopol.
North of Rostov one Soviet Army is destroyed and another is forced to retreat into a bad position (2 hexes northeast of Rostov) at 1 strength.
The Germans do a lot of damage, but most of the attacks have a little bit of retribution damage from the defenders.

Allied Turn:
Mud in central Russia. So I'm doubly screwed by the weather once again.
Can't save my paratrooper by running to in supply territory and can't pursue the fleeing Germans or put the Paratrooper back in supply that way. My lord the weather RNG hates me.
Tactical bombers hit the German 10th Army north of Smolensk. Soviet Fighters take 1 dmg, Soviet Tac Bombers take 2 dmg, German Fighters take 1 dmg, and 10th Army takes 2 dmg.
1st Shock Tanks then hit 10th Army for 5 dmg and take 2 back.
1st Tanks hex swap with 1st Shock Tanks and shatter 10th Army.
Medium Bombers strike the German HQ retreating from Bryansk, the HQ and Bombers both take 1 damage.

More retreating, shuffling and reinforcing.

Axis Prior Turn:
Italian and German land forces continue to pull back westward, leaving an Italian Army in the Tobruk fortifications.
An Italian Heavy Cruiser takes 3 damage as she runs into the Parthian (Sub, str 7).
Two Italian Destroyers attack the Parthian. The Parthian takes 1 damage and dives from the other attack. The first destroyer takes damage back (1 or 2 I think).
The Leonardo da Vinci (IT sub) attacks the USS Leary. The da Vinci takes 2 damage while the Leary takes 1.
A German sub is spotted off the Cyprus coast.* Probably trying to get around my escort screen.

Allied Turn:
USS Leary forces Leonardo da Vinci to dive, then finds her near the Libyan coast.
HMS Amazon exchanges fire with da Vinci and both take 1.
The Maritime Bombers then go after da Vinci and are intercepted by the Italian Fighters (where are the German fighters?). The Italian fighters take 4 damage, the UK fighters take 1 and the da Vinci takes 3 damage.
The two UK Tactical bombers then sink the Italian sub, each doing 2 damage. The Italian fighters are too far away to be struck at.
The Maritime Bombers then go for U371 seen off the Cyprus coast. They do 5 damage to the German sub! and take 1 damage back. They spot a 2nd German sub 3 hexes east of U371.
Parthian then finds RM Gorizia, presumably the Heavy Cruiser she encountered on the Axis turn. Parthian does another point to her.
HMS Valiant (BB) then blasts RM Gorizia for 5 damag and takes 1 back.
HMS Norfolk (CA) completes the job and sends Gorizia to Davey Jones's Locker.
HMS Ark Royal forces the unknown German sub into a dive. Ark Royal's planes then find the sub with a search.
HMS Courageous repeats the process (Dive, then find with a search).
HMS Glorious has a little better luck, scoring a 1 damage hit, then forcing a dive.
HMCS Assiniboine (str 6) comes out of the Limassol port in Cyprus to take a shot at U371 and forces a dive. She then briefly looks around and finds the other sub (U47).
HMS Mohawk forces U47 to dive.
HMCS Saguenay finds U47 and the do 2 damage to each other.
HMCS then runs over U371 and takes a point of damage entering the port of Nicosia in Cyprus.
Tobruk is then surrounded, bombarded twice by Artillery.
HMS Malaya bombards Tobruk itself for 2 damage (to the supply of the city) and blockades the port.
The Aussies attack 5th Army in Tobruk from the southwest take a point of damage, reduce the entrenchment and gain a pip of exp.
The BEF attack directly from the south and do 1 damage to 5th Army and remove the final entrenchment.
10th Army attacks from the southeast and does 3 damage, but takes 2 back.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
Most of the German surface comes out to engage HMS Nelson** that was raiding the Norwegian convoy line along with the Salmon.
Nelson is sunk but takes large bites out Gneisenau (5 dmg), Bismarck (4 dmg) and Tripitz (4 dmg) before going down.
A German destroyer moves next to Salmon (str 10, 3 exp) but then backs away into the Skagerrak.
U377 tries to slink by the destroyer gauntlet in silent (submerged mode). She gets to the outside of the ring without being shot at, but is next to HMS Montgomery. HMS Montgomery destroys the crippled sub.

Allied Turn:
The Salmon finds Tirpitz and does 3 damage to her.
HMS Renown then sinks Tirpitz, taking 1 damage back. Renown continues on its way looking for Bismarck or Gneisenau, and finds the Pocket Battleship.
HMS King George V sinks Gneisenau while also taking 1 damage back.
King George V moves up the convoy line to raid and comes across the German destroyer. Too bad she can't shoot at it.
The German surface fleet has been reduced to the damaged Battleship Bismarck (str 6), Heavy Cruiser Prince Eugen and a Destroyer.

6 MPP lost to raiders on the UK to USSR line. It can only be the Maritime Bombers.

*Holey sneaky submariners Batman! He's got level 4 subs already. I can only imagine he got 2 Advanced Sub breakthroughs. He's jumped from level 2 to 4 in less than a year I think. Probably closer to 6 months.
So more ASW assets/research may be needed, just what I didn't want to invest Wallies MPP in. Time will tell if he's building more subs to along with the high level of research.

**I made a mistake and left the HMS Nelson raiding the Norway Convoy line when I sent the Carriers out looking for the Maritime Bombers. I should've pulled it back. Fortunately I also forgot to pull back the
other Capital ships that were nearby and the Nelson dished out good damage before she went down.

I'm spending a lot of time thinking my moves through and being extra careful not to make careless mistakes. MrLongLeg, by contrast, whips out his turns very quickly.

XXX Comment edited out on account of Whinging XXX

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/9/2018 2:31:49 AM)

Allied Turn: June 10, 1942

Eastern Front
Axis Prior Turn:
All Clear except Frozen in Northern Finland.
The German 11th Army (lvl 2) shows up outside of Kirkenes and attacks IX Corps in the town doing 1 damage.
The German III Corps (str 9, lvl 2, 1 exp) attacks the Garrison in Petsamo, neither unit takes any damage. I presume this means that Kesselring is still in the area.
There is an intense air battle over the city of Narva. Newly upgraded (lvl 2) Russian Fighters however can still only run 1 interception. Hits are recorded against a German Fighter in the area; 2 hits on one German Medium Bomber,
1 hit on another Medium Bomber and 1 hit on a Tactical Bomber (the hit on the German Fighter and the first hit on Medium Bomber might be for more than 1 dmg all the others are likely 1 dmg).
The 14th Army defending the city of Narva is then destroyed, I don't think it caused any damage to the German ground forces. The Germans don't move into the city.
A blocking Corps in the woods northwest of Luga is destroyed. It didn't do any damage back to the Germans.
A Garrison (str 3) in the woods northeast of Luga (covering the retreat of an AA unit last turn) is also destroyed but they manage to do a point of damage to a Panzer Grenadier.
North of Smolensk the Germans decide to go after the Soviet 1st Tanks. Two German Tactical Bombers take 2 hits (1 from AA and the other from the tanks themselves). This keeps the Soviet Fighters and German Escorts grounded.
German Panzer attacks then shatter the Russian 1st Tanks. The Panzers take 1 damage back.
The XV Corps in Smolensk survives 3 assaults from German Armies. XV is brought down to 3 strength and manages to do 1 point back to all 3 German Armies.
The Partisans in Kiev hold out one more turn, but fail to do any damage back this turn. The jig is up as they are down to a 1 strength and their morale is at 15%.
The Moscow Corps in Sumy is cut off and attacked by XXVII Corps and 5th Panzer (elements of the cut off Germans from Bryansk). Moscow Corps only takes 2 damage but only does 1 back to XXVII Corps.
There are also 2 German Armies and a German paratrooper unit that complete the cutoff of the Moscow Corps in Sumy. Those units are all 2 hexes away (East and South of Sumy), and presumably came up from those directions.
The Russian paratrooper is killed while cut off.
An air battle is fought over Rostov (missed what the hits were), but the new Soviet fighters make their appearance again.
A Panzer moves next to the Armies near Rostov, then decides to swing north and participate with attacking a Russian Corps on the otherside of the small river in front of the Don.
The Corps is shattered and manages to do a point back to the Panzer and to an Army.
The XXVII Rifle Corps in Simferopol is attacked by the Romanians. They hold the city, but are reduced to half strength. In return they do 1 dmg to one Romanian Army and 2 dmg to another.

