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Taxman66 -> RE: Greenland Glitch (12/22/2017 7:16:48 PM)

Historically speaking, the only German activity in Greenland was a few weather observers that were sneaked in via long ranged aircraft. It became a hunt and seek operation to find and capture them. Germany would occasionally place new ones, and the process started over again. Those living in Greenland helped the allies.

The fact that this game allows Germany to use the ports for resupply, repair and upgrades is comprehensively ridiculous from a historical standpoint at least. Maybe it is to make up for the lack of Milch Cows for play balance.

Having said that, the Manual and Essentials guide are lacking in information for many of the events and the only way to learn is to either dive through the scripts or trial and error.
For example in this same game I learned that evacuating the French unit out of Syria/Damascus not only triggers Italy (which they warn you about) but also hits the French National Morale. If I had known that, I would've waited until France was about to fall instead of just before Italy joined.

I suggest reposting your query to the Tech Support board. You probably should've had the GAR sent back to Germany, or at least known not to have sent it.

Taxman66 -> RE: Greenland Glitch (12/23/2017 12:03:41 AM)

Allied Turn: April 4, 1941

U30 runs into HMS Badger and HMS Attack, two motor torpedo boats, attempting to get away from HMS Mohawk. HMS Attack sinks U30, the 2nd sub sunk.

U73 attacks Bulldog and does 1 point of damage and takes none back, U73 then slinks away.

In Egypt German Tactical Bombers air strike XII Corps south of Sidi Barani, an air battle ensues. This is followed by Rommel's Tanks and an Italian Corps which do 6 damage to XII Corps. The Panzers take 1 back.

The Commonwealth troops pull back away from the DAK.
The UK ships arms to Belgrade (the Corps in Belgrade is improved with INF Weapons and AA)
The half strength corps are recalled to defend the river line next to Belgrade.

The USA takes control of Greenland.

11 MPP lost to raiders

Do motor torpedo boats get the 'HMS' designation?

Should I rename Badger to 'Giant Wooden Badger'?

Taxman66 -> RE: Greenland Glitch (12/23/2017 12:06:47 AM)

Allied Turn: April 26, 1941

Yugoslavia goes down from one Tank, 1 Mech and 1 (2?) German bombers.
The MPP spent upgrading the Corp in Belgrade is wasted as I believe no damage was done to German units.

Rommel's Panzers run into 7th Armor. The German anti-tank unit then follows up against 7th Armor. When all said and done the Panzers are str: 5, AT str: 7 and 7th Armor str: 3

The Western Desert Force Army counter Attacks the Panzers scoring 2 hits for 1. The Panzer unit retreats while WDF then falls back into fortifications.

HMS Valiant (BB level 1) bombards the town of Bardia.

HMS Javelin receives a coded message marked 'ULTRA'. She then finds the wounded U37 south of Greenland and attacks the U-boat doing 2 damage and taking 1 back (U37 str: 3, Javelin str: 8)

Ethiopia is Liberated

No MPP lost to Raiders

I'm no expert on the supply rules but Bardia is the closest Axis town with 5 supply. The other 2 are Egyptian and recently captured.

Taxman66 -> RE: Greenland Glitch (12/24/2017 3:31:01 PM)

Allied Turn: May ??, 1941
*Sorry missed recording the exact date (only 1 turn for me in May anyway)

U37 is sunk while attempting to flee from HMS Javelin and runs into both HMS Jersey and HMCS Assinibone. Jersey takes a point of damage from the encounter.

Barbarossa starts
Pictures are before Allied moves.
A Soviet Fighter, Medium Bomber and Tactical Bomber are able to escape the onslaught.

In Egypt, the Germans advance to the Fortification line triggering Iraq.

The UK imposes Sanctions on Iraq.