So the Grimm Reaper this turn takes: Tank, Army, 2 Corps, Garrison and an out of supply Paratrooper... Ooof.

Allied Turn:
The Kiev Partisans fail to surrender (aka suicide attack and did 0:0) to the 1st Italian Army.

More retreating, shuffling and reinforcing.

Axis Prior Turn:
U371 (str 5), that got hit by the Maritime bombers by the coast of Cyprus last turn heads west and disappers from view.
The visible ground units (Italian Armor and German Recon) continue their retreat west. Either for the Libyan choke point, or to start evacuating from Bengahzi.

Allied Turn:
Spied in Italy are able to smuggle out up to date information on an Italian Battleship spotted in Taranto. Condition of the Battleship is unknown.
Monty's Artillary bombard Tobruk. Italy's 5th Army (str 6, supply 3) take a little morale damage (-6%), but more importantly loose 2 levels of entrenchment and have only 1 left.
The Australians do 1 damage to 5th Army then motor through Gazala and into Derna.
10th Army then assualts Tobruk and all but breaks 5th Army, doing 4 damage and leaving it a strength 1.
The BEF then completes the job destroying 5th Army.
Monty then decides to bring the heat. The Canadian 1st Tanks are ordered forward to engage with the Italian I Corps. The results are less than spectacular with both units taking 1 damage.
However, they do spot an Italian Fighter base in Msus (southwest of I Corps), the Italian Armor to the north of I Corps and an Italian HQ behind all 3 Italian units.
7th Armor is then ordered to engage the Ariete Tanks and does 5 damage while taking 2 back.
I Corps moves into Mekili bringing it next to the Ariete Tanks and Rommel's Recon unit.
Tactical Bombers are intercepted by the Italian Fighters (it appears Rommel's fighters have been operated away). UK Escorts take 1 damage while the Italian fighters take 4 (3 from UK FTRs, 1 from UK Tac). The tanks are bombed for 2 dmg.*
I Corps then mops up the Italian tin cans.
The Desert Rats (UK Recon), continue to press the attack (and maybe their luck a bit) and move next to Msus, South of the Italian I Corps. The attack the fighter base and do 2 damage.
They also spot the German Anti Tank unit and Artillary parked next to Bengahzi.
Monty sends in his other Tactical Bombers and they destroy the Italian Fighter.
The RN commander decides that the primary mission is to find and deal with the 2 or 3 German subs still in the Med. The BB in port is juicy target, but there are still the subs and potentially 2 Italian Bombers.
HMCS Assiniboine runs into U371 while searching north of Crete. The results are drastic for both sides. Assiniboine takes 4 dmg, and U371 takes 3 dmg. Leaving both at strength 2.
HMS Lancaster (DD) then sinks U371.
HMS Amazon then finds U47 a little to the north west of where U371 was.
Maritime Bombers force U47 to dive, and Amazon quickly refinds her. Maritime Bombers force another dive. HMS Lancaster finds her in the Cape of Matapan.
The RN lays a trap if Rommel's HQ is in Bengahazi and attempts to transport home. There are 5 Italian ships (4 unaccounted for) and 1 German sub also unaccounted for that could counter spring the trap
I can afford that if it happens, and it would likely mean the end of the RM.

RM Roma is Launched.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
Nothing of immediate note (see Allied Turn).

Allied Turn:
Ultra confirms a valid message to, and location of, a German Uboat in the Atlantic on the Egyptian Convoy line. There may or may not be a 2nd sub in the Atlantic, and there are 2 that wouldn't have made it out of the Med on his turn.
HMCS Columbia zeros in on U81 and forces her to dive.
ORP Blyskawica heads to assist Columbia and finds U81 along the way. This time the sub is engaged and U81 takes 2 damage, while Blyskawica takes 1.

6 MPP lost to raiders on the UK to USSR line.

Unit Counts (End of June 10, 1942):

Land Units:
GE 104
IT 16
UK 32

Air units:
GE 18
IT 2
UK 8

Naval units:
GE 6 (Bismarck - last seen str 6, Prince Eugen, Destroyer, 3 subs - 1 Atlantic, 1 Med, 1 Unknown)
IT 6 (Including Roma launched at end of my turn)
USSR 4 (Black Sea Fleet)
UK 35

Picture will be edited in at a later date. Still sensitive information in there.

*Should've sent the Tactical Bombers first, before 7th Armor attacked.

I kinda wish the Fighters would intercept first and then AA fires when there are no fighters to intercept.
It makes placing them sorta funny. Best spot is where you want air defense, but not where you want your fighters to go. Particularly if the AA is not upgraded.

Maybe I should've waited to pull off my plan, particularly how the weather has gone against my wishes way more often than not, and spectacularly so last turn (GE earlier turn clear, my turn mud).


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/11/2018 2:39:12 AM)

Sorry MrLongLeg,
I was not able to get a turn in today.

Also I have to work this weekend so I'm not sure if I can get turns in on Saturday and Sunday. I hope to.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/11/2018 11:53:40 AM)

Allied Turn: June 28, 1942

Eastern Front
Axis Prior Turn:
Still Frozen in Northern Finland, clear everywhere else.
The German Maritime Bombers, stationed south of Ivalo, bomb IX Corps in Kirkenes. Some morale and readiness damage was done I suppose, nothing more.*
German 11th Army then attacks IX Corps and does 1 damage. A German Corps is observed behind 11th Army. It is apparent that Kesselring is nearby.
An air battle is fought over Narva. Results: Soviet Fighters 2 dmg, GE Fighters ? dmg, GE Med Bombers ? dmg (2 hits, 1 from FTR & 1 from Narva/Corps), GE Med Bombers ? dmg (from Narva/Corps so likely just 1).
IX Corps is destroyed absorbing a bunch of attacks, but failing to do any damage back.
16th Army, along the road from Narva to Lenningrad, is also destroyed. 16th Army exacts a toll of 4 dmg to a single Panzer in the exchange.
A Soviet Corps in the forest 2 hexes south and 1 east of Lenningrad is also destroyed doing nothing more than absorbing a lot of attacks.**
The battered (morale wise) Corps in Smolensk is defeated but does a point of damage to a German Corps before the city falls. The Soviets have pulled back behind the minor river between Smolensk and Vyazma.
The Germans launch no air attacks in this center area.
The Corps in Sumy is destroyed and the town retaken by the Germans. The defenders do a point of damage to a German paratrooper and to a Panzer.
18th Army, north east (and in the swamp) of Rostov is the next intended target.
Two air battles are fought in the skies, results: Soviet FTR 3 dmg, Soviet FTR 3 dmg, GE FTR ? dmg (from Soviet FTR), GE Med Bmbr ? dmg (2 hits, 1 from FTR, 1 from Army), GE Tac Bmbr (2 hits, 1 from FTR, 1 from Army)
18th Army is then hammered, doing no damage back to German land units but managing to survive at 2 strength due to 2 retreats. 18th Army smartly retreats to a useful position where she can be reinforced.
In the Crimea, the Romanian Army mostly backs off with just the Romanian V Corps in contact with XXVII Rifle Corps at Simferopol giving both sides a chance at a respite. Perhaps the Romanians are backing off to upgrade?

So the Grimm Reaper this turn takes: 1 Partisan, 1 Army and 4 Corps (1 of which was cut off).

Allied Turn:
Still Frozen in Northern Finland, clear everywhere else.

Shuffling and reinforcing.

Axis Prior Turn:
Rommel's HQ was in Benghazi, but it didn't fall prey to the Commonwealth net. Instead U47 and an Italian BB and CL come out to scout if the area was safe, obviously they found it wasn't.
It's not clear if the other remaining elements of the Italian Navy are around at this point.
U47 moves through USS Leary's hex and gets depth charged for a point of damage. U47 finds HMS Warspite and engages the Battleship. Warspite takes 3 damage (str 6) and U47 takes 2 (str 4).
U47 moves off but is seen next to the Libyan coast north west of Derna.
An Italian Battleship is then ambushed by the Parthian (Sub) and takes 3 damage. The Battleship backs away but is still seen by Parthian.
The Italian Light Cruiser (str 10, lvl 1) engages HMS Kent (CA, str 9, lvl 1). The Kent gets slightly better of the exchange (2 dmg to 3 dmg), leaving both combatants at str 7.
The Italian Light Cruiser then backs off.
Italian Tactical Bombers scout the road south of Benghazi towards the Libyan choke point and are engaged by fighters from HMS Ark Royal. The Tac bombers take an unknown amount of damage.
The Germans, including Rommel's HQ, flee southward down the road. The Italian HQ then moves into Bengahzi and the remaining Italian Corps is acting as a rear guard.

Allied Turn:
HMS Norfok finds Rommel north east of El Aghelia, and an Italian Garison in the town. On the way to spy on Sirte she finds the RM Corazziere (DD, str 6)
The Parthian (str 6) moves next the RM Giulio Cesare (BB, str 6, lvl 1), Parthian declines to attack due to unfavorable numbers and continues to scout.
Just to the south west she finds the RM Eugenio di Savoia (CL, str 7, lvl 1) and again declines to attack due to unfavorable numbers.
HMS Kent then finds the RM Lampo (DD, str 8).
There are two unaccounted for RM ships, Roma and a CA I believe. Still further scouting is halted so as not to get out of air cover range and because most of the scouting type units might be needed to sink U47 or to screen.
The Carriers are called in next, then the surface fleet to mop up.
HMS ARk Royal hits RM Lampo for 3, and RM Corazziere for 3 as well.
HMS Glorius hits RM Giulio Cesare for 3, and RM Eugnio di Savoia for 3.
HMS Courageous sinks Giulio Cesare with 2 strikes, but takes 3 damage to her air wing.
HMS Rodney sinks RM Eugenio di Savoia.
HMS Valiant sinks RM Lampo.
HMS Norfolk sinks RM Corazziere.
The Maritime Bombers force 2 dives from U47.
Five Destroyers attack U47 in sequence and only HMS Mohawk hits the sub (2 dmg, str 2). U47 finds herself surrounded and pinned against the coastline north of Gazala.
Tactical Bombers strike the Italian I Corps west of Benghazi doing 3 damage and discover an Italian Garrison north east of Benghazi along the road.
The BEF moves along the coastal road into the Jebel Akhdar oasis and destroys the Italian Garrison.
The Canadian 1st Tanks moves through Msus to the south of I Corps and do 2 damage while taking 1 back.
The other set of Tactical Bombers hit Rommel's AT unit for 3 damage (mostly to reduce any damage done if he decides to sucide it).
10th Army (str 8), moves north of Msus and attacks I Corps, doing 2 and taking 1.
The UK I Corps then moves south of Benghazi and destroys the Italian I Corps, taking 1 damage while doing so.
The Kiwis and Monty's Anti Tanks then go after Rommel's Artillary doing 4 damage and taking 1 to the AT unit back.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
A German sub is seen on west side of Gibralter. I'm not sure but I believe it was leaving the Med for the Atlantic.
ORP Blystawica (6 dmg, str 3) is mangled by U81 (3 dmg, str 5) before the sub slinks off.

Allied Turn:
3 US Long Range Amphibs and a Transport head out to sea.

7 MPP lost to bombers on the UK to USSR line.
16 MPP lost to subs on the Egypt to UK line.

Research Amounts (End of June 28, 1942):
GE 3,175
IT 900
UK 3,000
USSR 3,025
USA 5,175

* Will be interrested to see at the end of the turn if Maritime Bombers can take 1 of their 2 actions and still raid convoys... Apparently they can.

** So far the heaviest push of 1942 is for Lenningrad.
In the Lenningrad area there are: 2 Medium Bombers, 1 Tac Bomber (that must've been repaired or upgraded? or unlikely left), at least 2 Fighters (including Finnish FTR), 3 Panzers & 3 Mech.


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/11/2018 12:44:19 PM)

Allied Turn: July 12, 1942

Eastern Front
Axis Prior Turn:
Clear weather, still Frozen in the far north.
IX Corps in Kirkenes is driven out of the town by two German Armies and a German Corps. IX Corps is reduced to str 5 and supply 0. Murmansk is now in real danager, but Petsamo also needs to be cleared.
1st and 4th Panzer (4th has 2 pips of exp) move next to the fortification line south of Lenningrad.
AA unit fires at a Tactical bomber over Novgorod. No damage is done to the 2nd Guards Army* in the city or to the Tactical Bombers.
2nd Guards Army is then attacked by the German Wodrig Corps and VIII Corps. No damage is done either side.
Three German Armies, a Paratrooper and an Anti Tank unit show up to the south of Kursk, but don't attack, or maybe 1 unit attacked and no damage was done.
Over Rostov Soviet Fighters intercept a Medium Bomber and a Tactical Bomber. I could be wrong but they may have gone unescorted.
Both Bombers take hits from the Soviet Fighters and the Medium Bombers take another from the city/26th Army. Both Soviet Fighters take 1 damage.
26th Army then faces wave after wave of attacks and finally succumbs and Rostov falls. In the fighting 26th Army manages to do 1 dmg to 2 German Armies and 2 dmg to a Hungarian Army.
The XXVII Corps in Simferopol continues to hold off the Romanians, doing 1 dmg to the 1st & 2nd Romanian Armies.

More and more of the German (and her minor's) Infantry is showing up with level 2 equipment.

So the Grimm Reaper this turn takes: 1 Army and the city of Rostov.

Allied Turn:
Frozen in Northern Finland/Norway
Soviet Fighters attack a German Medium Bomber airfield. They are intercepted by Finnish Fighters (not the German Fighters?). Results: Fin FTR -4, Med Bmbr -2, Soviet FTR -2.
T34 model 43 tanks are now being delivered to field.

Shuffling and reinforcing.

Axis Prior Turn:
The Germans continue to flee west along the Libyan road.
Graziani HQ (IT) is trapped in Benghzai**
U47 goes submersive to escape the ring of destroyers.