In Egypt the sandstorms clear and it becomes evident that the Commonwealth has more air power than the Axis.
Tac bombers hit Rommel's HQ in Mersa Matruh and do a point of damage. They also spot the intercepting German fighter's air field.
A fighter sweep/strike on the German fighter's uses up their capacity (in between the Tactical bomber strikes).
Another UK TAC strike hits Rommel's HQ again (total 2 damage over both strikes). There are no interceptors, better still the German bombers are now spotted.
HMS Valiant bombards Mersa Matruh for 2 points, but misses Rommel.
HMS Courageous then launches 2 raids on the German bombers doing 6 damage and taking only 2 back to her air complement.
HMS Ark Royal launches one strike on the German bombers and finishes them off, but does take a point of damage back to her planes.
HMS Malaya bombards Mersa Matruh for 2 points, bringing the town down to 0, Rommel is again missed.

Iraq joins the Axis

No MPP lost to Raiders.

I have no clue where the other subs are. Upgrading to level 2 perhaps?

USA is now at 42% Mobilization.


Taxman66 -> MrLongleg vs Taxman66 1.10.03 (12/26/2017 1:28:23 AM)

Allied Turn: June 9, 1941

German prior turn
In the North the Germans take an undefended Kaunas, and reach the outskirts of Riga.
Some mop up operations occur in the center.
The major push of Barbarossa is in the Ukraine. Odessa is 3/4 surrounded and an German Panzer unit reaches Kirovograd.

Rommel's Panzers assault the center fortification occupied by the WDF army and do 3 damage without taking anything back. They then move to the southern point of the line.

A German destroyer cruises next to Salmon (str: 12, 3 pips of exp), and decides on the better part of valor leaving the UK sub alone.

Germany provides support to Iraq.

Sandstorms ground the UK air force versus land targets in Egypt.

The Parthian (UK sub str: 8) scouting the coast near Sidi Barani finds the Leonardo da Vinci (str: 8)
The Ark Royal sends an air strike which is intercepted by German fighters and escorted by UK fighters. The Ark Royal looses a point off their air wing and The UK fighters take a hit. The German fighters loose 2 (3?), and the sub dives.
HMS Amazon (DD) re-finds the da Vinci.
Ark Royal sends a second strike, this time there is no interception, and hits the Italian sub for 1 damage.
Courageous follows with 2 strikes, a 1 dmg hit and a dive.
HMS Sheffield (CL) finds da Vinci yet again, HMS Amazon then attacks the sub doing 1 damage to each DD and Sub. HMS Sheffield (which has level 1 AWS) takes a shot at the half strength sub and forces a dive.
HMS Warspite bombards Sidi Barani doing 2 to the town and taking 1 point of damage in the process.
HMS Malaya follows up bringing the supply level of Sidi Barani down to a 1.

It's disheartening to see a level 2 Panzer hit a level 1 army in fortifications (and with Arty support) twice and not take any damage.

Both fighter units are in a sandstorm, so it is odd to see them able to fly into a (calm) sea hex.


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongleg vs Taxman66 1.10.03 (12/26/2017 1:33:18 AM)

Allied Turn: July 1, 1941

Axis Prior Turn:
Germany kills the 3 Soviet light tank Corps.
3rd Panzer takes Kirovograd, the Ukrainian mines and winds up next to Dnepropetrovsk.
2nd Panzer runs into the USSR 10th Army in Zhitomir. 10th Army takes 4 damage and 2nd Panzer 2.
10th German Army runs into 3rd USSR Army in Minsk and the German army takes a point (or 2) of damage.
Riga and Odessa are cut off. The Romanian armed forces take some damage whittling the Corps in Odessa down to 5 strength.

Allied Turn:
The few pathetic units the Soviets have shuffle around some. There are now a few more in the south trying to gaurd the Dnepr river line, Kiev in particular.
The half strength Corps in Odessa evacuates by sea.
The Corps in Riga digs in as Riga is called a 'Hero city' by Stalin himself.
Some other units repair and upgrade.

Axis Prior Turn:
The Axis continue to pick on the WDF Army in the center of the line. It is attacked by German and Italian bombers (I think they went unescorted, but didn't get to see what damage they took).
Final results were
IT 10th Army -3 damage (str: 7)
Rommel's Panzers -2 (str: 8)
WDF -3 (str: 5)
IT Medium Bombers -?
GE Medium Bombers -?