Allied Turn:
HMS Valiant bombards Benghazi** both the town and the Battleship take a point of damage.
HMS Warspite then bombards the port of Benghazi** with similar 1 for 1 results.
With the town and port reduced to 4, the assualt on Graziani begins. I Corps does 5 damage to Graziani HQ, and the BEF Army completes the job and takes Benghazi.
HMS Amazon quickly finds U47 and does 1 damage to the sub.
HMCS Saguenay forces U47 to dive and then finds her.
HMS Courageous moves into the Tobruk port and finally sinks U47 with an air strike. The sub manages to do a point to the carrier's air wing.
The Desert Rats (Recon) strike an Italian Garrison in El Aghelia for 1 damage.
The Kiwis then do 2 more damage to the Garrison in El Aghelia.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
U35 (str 10, lvl 4) is spotted on west side of Gibralter. Does he think I'm going to go through there without clearing the way first?

Allied Turn:
German Naval unit count is at 7 at the start of the turn. I presume another sub has been launched.

6 MPP lost to Maritime bombers on the UK to USSR line.
36 MPP lost to a sub(s) on the Iraq to UK line.

Greece +11% towards Allies (puts them at +57%-59% don't remember if they were 46 or 48, they didn't get much after the Yugo coup).

* Apparently I had forgotten to upgrade 2nd Guards Army to level 2 INF Weapons. Now it's too late.
** Benghazi is a secondary supply source. Do I need to reduce both the town and port below 5 to count the hex as low supply so any unit (IT HQ in this case) destroyed doesn't come back at reduced cost/time?
That's what I'm doing to be safe. Cost me 2 points of damage to Battleships, but if it makes the HQ full price to buy back it was worth it.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/11/2018 12:53:53 PM)

Allied Turn: July 26, 1942

Eastern Front
Axis Prior Turn:
Still Frozen in the Arctic
IX Corps, cut off and in the arctic circle is attacked by a German Corps and forced to retreat.
A Soviet Garrison in Petsamo is attacked but holds on.
Two air battles are fought over the Fortified forest hex south of Leningrad.
Results #1: Soviet FTR 3 dmg, GE FTR ? dmg, GE Med Bmbr ? dmg from 2 hits (1 from Svt FTR, 1 from Fort/Army).
Results #2: Soviet FTR 2 dmg, Finnish FTR ? dmg, GE Med Bmbr ? dmg from 2 hits (1 from Svt FTR, 1 from Fort/Army).
21st Army is then attacked after the bombings and is annihilated in 3 attacks by two Panzer Corps (1st & 4th, both str 10 & level 2 but 4th has 2 exp pips) without doing a single point of damage back*
The 2nd Guards Army in Novgorod is attacked 5 times (2 Corps, 3 times by 2 Mech) takes 5 damage, and does 1 dmg back to both Panzer Grenadiers.
North east of Smolensk, just south of the forest, 21st Panzer Corps (str 10, lvl 2, 1 exp) runs into the 1st Shock Tanks (str 10, lvl 3) as 21st Panzer attempts to cross the river. 21st Panzer takes 5 damage and does 2 back to the Soviet Hvy Tanks.
Two wings of German Tactical Bombers are then launched at the 1st Shock Tanks. The first is intercepted. GE FTR ? dmg, GE TAC ? dmg from 2 hits (1 from Svt FTR, 1 from Hvy Tanks, Svt FTR 2 dmg). 2nd TAC take a hit from the Hvy Tanks.
1st Shock Tanks are reduced to str 6.
Further South in the forest the 2nd Shock Army takes 3 dmg from attacks by the German 14th and 19th Armies. 19th took 1 dmg, and 14th 2 dmg in the fighting.
II Corps in Kursk is nearly surrounded by 3 Armies, a Paratrooper, and an AT unit. II Corps is not attacked as all the German units appear to be in low supply (1 - 3).
South east of Rostov 2nd Red Banner Army (str 11) is cut off by 7th Panzer and X Corps.**
7th Panzer (str 8, lvl 2, 2 exp) then attacks XVII Corps in Salsk twice doing a total of 2 damage, but the defenders do 1 back.
XXVII Corps in Simferopol is attacked by 3 Romanian Armies and 1 Romanian Corps. XXVII Corps takes 4 damage and does 2 back to one of the Romanian Armies.

So the Grimm Reaper this turn takes: 1 Army and the fortification south of Leningrad. Additionally another Army is surrounded.

Allied Turn:
Still Frozen in the Arctic
Soviet Medium Bombers are not intercepted as they attack 14th Panzer Grenadiers north east of Novgorod, both take 1 dmg.
Soviet Tactical Bombers are not intercepted as they attack the 16th Army northeast of Kiev. 16th Army takes 3 dmg, the bombers take 1.
An air battle is fought over the 21st Panzer Corps. Results: Svt FTR 2 dmg, Svt TAC 2dmg, GE FTR 2 dmg, 21st Panzer 1 dmg.
1st Shock Tanks then counter attack the 21st Panzer Corps. The Soviet Heavy Tanks take 1 dmg and 21st Panzer takes 3.
27th Army then shatters 21st Panzer.
The 1st Shock Tanks then retreat out of German view and XIV Corps moves up to take their position in the line.

Shuffling and reinforcing.

2nd Red Banner Army suffers 1 dmg due to desertions.***

Axis Prior Turn:
German units continue to flee westward.

Allied Turn:
The Kiwis and I Corps take out the Italian Garrison in El Agheila. I Corps suffers 1 dmg in the assault. They continue along the road.
The Desert Rats (Recon) spy Rommel's AT unit acting as rear guard in Sirte.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
U35 (str 10, lvl 4) runs into HMCS Columbia south of the Canary Islands. U35 takes 3 damage while Columbia takes 1.

Allied Turn:
HMCS Annapolis forces U35 to dive.
HMCS Columbia hits U35 for a point of damage (U35 lvl 4, str 6).

6 MPP lost to Maritime bombers on the UK to USSR line.
16 MPP lost to a sub(s) on the Egypt to UK line.

* So a dug in, high morale and readiness, supported by a HQ level 2 Soviet Army in a Fortified forest hex, bombed by (intercepted) medium bombers twice, fails to do a single point of damage while getting killed in 3 attacks to 2 level 2 Panzers. [8|]
** I didn't think the Panzer could move through 2 ZOCs into a marsh and then another hex that was ZOC'd by 2 units.
*** I could've put them back in supply, but it would've put another 1 or 2 units into a precarious spot.
Like I said previously, I'm really regretting USSR not having any levels in AA. I'm also regretting not having Air Warfare yet. Last turn I decided to invest a 2nd chit to speed it up.
Once I get the Tech I can recoup half the cost, so speeding it up only costs 50 in the long run.

KorutZelva -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/11/2018 3:52:15 PM)


ORIGINAL: Taxman66

* So a dug in, high morale and readiness, supported by a HQ level 2 Soviet Army in a Fortified forest hex, bombed by (intercepted) medium bombers twice, fails to do a single point of damage while getting killed in 3 attacks to 2 level 2 Panzers. [8|]

Those Dem damned 3 pips HQ. If I'm not mistaken that's the first game of the series where you can improve HQ rating via tech which makes german HQs exceptionally good at avoiding damage.

I ain't against have a tech like that but the HQ exp acquisition math maybe should be retooled to avoid snowball effects. Right now you only acquire exp from battle you done more damage (of drew if you're the defender) so High exp HQ mitigate damage that determine loss potential which impact opposing HQ exp acquisition. The allies can essentially get shut out exp acquisition.