Allied Turn:
UK Tactical bombers hit Rommel's HQ and the Italian HQ. They are intercepted by the same German fighter.
The HQ's each take 1 pt of damage. The UK Tac bombers take 2 & 1 damage each. The German fighters take multiple hits and at least one hit was a 2 damage. The UK fighters went untouched (iirc).
Another squadren of UK fighters strike at the German fighter's airfield and do another point, better yet they see an air field of German medium bombers just west of the fighter field. The information is relayed to the Commonwealth Suez Task Force.
HMS Courageous strikes the German bombers twice doing 4 damage and 1 to her carrier planes, and spots an Italian Medium Bomber two hexes south of Bardia.
HMS Ark Royal shatters the German bombers with her first strike and hits the Italian bombers with her 2nd. The second strike was intercepted by Italian fighters stationed in Msus, but was fortunetly escorted by UK land based fighters.
I missed the damages as that took me a little by surprise, and the Italian fighters were out of my screen view at the time.
HMS Warspite and Malaya bombard the town of Bardia down to 2.
The Aussies, at the northern most position of the fortification line, hit the Italian 10th Army (level 0, str: 7) for 2 damage.
The WDF Army is reinforced to str: 8.

Atlantic & USA

No activity in the Atlantic
No MPP lost to raiders.

US activates the USS Somers (DD) for duty in the Atlantic.
Rosevelt broadcastes dangers of Nazi victory.
US garrisons Iceland and provides the UK the use of the Providence port.
US Mobilization: 55%

It's Christmas eve, and I got 'Honey Do'ed through most of the day so forgot to get pictures.

New turn format, which I think is better.

Pro tip: Naval Air, unless at both full strength and at very high levels (Advanced Air + Naval = 6-8) sucks versus almost all ground units... except against bombers.

I have no idea if my bombarding these towns is hurting the Axis supply situation or not. I don't know if the double HQ (1 IT & 1 GE) overcomes it. I would have to play a self hotseat game to find out.

I'm really curious what's going on with his subs? Repairing and upgrades maybe?

The supply game in Egypt, even on defense is tricky. If I move an HQ to get 6 supply to the front south most fortification I have to give up either the middle 2nd line fort (occupied by Arty) or have to reduce the supply to some of the air units
so they could only be reinforced to 8. That would probably be better in general than the front line unit, if I had stronger Tactical bombers by now. Ah, I think the other solution would be to have 2 levels in Command and Control.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongleg vs Taxman66 1.10.03 (12/26/2017 1:44:41 AM)

Sorry MrLongleg and fans, no turn today.
I'm completely exhausted and not 100% sober. [8D]

MrLongleg -> RE: MrLongleg vs Taxman66 1.10.03 (12/26/2017 3:03:16 PM)

Enjoy the day off [:)]

BillRunacre -> RE: Greenland Glitch (12/26/2017 4:11:25 PM)

Thanks MrLongleg, I can see the issue and apologies to your Garrison who went AWOL.

Taxman66 -> MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/27/2017 1:45:45 AM)

Allied Turn: July 15, 1941

Axis Prior Turn:
The 'Hero City' of Riga falls, but takes a bite out of a Panzer, Mech and a Medium Bomber (1 dmg each).
The 3rd Army dug in at Minsk damages a German Army (1 point) and the 21st Panzer (2 points, str: 7) and takes 3 itself, including some for bombing.
The 14th Panzergrenadier attacks the 4th Army in Polotsk and damages itself (2 points). However, it does trigger Finland, which will enter on the Axis next turn.
The 7th Corps (unimproved) north of Kiev is attacked by the 2nd Panzers (str: 8) and reduced to 6 strength.
The IX Corps in Cherkasy is bombed and attacked, but holds on at 6 strength and does 1 damage back to the German 4th Army.
The garrison in Nikolayev is sacraficed to slow down the Romanian army. The garrison does manage to inflict a point of damage on one of the Romanian armies.

The German navy is allowing the Soviet Baltic Fleet to roam around and attack the Sweedish Convoy lines. Maxim Gorky (CL) and S-4 (sub) did 24 MPP damage last turn.