I'd slow HQ exp acquisition but give small xp for each combat. You could give more out of wins than losses but at least over time it would allow a (surviving!) HQ to catch up and apply the enemy successful tactics against them.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/12/2018 10:14:03 PM)

Allied Turn: August 9, 1942

Eastern Front
Axis Prior Turn:
Still Frozen in the Arctic
Northeast of Kirkenes, the IX Corps (str 5, 1 exp, out of supply) is attacked by a German Corps from Kirkenes. The German Corps takes a point of damage.
Two German Armies attack Petsamo, but the Garrison continues to hold on in the cold frozen arctic circle.
XII Corps in Novgorod (which replaced 2nd Guards Army guarding it last turn) is bombed twice and a AA unit southeast of the city engages the GE Tactical and Medium bombers. The Tactical bombers take a hit.
XII Corps is then attacked four times by two Panzer Grenadiers and twice by 4th Panzer. XII Corps is destroyed and the Germans take 1 dmg to one of the Mechs and 1 to 4th Panzer.
Southwest of Smolensk an air battle takes place over the 2nd Shock Army. Results: SVT FTR -1 dmg, GE FTR ? dmg, GE TAC ? dmg from 2 hits (1 from SVT FTR, 1 from Shock Army)
The 2nd Shock Army is then attacked by two German armies and forced to retreat at 2 Strength. The Germans only take 1 damage to one of their Armies.
German Medium Bombers then fly unintercepted and shatter 2nd Shock Army.
II Corps in Kursk is surrounded and attacked from all sides.* The Germans do no damage (other than entrenchment removal and morale), and take the following damage for their efforts: -1 dmg Paratrooper, -1 dmg to 3 Armies.
South east of Rostov an air battle takes place over the cut off 2nd Red Banner Army. Results: SVT FTR 5 dmg, Romanian FTR ? dmg, GE Med Bmbr ? dmg from 2 hits (1 from SVT FTR, 1 from Army)
2nd Red Banner Army is then destroyed, but not before doing a point of damage to a Panzer Corps.
Portions of the Romanian land forces continue to attack Simferopol, doing 2 dmg to the XXVII Rifle Corps, and taking 2 dmg back to the Romanian 3rd Army (str 6, level 1, 1 exp).

So the Grimm Reaper this turn takes: 1 Shock Army, 1 Army (out of supply), 1 Corps and Novgorod.

Partisans again appear south of Mogilev

Allied Turn:
Still Frozen in the Arctic
1st Cavalry Corps cuts the road/rail line from Ivalo and Kirkenes/Petsamo. A HQ (Kesselring) is spotted north of the Cavalry.
Soviet Tactical Bombers are unintercepted as they hit the German Paratroopers just to the north of Kursk for 3 damage. The paratroopers are down to strength 4.

Retreating, shuffling and reinforcing.

Axis Prior Turn:
Parthian (UK Sub) had been blockading the ports to Malta. This turned out to be a mistake as an Italian and a German Tactical Bomber stationed on Sicily both hit the sub for a total of 4 damage. The GE TAC takes a hit back.

Allied Turn:
The USA declares war on Vichy Algeria, upsetting Vichy France, Tunisia and Syria.
The US 3rd Army amphib assaults Algiers and sweeps away the defenders, then lands in the city.

Algeria Surrenders, US reappropriates 104 MPP worth of Vichy French equipment.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
A 6 strength sub (presumably U35) moves next to HMCS Annapolis, and then moves away.

Allied Turn:
HMCS Columbia starts searching the area along the way to Santa Cruz and finds U35 (the 6 str sub from earlier?). Columbia forces a dive.
HMCS Annapolis then finds U35 and does 2 damage to her.
USS Somers forces U35 to dive.
USS Wainwright finds U35 and does a point of damage to her.

7 MPP lost to Maritime bombers on the UK to USSR line.
36 MPP lost to a sub(s) on the Iraq to UK line.

*It should be noted that the supply level of all the German troops attacking Kursk is 3 or less.


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/12/2018 10:19:35 PM)

Allied Turn: August 23, 1942

Eastern Front
Axis Prior Turn:
Still Frozen in the Arctic
The Soviet Garrison in Petsamo is again attacked by two German Armies, and continues to defy them.
The Finnish Isthmus Army attacks the XIII Corps south of Vyborg and does 2 damage.
The Panzer(s) pull off the line in the Leningrad area.*
Near Babruysk, the Russian Partisan is bombed by a German Tactical Bomber and then assaulted across a minor river by the German XXI Corps (str 8, level 2, 1 exp, not supported by a HQ). The Partisan takes 2 dmg, the GE TAC takes a hit.
II Corps in Kursk is besieged and the Germans send a Panzer Corps (level 3)* to help out. Kursk falls, but the defenders do a point of damage to the Panzer and to a German Army.

So this turn seems mostly a pause to repair and upgrade.

The Grimm Reaper this turn takes: 1 Corps (cut off) and Kursk.

Allied Turn:
Still Frozen in the Arctic
The 1st Cavalry slowly moves closer to Ivalo.
Partisans (str 3) move into Babruysk.
Soviet Tactical Bombers, unintercepted, hit an AT north of Kursk for 2? dmg.

Anti Aircraft equipment is distributed up and down the front and to key cities and fortifications.

Shuffling and reinforcing.

Axis Prior Turn:
Germany occupies Tunisia.**

German land forces continue to retreat towards Tripoli.

Allied Turn:
FNFL Triomphant (CL, Str 9, lvl 1) runs into the RM Trieste (CA, Str 8, lvl 1) north of eastern Algeria. Triomphant takes 2 damage while Trieste takes 1, leaving both at str 7.
USS Ranger then launches 2 strikes and Trieste is sunk. Ranger takes 1 damage to her air wing.
HMS Rodney finishes scouting the path from the western Med to Tunis and spots a German Garrison in Tunis.
The US 1st Army (in Amphibs) attacks the German Garrison in Tunis doing 3 dmg, then lands south of the city and destroys the Garrison. They take 2 damage in the fighting.
HMS Glorious strikes an Italian Garrison in Cagliari, Sardinia twice and only gets her air wing knocked down by 1.
Undaunted, the US II Corps (in Amphibs) attacks the Italian Garrison, then lands north west of Cagliari and finishes off the Garrison. They take 1 damage in the fighting.
The Ports of Tunis and Cagliari are blockaded by HMS Valiant and USS Tuscaloosa.
The Desert Rats move close enough to spot the German units huddled around Tripoli, with the Anti Tank on the east side, and the Arty on the west with Rommel's HQ in the city.
The Kiwis move next to the Anti Tank, then two TAC bombers hit the Anti Tank for 5 damage, while they take 1 damage each.
The Kiwis destroy the AT unit while suffering 1 damage themselves.
With the AT gone, the Recon moves forward to south of Tripoli and attacks the Arty, doing 2 and taking 1.
The Commonwealth, not to be left out of the seizing of Vichy Territories, declares war on Vichy Syria.
An Engineer unit waddles up the coast to spot the 3 strength Corps in Damascus, and then the Indian Corps moves south of Damascus along the road from Amman. The Indian Corps attacks but only manages to do 2 damage, leaving the Syrian at strength 1.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
A 3 strength Uboat is surprised while moving and takes 2 damage from one of the Destroyers hunting U35 (Unless it was U35?).
I think I saw a 2nd (str 3) sub appear next to one of the Destroyers hunting U35. I could be wrong.

Brazil declares war on Germany.

Allied Turn:
Frantic Searching for subs around the area of Madeira, Santa Cruz, and the extreme end of the Egypt/Iraq Convoy line results in HMS Montgomery finding U73 (near the bottom of the map on the Egypt line).
Montgomery (str 10, ASW 3) attacks U73 (str 10, lvl 4, 1 exp) and does 4 damage to U73.
HMS Annapolis (str 10, ASW 2) finds U35 about dozen hexes west of Madeira. The crippled U35 doesn't manage to dive away in time and is sunk.

? MPP lost to Maritime bombers on the UK to USSR line. Most likely 6-7 (I missed it trying to get a screen shot of the income screen)

*So Russia's brief advantage in Tank technology is now over.
** Maybe I should've waited last turn and taken Algeria and Tunisia at the same time?

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/12/2018 10:35:19 PM)

Allied Turn: September 6, 1942

Eastern Front
Axis Prior Turn:
Still Frozen in the Arctic
Once again the brave Soviet Garrison in Petsamo withstands the assault of two German Armies. Even with reinforcements it is unlikely they will last through next turn. This time the Garrison was brought down to 1 strength.
A Finnish Garrison is railed to Ivalo.
The XIII Corps south of Vyborg takes 4 damage from attacks by the Finnish Isthmus Army and the Finnish V Corps.
Massive air battles are fought over southern Leningrad. Soviet fighters have learned how to quickly refuel and rearm for multiple engagements (i.e. Air Warfare tech). However, the Germans are flying FW190s (Adv Air 3 Tech).*
Leningrad and the 23rd Army both have upgraded AA (level 1). Finnish Fighters take 2 hits from Soviet Fighters, a German Fighter takes a hit from Soviet Fighters, 1 Medium Bomber avoids all damage another is hit by both
Soviet Fighters and AA and a Tactical Bomber took a hit (forgot if from SVT FTR or from AA or maybe both?). No damage other than deentrenchment and morale is done to 23rd Army, Soviet Fighters took 7 dmg and 6 dmg.
11th Panzer (str 10, level 3) attacks Leningrad twice, doing no damage beyond morale and deentrenchment. 23rd Army (Morale 30, Readiness 52, Entrenchment 2) stands.
Another air battle is fought as German Paratroopers are intercepted by Soviet Fighters and escorted by German Fighters. The 1st FSJ Paratroopers land north of Leningrad in a forest next to lake Ladoga. They then attack Voroshilov's
HQ and do 2 damage. Somewhere along the line the Paratroopers took a point of damage (air combat, landing or attack). They are however cut off (Str 9, Morale 26%, Readiness 36%).
7th Army stationed northwest of Vyazma undergoes airstrikes and attacks by German land units. They survive at 1 strength. German Fighters took two hits from a Soviet Fighter (in 2 bombing runs), and two German Tactical Bombers both
took 2 hits (1 from SVT FTR & 1 from AA) each. The Soviet Fighters took 5 damage.
The Partisans in Babruysk hold off the German XXI Corps, attacking from the southeast across a river. Both GE Corps and SVT Partisan take 1 damage. However, an Armor Corps is seen approaching from Minsk.
5th Panzer (str 9, lvl 3, 1 exp) shows up south of Bryansk. It is accompanied by 3 German Corps, 1 German Army and an Anti Tank unit. Another Anti Tank unit is spotted to the southeast, just north of Kursk.
III Corps in Morozovsk is attacked by the 8th German Army and takes a point of damage.
To the southwest of Morozovsk an unescorted Tactical bomber is intercepted on the east side of the joining of rivers where 18th Army is stationed. Soviet Fighters hit the German bomber and take 2 damage back.
Follow up attacks reduce 18th Army to 4 strength. 18th Army does do 2 damage back to 3rd Panzer (str 8, lvl 2 , 1 exp) in the fighting.
XXVII Rifle Corps in Simferopol is attacked by the Romanian V Corps. Neither side takes any damage.

The Grimm Reaper this turn takes: 20 dmg over 4 fighters and significant weakening of the Leningrad defense.

Allied Turn:
Mud in Southern Finland, Frozen in the Arctic, clear everywhere else.
Soviets remember to recoup the extra chit in Aerial Warfare.
23rd Army in Leningrad, fully healthy but low on morale, swaps places with a Siberian Army in a fortification to the southeast.
The Soviet Garrison along the road in the forest northwest of Leningrad and next to the 1st FSJ Paratroopers attacks them. Garrison and Paratroopers both take 1 damage. The Garrison then moves north next to Priozersk.
5th Army, in northern Leningrad then attacks the paratroopers and also exchanges 1 point of damage.
42nd Army is then fielded (i.e. placed from the production table) into the woods vacated by the Soviet Garrison.
Russian Tactical Bombers are unintercepted as they bomb a German Corps on 5th Panzer's eastern flank near Bryansk. Corps takes 3 dmg, Tactical Bombers take 1 dmg.
1st Shock Army moves southeast of Bryansk and discover that the bombed Corps is XVIII Corps. They then attack XVIII Corps and do 3 dmg and force it to retreat southeast.

Shuffling and reinforcing.

Axis Prior Turn:
The RM Roma comes out in a presumed attempt to clear a path to Tripoli so that Rommel can escape. Roma fights an engagement with HMS Rodney, and accounts well for herself. Roma 2 dmg, Rodney 3 dmg.
Oddly there is no follow up by known German and Italian air power from Sicily.*
Rommel's Recon unit boards transports and attempts to sneak away along the Libyan and Tunisia coast line. They run into the guns of HMS Malaya and are obliterated in one shot.
Rommel and his last unit, a 4 strength Arty, flee into southern Tunisia, with the Arty just east of the Maerth line, and Rommel presumably on the other side.**

Allied Turn:
US 3rd Army takes Tunis
US II Corps takes Cagliari (Sardinia)
The UK Indian Corps takes out the remaining 1 strength Corps in Damascus, moves through the capital and to the port of Beirut.
HMS Sheffield (CL str 5, lvl 1) finds the RM Roma (BB, str 8, lvl 1) and pays for it dearly. Sheffield 4 dmg, Roma 2 dmg.
Maritime bombers are intercepted by German Fighters from Sicily and escorted by UK Fighters. Didn't see the damage to the GE FTRs (it was off screen), The UK FTRs took 1 dmg and the Roma took 4.
The UK 10th Army moves into Tripoli.
UK 7th Armor dispatches Rommel's Artillery unit.
HMS Kent (CA) is given the honor to finish off the Roma, she does so but takes 3 dmg back putting her at strength 4.

Vichy Syria Surrenders. UK Plun... reappropriates 41 MPP worth of Vichy French equipment.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
Nothing visible

Allied Turn:
US and UK Strategic Bombers strike the Loos mines in France 4 times (US lvl 1, UK lvl 0 & str 6), and manage to bring the mines down to 0 value. They are intercepted only twice by a single German Fighter in Brussels.
UK Fighters took 4 dmg, USA Strat Bombers took 3 dmg, GE Fighters took 6 dmg.
HMS Mohawk spies U73 (str 6, lvl 4, 1 exp) in port at Santa Cruz.

Tunisia is Liberated (still need to liberate most of the towns and roadway, though)

7 MPP lost to Maritime bombers on the UK to USSR line.

The Roma dished out a ton of damage (I guess I had a choice of eating it on Cruisers or on my air power, I chose the cruisers). However the RM is no more, Italian Naval units = Zero.

*So Russia's parity in Advanced Air Tech appears to be over, and the Germans are at level 3 fighters.
** I'm tempted to leave Rommel trapped in Tunisia as a sort of Prisoner of War.