Allied Turn:
More reshuffling, reinforcing and upgrading.

Axis Prior Turn:
The Axis pull back.

Allied Turn:
A Commonwealth fighter flies a recon mission south of Sidi Barani and encounters the Italian Fighters. The air engagement favors the UK (3 dmg to 1 dmg).
Rommel's HQ is bombed for 2 damage, there is no interception.

Lee-Enfield No. 4 rifles start making their way to Commonwealth units (aka UK upgrading to Infantry Weapons 2).

Atlantic & USA

No encounters

No MPP lost to raiders.

US Mobilization 59%

Picture will be edited in later (another turn or 2).

Mistakes I made my past turn:
1. Made a supply mistake in Iraq, meaning a 1 turn dealy before I can get 2 units next to Bagdad.
2. Should've had a unit in front of Polotsk. That seems to be the easiest of the Finland triggers, because it took me a while to figure out why Finland was triggered in the first place.


jjdenver -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/27/2017 2:53:58 AM)

When you have your CV's hitting axis planes in N Africa - what mode are your CV's in and why?

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/27/2017 3:22:06 AM)

For purposes of hitting bombers I don't think it made a difference if they were set as Nav/Tac or Fighters (didn't check Mixed).
I haven't used them against fighters (or at least German Fighters) because I was either seeing just 1:1 exchanges (when I had that information and based on experience from past solo games) even versus less than full strength fighter units, and getting 1:3 vs. Bombers or 1:2 once I was down to a max air wing strength of 8 (or less).
If I get a chance I might see what they can do versus the weaker Italian fighters.

To answer your direct question, I left them as Nav/Tac because I do not want them running Interception combats, that I left for my land based fighters in which I had him outnumbered.
Obviously I kept the Carriers within interception range of said land based fighters by the end of my turn.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/28/2017 12:52:21 AM)

Allied Turn: July 29, 1941

Axis Prior Turn:
*note this is listed north to south not in the order it took place.

A German Pocket Battleship (CC) looking for Maxim Gorky (CL) runs into S-4 (sub) and takes 5 damage. Maxim Gorky and the Sub had been playing 'switch'.
A German Z destroyer attacks the sub and each take 1 damage.

1st Panzer attacks the XVI Rifle Corps in Parnu and both take 1 damage.
10th Panzergrenadier attacks the VI Corps in Tartu, neither take any damage.
The fortress of Daugavpils is assaulted. 1 Medium bomber goes in and is intercepted by a Russian fighter (str: 7, level 1) that escaped the opening weeks of Barbarossa.
The bomber is unescorted, but still does 2 damage to the fighter, an unknown amount of damage is done to the bomber.
This is followed up by 2 Panzer Corps (one of which took a point of damage), and 2 Panzergernadier (one of which took a point of damage). In the end the fortress falls.
Minsk had been evacuated, and the Soviet Armored Train covered the retreat on the railway behind the river 2 hexes north east of Minsk. It is attacked by the 10th German Army, and they each take 1 damage (Army - str: 6, 1 pip xp)
The XVI Corps in Babruysk is attacked by the German 14th Army, and takes 1 damage.
Partisans appear 2 hexes south of Minsk, but can't move northward to do any damage.
V Corps had relieved VII Corps north of Kiev, which itself moved 1 hex north east. 2nd Panzer Corps attacks V Corps and V Corps damages the Panzer with no losses. The loss demorilizes the German tank unit
and it suffers desertions (-1 damage) between turns (morale: 25). Stalin hails the action.
The 26th Army in Kiev itself is attack by the 5th Panzer Corps and takes a point of damage.
The Corps in Cherkasy is hit by bombers, 2 German Armies and 1 Corps, it falls doing only some damage to the bombers. One of the German Armies takes the city and the other just crosses the bridge over the Dnepr.
3rd Panzer (1 pip exp) attacks 6th Army in Dnepropetrovsk, and does 1 damage.

Allied Turn:
Soviet tactical bombers (level 0) supporting the Armored Train do 3 damage to the German V Corps.
More reshuffling, reinforcing and upgrading.

S-4 (sub) looking for the damaged Pocket Battleship encounters Tripitz. She torpedoes the battleship (2 dmg) for the price of 1 back.

Egypt & Iraq
Axis Prior Turn:
No visible moves.

Allied Turn:
2 Corps, including the Free French Syrian Corp move next to Bagdad.
the Iraqi rebellion collapses at the end of the turn. The Iraq convoy line is reestablished.

Sandstorms ground the RAF in Egypt and Monty is loathe to move out of the cover of his defensive fortifications, at least not without his air power.
Some minor shuffling goes on behind the lines.
The SAS attack German and Italian Supply lines near Tobruk.

Atlantic & USA

Screen flashed through the production summary, there may have been a flash of red indicating active subs/raiders.

USA Mobilization 62%

Does Germany have a lack of enough HQs? How else to explain the desertions from 2nd Panzer when it was not cut of?
And/or maybe a supply mistake by my opponent?

I think the Soviet navy has done more damage to Germany than the army and airforce combined.


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/28/2017 12:56:20 AM)

Allied Turn: August 12, 1941

Axis Prior Turn:
*note this is listed north to south not in the order it took place.
A German Z destroyer attacks S-4 and forces a dive. The destroyer, presumably looking for the sub, then runs across Maxim Gorky. The German destroyer and Soviet light cruiser do 2 damage to each other.
Tripitz smashes Maxim Gorky, taking 1 damage (str: 7) and doing 5.
The half strength Pocket Battleship then finishes of the Russian light cruiser, but is itself damaged 1 (str: 4).

XVI Rifle Corps in Parnu is attacked and reduced to 6 strength, it damages a bomber during the attack.
Polotsk is taken after a heavy wave of assaults. The defenders manage 2 hits on bombers, 3 damage to one Panzergrenadier, 1 damage on another Panzergrenadier and 1 damage to a Panzer.
The Armored Train north east of Minsk takes 2 damage and damages the 14th German Army 1 point.
The Partisan in the forest between the Pripyat marshes and Babruysk is hunted down and killed off by 3 different units.
The Germans decide to directly assualt Kiev, and the 26th Army is reduced to 1 strength but manages to hold the city. They return 2 damage to 5th Panzer Corps and 1 damage to 2nd Panzer Corps (str: 6). A German HQ then shows up to support this group.
II Corps in Kremenchuk takes a point of damage from the German 3rd Army and 10th Corps.
6th Army in Dnepropetrovsk is destroyed by air attack(s?), a German Army and 3rd Panzer Corps. The Panzer Corps takes 1 damage.

Allied Turn:
S-4, looking for the nearly crippled Pocket Battleship, or Tripitz finds Tripitz but at the same time finds Z2 (German destroyer), an exchange of fire brings the destroyer down to half strength and costs the sub another point (str: 7, but now with a pip of exp).
Marat (BB) then shows up and blasts the destroyer Z2 into oblivion, and moves away from the encounter hoping to avoid Tripitz.

Kiev is abandoned and various other shuffling.

Axis Prior Turn:
2 German level 2 subs show up on the east side of Girbralter and ambush HMS Formidable doing 5 damage to the carrier (4 & 1), U73 (now with a pip of exp) tries to continue further into the med and runs into FNFL Triomphant (CL)
and damages the light cruiser 1 point.