MrLongleg -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/19/2018 2:57:44 AM)

Looks like our game came to an unvoluntary end. I can't switch to the beta version on Steam anymore.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/19/2018 12:11:11 PM)

That's too bad I'll post the final turns.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/19/2018 12:14:18 PM)

Allied Turn: September 20, 1942

Eastern Front
Axis Prior Turn:
Still Frozen in the Arctic
Yet again, and somewhat surprisingly to me the heroic Soviet Garrison in Petsamo withstands the assault of two German Armies.
The Finnish V Corps attacks XX Corps south of Vyborg, both Corps take 1 damage.
Two waves of German Medium Bombers go after Voroshilov's HQ. Each is escorted by the same Finnish Fighter, later a German Tactical Bomber, unescorted, goes after 23rd Army in fortifications southeast of Leningrad.
The Paratroopers then attack Voroshilov's HQ, which takes 3 damage between the bombing and the Paratroopers. The Paratroopers took 1 (or 2) damage from the HQ.
The Finnish Fighter takes 2 hits from Soviet Fighters. Both Medium Bombers take 2 hits (1 from SVT FTR and 1 from HQ), as does the unescorted TAC. 1 Soviet Fighter takes 2 dmg, the othe 1 dmg.
23rd Army is then attacked 4 times, twice by a Panzer and twice by 10th panzer Grenadier (str 11, lvl 2, exp 1). The Panzer Grenadier takes 1 damage as 23rd Army is destroyed.
The Partisan in Babruysk takes 3 damage from an unsupported XXI Corps, and the rebuilt Afrika Corps tanks. XXI Corps takes 1 damage back.
Two hexes south of Vyazma the Soviet 2nd Tanks (str 11, lvl 3, 1 exp) are attacked by German Tactical Bombers.
German Fighters take a hit from Soviet interceptors, and the Tactical Bombers take 2 hits (1 from SVT FTR, 1 from 2nd Tanks). Soviet Fighters take 2 damage in the engagement. 2nd Tanks are unharmed by the Tactical Bombers.
A German Heavy Tank moves next to 2nd Tanks, then falls back to the easternmost forested road hex between Smolensk and Vyazma.
Near Bryansk the 1st Shock Army is attacked by a 9 strength Panzer (didn't catch level or exp) twice and then the Afrika Corps. 1st Shock Army, now at strength 2, retreats north of Orel. The Panzer took 3 damage and Afrika Corps 1.
A German Medium Bomber and Tactical Bomber attack XIX Corps in Karitemirovka. The Romanian Fighter escorting the attacks took 2 hits, The GE TAC took 1 or 2 hits, and the Medium Bomber got off scot free. The Soviet Fighter took 7 dmg.
Between the bombing and attacks by multiple Hungarian Infantry and 3rd Panzer (str 8, lvl 2, 1 exp), XIX Corps took 7 damage down to str 4 and held the city. The 1st Hungarian Army and the Hungarian I Corps both took 1 dmg in the fighting.

The Paratroopers suffer desertions and are now str 4, 12% Readiness and 4% Morale.

The Grimm Reaper this turn takes: 1 Army, 12 dmg over 4 fighters and another hex bordering Leningrad.

Allied Turn:
The Garrison next to the 1st FSJ Paratroopers attacks and does 1 damage to the cut off paratroopers.
5th Army attacks out of Northern Leningrad and does another point of damage to the paratroopers.
42nd Army, then shatters the paratroopers.
1 Medium Bomber and 2 Tactical Bombers hit the Afrika Corps southwest of Orel. They do 6 damage leaving the Corps at a 3 strength. The Medium Bomber took 1 back.

More new equipment (INF Weapons 3) starts showing up for the Soviet Armies and Corps, though many of them are in contact with the enemy and can't receive new equipment.

Shuffling and reinforcing.

Partisans hinder supply around Kharkov

Axis Prior Turn:
An Italian Fighter from Sicily scouts the waters to the south and encounters a UK fighter. The Italian FTR takes a hit, the UK FTR takes 1 damage.
Rommel's HQ apparently disappears*

Allied Turn:
A 3 strength Tunisian Corps shows up next to Tunis and liberates the town of Bizerta
The Desert Rats move along the Tunisian road and free the town of Gabes. Rommel's HQ is nowhere to be seen.
US II Corps takes Olbia, Sardinia.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
Nothing visible

Allied Turn:
Ultra indicates communication to a sub east by south east of Santa Cruz. U73 in Santa Cruz was never spotted leaving the port, so this must be a different (and last) one.
HMS Montgomery follows the intelligence lead and attacks U81 (str 8, lvl 4) doing 4 damage and taking 2 back.
HMS Lancaster then finishes the job and sinks U81.

UK Commandos raid Narvek.

Greece +15% to Allies (should put them at 72%). So 2 more hits or 1 large hit to go.
Reports indicate that Germany and Itlay have recently invested 350 MPP (GE 250, IT 100) in diplomacy. I'm guessing either Vichy France (71%) or Spain (~35%). I'll deal with it when he gets a hit. If
he gets a big hit and brings Vichy France in, then so be it.

7 MPP lost to Maritime bombers on the UK to USSR line.

Morale Levels:
UK 100%
USA 100%
USSR 97%
GE 100%
IT 61%

* At first I thought it moved deeper into Tunisia, but is it also possible that it was disbanded? Can you do that when cut off? Not sure what it's supply level was at the time.


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/19/2018 12:16:53 PM)

Allied Turn: October 8, 1942

Eastern Front
Axis Prior Turn:
Still Frozen in the Arctic
Yet again, and somewhat surprisingly to me the heroic Soviet Garrison in Petsamo withstands the assault of two German Armies. This time the 11th Army moves to the side to allow the 13th Army to also get the bonus for attacking without moving.
Finnish V Corps attacks XX Corps south of Vyborg and does 1 damage.
The Germans clear out another Fortification southeast of Leningrad. The Soviet Army exacts a toll of 4 dmg to a Panzer Grenadier and 1 dmg to a Panzer.
South by southwest of Vyzama Tigers (III Panzer Heavy Tanks) move next to the 3rd Guards Army and 2nd Tanks. They stop without attacking.
The Partisans in Babruysk take 3 damage and are reduced to strength 3 while holding off attacks from the Afrika Korps Tanks and III Corps (both unsupported).
The Germans launch Medium Bombers and Tactical Bombers at Kantemirovka. Neither Bomber is hurt while the escorting Romanian Fighters take 2 hits from Soviet interceptors who in turn take 6 damage.
This is followed up by a Panzer attack and attacks from the Hungarian infantry units. Kantermirovka falls, but dish out 2 dmg to the Panzers, and 1 dmg to each of two Hungarian Armies and one Hungarian Corps.

The Grimm Reaper this turn takes: 2 Armies, the city of Kantemirovka and a fort hex southeast of Leningrad.

Allied Turn:
Frozen in the Arctic, Mud in Finland & Russia, Clear in the Ukraine.
43rd Army attacks the 1st Anti Tank Corps (str 10, lvl 2) southwest of Orel, both take 1 damage.
V Corps, in Orel, attacks the 1st Anti Tank Corps, both take 1 damage.
1st Shock Army swaps positions with 43rd Army and attacks the 1st Anti Tank Corps. 1st Shock Army takes 1 damage, 1st Anti Tanks take 3 and retreat south.
16th Army swaps positions with X Corps and takes up the defense of Bryansk.
Even if the move/placement of III Panzer Hvy Tank Corps is a trap the Soviets decide to go for it. Three air battles are fought over the German heavy tanks.
Results: GE FTR#1 6 dmg, GE FTR #2 3 dmg, III Panzer Hvy Tank 5 dmg, SVT FTR #1 5 dmg, SVT FTR #2 2 dmg, SVT Med Bmbr 2 dmg, SVT TAC#1 3 dmg, SVT TAC#2 2 dmg.
Russian 1st Anti Tank Corps swaps positions with 3rd Guards Army and attacks the Tigers, taking 3 dmg while doing 2 back and forcing them to retreat.
Russian 2nd Tanks (str 11, lvl 3) then moves forward and destroys the III Panzer Hvy Tanks while taking 2 damage. They then move back to their original position.