Allied Turn:
HMS Formidable and FNFL Triomphant exact a tiny bits of revenge on U-73 (1 dmg each).
HMS Valiant and Malaya bombard Mersa Matruh for 4 damage, but the Italian Armor stationed in the city is unharmed; Perhaps some morale damage is done.
A fighter group recons over the Axis position in Western Egypt and is intercepted by the German fighter (presumably reinforced). The UK gets the better of the exchange -1 for -2.
UK Tactical bombers (str: 8) attack the Italian Armor in Mersa Matruh, the German fighters come up again and take 2 damage for none returned. The bombers only weaken the Armor's morale 5%.
Another set of Tactical bombers (also str: 8) hit the German fighter base unitercepted, but disapointingly do only 1 damage.
HMS Courageous, with no juicy bomber fields to target go after the grounded German fighters doing 1 point with the first strike and shattering the fighters with the 2nd, with insignificant losses to her air wing.
Monty then orders the troops to advance out of their fortifications. The WDF Army attacks the Italian tanks and both take 2 damage. The WDF then shifts south.
Next the Aussies attack the Italian Tanks, doing 3 damage and taking 1. They then reposition themselves south of the WDF (last hex before the Qattara depression).
The 7th Armor then rolls forward and attacks the Italians doing 3 more damage and forcing them to retreat back towards Sidi Barani. In true Monty fashion, 7th Armor is then orderd to retreat back to the fortifications instead of taking the town.
BEF Army then moves forward to complete the line of infantry.
The Desert Artillary moves to the center forward fortification to defend the WDF and BEF armies.

Atlantic & USA

No MPP lost to Raiders

US Mobilization: 64% (so two 1% on his and my turn.) Assuming average rolls the US appears to be on schedule for entering after Pearl Harbor.

No pictures this turn, the Ukraine is too depressing.
It appears that Germany has gone for a unit heavy strategy. These turns take so long to record (though it helps me not to play carelessly), but I'll try to capture various chart information.

I'm not sure what other players experience is, but if feels like taking historical pre-Barbarossa Soviet political choices is just far too damaging to their prewar preperation.

The 7th Armor backed up because it is only level 1 (the UK is hurting for Tech) and I'm not so sure it could survive 2 hits from level 2 Panzers and a hit from a level 1 AT.

MrLongleg -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/28/2017 3:35:33 AM)

Just my 2 cents. I think you are playing a brilliant North Africa campaign, creating a lot of problems for me...

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/28/2017 12:50:31 PM)

Thank you kindly.

I learned a few big lessons from getting quickly overrun there by KorutZelva.
Also doing the AAR makes me think a lot more about what to do and the order to do it in. So it takes me a while to think things through.
The supply mechanics also make you take your time and think things through. It also plays historically for Monty's (the Commonwealth) counter attack.
There just isn't enough supply to go all 'Balls to the Wall' Patton-esk advance; at least not until experience pips for the HQs and Command & Control Tech start showing up.

I'm interested in knowing (though can wait till later if you want to keep it secret) if the shelling of the towns hurt your supply situation or not.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/28/2017 1:09:20 PM)

Pre Allied August 26, 1941 Turn Reports Report
(From the Redundancy office of Redundancy)

UK 1,500 MPP
USSR 1,225 MPP
USA 2,975 MPP
GE 2,425 MPP
IT 900 MPP

UK 250 MPP
GE 250 MPP
IT 100 MPP

Convoys & Convoy Losses
UK 4,925 MPP (376) MPP
USSR 360 MPP (0) MPP
GE 1,394 MPP (434) MPP

Raiders losses (Sub / Surface)
UK 60 / 385 MPP
USSR 59 / 226 MPP
GE 799 / 200 MPP

Strategic Bombing
*Bomb innocent civilians? Including women and children? That would be barbaric!

MPP (Collected / Units Purchased / Lost Units)
UK 8,925 / 5,808 / 4,997 MPP
USSR 5,096 / 3,031 / 3,667 MPP
GE 15,636 / 11,739 / 10,830 MPP
IT 3,287 / 2,080 / 1,276 MPP

Unit Counts (Land / Air / Naval)
UK 31 / 8 / 34
USSR 34 / 4 / 6
GE 84 / 11 / 8
IT 17 / 2 / 11

MrLongleg -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/28/2017 6:47:55 PM)


I'm interested in knowing (though can wait till later if you want to keep it secret) if the shelling of the towns hurt your supply situation or not.

Let's say it does not help my supply situation ;-)

johanssb -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/28/2017 7:30:21 PM)

Helps having your strat bomber in NA as well.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/28/2017 7:45:01 PM)


ORIGINAL: johanssb

Helps having your strat bomber in NA as well.

I don't. I've seen the AI do that to me, but I've decided not to. I'm not going to provide reasoning at this time.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/28/2017 7:47:39 PM)

Allied Turn: August 26, 1941

Axis Prior Turn:
*note this is listed north to south not in the order it took place.
S-4 spots The Prince Eugen (CA) searching the Baltic sea, presumably hunting for Marat.

LXXVII Corps in Parnu takes 4 damage from attacks by 1st Panzer and a German Army. The German Army suffers 1 damage back.
The German VIII Corps attacks the IV Corps in Ostrov, neither side takes damage.
3rd Army in Vitebsk is attacked by a German army which takes 1 damage, and by 4th Panzer. 3rd Army is reduced by 3.
14th German Army, an unknown German Army, XXI German Corps and the 21st Pz Tanks assult XVI Corps Babruysk. XVI Corps suffers 2 losses while the unknown German Army suffers 1 damage (now str: 5), and the XXI Corps also suffers 1 damage.
The Germans take the evacuated city of Kiev, but don't attack the V Corps north of the city.
II Corps in Poltava is attacked and suffers 3 damage doing nothing back.
3rd Panzer attacks XXIV Corps in Zaporizhia doing 4 damage.
7th Army in Kherson is 3/5ths surrounded and has the rail line cut off by Romanian armed forces.

Allied Turn:
S-4 does 1 damage to Prince Eugen then leaves.
Soviet TAC and Medium bombers are unintercepted as they attack the 4th Panzer (str: 9, 1 pip exp) outside of Vitebsk. They hurt themselves (2 dmg TAC, 1 dmg MB) more than the Panzers (1 dmg), but do shave off a good 35(ish) morale.
More retreating, shuffling, reinforcing, and praying for bad weather.

Axis Prior Turn:
Coastal observers spot one or two subs moving around the eastern side of Gibralter.

Allied Turn:
HMS Warspite, Malaya & Valiant bombard Rommel's infantry Corps between Mersa Matruh and Sidi Barani. They don't do any direct damage but shaken the infantry's morale (-46% morale).
Two Tac bombers (both Str 8) then go after Rommel's infantry Corps and an air battle takes place against an Italian fighter. The end results: IT FTR -4, UK TAC#1 -2, UK TAC#2 -1, GE INF -4.
HMS Courageous sees her chance to score crediable hits against a ground unit and does so for 2 more points to the German Infantry Corps over 2 raids (Readiness -44% and Morale -59% from all attacks so far).
Monty's 7th Armor then attacks them and the Germans make a decent acounting of themselves doing 1 point to the UK tanks while taking 2 themselves.
7th Armor then effectively retreats back, to avoid Rommel's Panzers and AT, by switching places with the BEF Army.
Rommel's infantry Corps finally gives up the ghost and is shattered by the BEF Army.
The Aussie Corps moves to protect the BEF's flank and other supporting units creep westward.

HMS Ark Royal then goes after the previously spotted Italian Medium bombers stationed in Tobruk, 4 damage is done to them in two raids.

The commander of the Eastern Mediterranean Naval Forces grows concerned with the report of 2 advanced German subs making their way into the western Med.

Atlantic & USA

No MPP lost to raiders

USA Mobilization 67%

If I had somewhere nearby and safe to stash the Gibralter GAR I would ship them out and move the Canadian Maritime bombers there.

It feels like it may have been a German 'Lets wait for the HQs to catch up, while we reinforce' kind of turn. Still far, far too many clear weather turns ahead.
The first 2 turns of Barbarossa, I spent some of the soviet bonus income on Tech that I thought/think was desperately needed. I'm paying the price now in fewer reinforcements these past few turns.
This is again reinforcing my opinion that the Soviets need to not follow the historical political actions. Low-Mid Teen Mobilization through 1940 just does not generate enought MPP.

Does anyone known what the Commonwealth called the 'task force' that was stationed in the Eastern Med?