Shuffling, reequipping and reinforcing.

Axis Prior Turn:
An Italian Tactical Bomber flies to the south of Sicily over open water (but next to HMS Rodney), and encounters the Seafires from HMS Courageous. The Tactical Bombers take a hit.

Allied Turn:
Rain (except Libya, southern Tunisia and Egypt) grounds any offensive air actions in the Med.
US II Corps takes Sassari, and Sardinia is completely in allied hands.
The Desert Rats take Sousse, Tunisia.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
U73 exits Santa Cruz and engages with HMS Montgomery. U73 takes 3 damage, Montgomery 2. U73 disappears (probably retreats back into Santa Cruz).

Allied Turn:
HMS Mohawk confirms that U73 is in Santa Cruz.

6 MPP lost to Maritime bombers on the UK to USSR line.

No Diplo hit on Germany's turn. I suppose a possible 3rd option for the axis would be his trying to counter Greece.


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/19/2018 12:22:34 PM)

Allied Turn: October 30, 1942

Eastern Front
Axis Prior Turn:
Frozen in the Arctic, Clear in the Ukraine, Rain everywhere else
Southeast of Leningrad 1st Panzer (str 9, lvl 2, 1 exp) and 11th Panzer (str 10, lvl 3, 1 exp) attack Ghost Corps (lvl 2) and do 2 dmg, while 1st Panzer takes 1 dmg.
A Rail Gun is moved to forest hex west by southwest of Leningrad.*
The Partisan in Babruysk is again attacked by the Afrika Korps Tanks and by III Corps, again unsupported. The Germans again do 3 dmg to the Partisans but this time each attacker takes 1 pt of damage.
The 1st German Army attacks 16th Army in Bryansk, both take a point of damage. 1st Army then moves to the northwest so that 5th Panzer (str 10, lvl 3) can move next to the city.
South of Rostov a German Corps attacks a Russian Garrison (lvl 2) that moved next to it and kills it outright. They then move aside so that 4th Army (str 10, lvl 2, 1 exp) takes the position and attacks the Soviet XXI Corps, doing 3 damage.

Soviet Partisans Hinder supply (x2)

The Grimm Reaper this turn takes: 1 Garrison.

Allied Turn:
Frozen in the Arctic, Mud in the Ukraine, Rain everywhere else.
The Bryansk to Orel area receives some infantry reinforcement.

Shuffling, reequipping and reinforcing.

Axis Prior Turn:
Nothing observable

Allied Turn:
UK Maritime Bombers fly over Caltanissetta, Sicily and are escorted by UK Fighters, both located near Tripoli. German Fighters intercept. UK & GE FTRs each take 2 dmg, UK Maritime Bombers take 2 dmg.
They uncover the location of the German Fighter, a German Tac Bomber, an Italian Fighter and an Italian Tac Bomber.
The Maritime Bombers fly again, this time to the southwest of Palermo. Italian Fighters intercept and US Fighters from Sardinia escort. IT FTR 4 dmg, US FTR 1 dmg. The only additional information gained is an Italian Crops in Palermo.
The badly damaged HMS Sheffield (CL, str 1) then moves to the shore and spies the Garibaldi HQ in Syracuse, and that Messina is empty. Sheffield then backs away.
US Tactical Bombers from Sardinia attack the Italian Corps in Palermo. They are escorted by the UK fighters near Tripoli, and the German Fighters again come up to intercept. GE FTR 2 dmg, US TAC 2 dmg.
3 American Battleships then shell the German Fighter base, and only lower the morale and readiness of the fighters.**
UK Tactical Bombers near Tunis hit the German Fighter base for 1 damage.
3 UK Battleships shell the Italian Fighter base, they do 1 damage and lower the morale and readiness of the fighters.**
UK Tactical Bombers near Sousse, Tunisia hit the German Fighter base as well and do 2 more damage.
UK Fighters near Sousse hit the German Fighter base for 2 more damage.
The Carriers are then called in to hit the air bases.
USS Ranger shatters the German Fighters in 1 strike, and does 2 damage to the Italian Fighters with her other strike.
HMS Glorious shatters the Italian Fighters in 1 strike, and does 2 to the German Tactical Bombers with her other.
With two strikes, HMS Ark Royal does 4 damage to the German Tactical Bombers and takes 2 damage to her air wing.
HMS Courageous shatters the German Tactical Bombers with two strikes while taking 1 damage to her air wing.
The only planes left on Sicily are the Italian Tactical Bombers (str 6, Ground Attack 1, Long Range 1, Naval 0)

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
U73 exits Santa Cruz avoids an encounter (submerged) with HMS Mohawk and slips away.

Allied Turn:
Rain over England prevents any bombers from flying.
The Destroyer pack around Santa Cruz begins searching. The submerged sub which was stopped shouldn't get too far.
HMS Mohawk finds her south of Puerto del Rosario, and does 2 damage to U73.
HMS Lancaster then does 2 more damage to U73 while taking 1 back. Lancaster then backs off.
HMS Annapolis, joins the frey, freshly upgraded from Casablanca, and forces the U73 to dive. U73 is immediately spotted only 1 hex away (limited choices with it between the island and North Africa.

6 MPP lost to Maritime bombers on the UK to USSR line.

* I've learned to respect that damn Rail Gun for knocking down the supply level of tough cities.
** Should've done that first. D'oh!

A very unfortunate clear weather appears in Russia as my turn ends. This may spell the end of Leningrad.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/19/2018 12:36:40 PM)

That's where it was left off.
In Russia:
Stalingrad and East of Moscow seemed to be stalemated.

South of Moscow was open to a modest Soviet push due to lack of Axis air power and HQ(s).

There was a very good chance that the southern hex of Leningrad would have fallen, or perhaps the hex east of it (maybe both?). There would still have been plenty of Soviet strength in the area, and the escape/rail line north through Finland was still open as well so the units in there weren't cut off. So it was not like the Germans could soon after shift south and push on Moscow from another direction.

In the Atlantic:
The Axis presence in the Atlantic was virtually nill. A badly damage was sub trapped, and Germany had only 3 surface ships left.

In the Med:
The RM was completely destroyed.
The Italians had a single air unit (str 6 TAC), and the German supporting air units had just been destroyed.
Sardinia had been taken and was on it's way to becoming a vast US air field (though I currently only had 2 or 3 air units there).
Sicily had a Corps and an Italian HQ sitting in the ports, and nothing else. The Wallies were going to land there next turn.
There was also the potential to land an additional unit in one of the ports in the heel or instep of the boot if they were unoccupied. Damaged UK ships were going to scout before landings.

Without access to the game I can't provide any final reports or counts and such. Too bad.

MrLongleg -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/20/2018 1:56:49 AM)

I think Taxman played very well, so he was on a path to potential victory. I totally failed in the naval war, causing trouble in Russia was my last hope.

MrLongleg -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/20/2018 1:59:29 AM)

I am up for another try, if you are interested. No beta server this time !

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/20/2018 2:18:21 AM)

I will have to get back to you.
I've committed to another game, though am having stupid player issues setting it up. (first try messed up the password, second try forgot to change the sides bullet [8|])

Unfortunately, this is the busy time of year for me and I've got a kid who needs this computer for homework too.
Depending on how often turns with him go we'll see.

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