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/29/2017 8:44:41 PM)

Allied Turn: September 9, 1941

Axis Prior Turn:
*note this is listed north to south not in the order it took place.
Parnu is attacked by Medium Bomber, which takes a hit, a Tank an Corps. The Defenders hold on.
Ostrov falls to siege of numerous attackers. An unescorted Tac bomber is intercepted by Soviet fighters, unknown damage. The Soviet Fighter took 2 damage.
Vitebsk is attacked, then the attackers back off.
Moglev is attacked by a Panzer and an Army, and manages to hang on but does no damage to the attackers. Another unescorted German Bomber is intercepted, unknown damage. The Fighter took 1 damage.
7th Army in Kherson is attacked by nearly the whole of Romania's armed forces and followed up with a German bomber. 7th Army barely survives and only did 1 point of damage to a Romanian Army.

Additionally the Soviet Battleship Marat raids the Sweedish Convoy for 13 more MPP.

Allied Turn:
Reports from operatives in the Baltic States indicate that a large group of FW200 Condors are stationed in Ventspils. The Soviet Baltic Fleet's days are numbered.
S-4 encounters Bismark and gets the worst of it (2 damage for 1).
Marat decides to go out with a bang and faces off with Bismark. Marat does 5 damage and Bismark does 6, leaving both Battleships at 4 strength. Marat then backs away.

More retreating, shuffling, reinforcing, and praying for bad weather.

Axis Prior Turn:
Rommel pulls back to a north-south line anchored at Sidi Barani.
One of the Advanced German subs is spotted along the coastline north of the Halfaya Pass. It must have naval cruised to get there.

Allied Turn:
The seas in the Med turn rough, but the coastal sea hex the GE sub (while now not visible, I know where it is) is in has nice calm waters.
Fighters head to the sub location and are intercepted by Italians, who take it on the chin (4 dmg to IT FTR, 1 dmg to UK FTR). The sub is then hit for 1 damage.
Recon from the mission shows Rommel's HQ in the Pass, an Italian Infantry Corps in Bardia and the Italian sub north of Bardia (next to the German sub).
A 3 way arguement breaks out regarding what to do with the Commonwealth bombers. The Naval Commander wants the German sub attacked; Monty who wants to go after the Italian Fighters; and Wavell who wants to pause to replenish the bombers.
They decide to conduct more recon first and the Parthian (sub) is sent to scout the coast and nearby waters, presumbing the other German sub might be nearby as well. Parthian finds the Italian 10th Army in Tobruk (str 6), but nothing else.
Another Fighter is sent after the German sub, this is unintercepted and hits the sub for 1 more damage.
Wavell mostly wins the arguement and 1 TAC bomber is sent to go after the German sub and forces a dive (see note below).
The presence of the German subs (the other still presumed to be near by) swings the naval balance a little too much for the naval commander's liking. Particularly with the unpredicatability of being able to use air power over the sea.
A bit of top secret information from London regarding the expectation of new equipment and just sheer prudence to wait for some destroyers to help with the situation seals the decision.

Germany deploys a U boat at Pola.

Atlantic & USA

Parliment decides to increase shipments to the USSR.
No MPP lost to raiders
US Mobilization: 70% or 71% at end of turn (was 69% at begining of my turn, and I didn't catch it looking at the MPP summary)

I'm not sure why, but the TAC that forced the GE sub to dive, was at supply 3, when the supply overlay said it should have been at 6 for the current turn. So I couldn't reinforce it this turn anyway.


KorutZelva -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/29/2017 8:51:55 PM)

To which HQ is it attached? If it's not the closest one it doesn't get the boost.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/29/2017 9:28:26 PM)

It was attached to one (Wavell) further back. Monty is boosting the ground forces facing the Germans, and it was next to him in a 6 supply hex (though not on the coast).
I moved it to the coast and was able to reinforce it (turn not posted yet) then, even though it was still closer to Monty than Wavell.

KorutZelva -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/29/2017 9:34:32 PM)


ORIGINAL: Taxman66

It was attached to one (Wavell) further back. Monty is boosting the ground forces facing the Germans, and it was next to him in a 6 supply hex (though not on the coast).
I moved it to the coast and was able to reinforce it (turn not posted yet) then, even though it was still closer to Monty than Wavell.

Supply works in mysterious ways. [:)] But 'proximity' is also influenced by road and such. Hard to say without a pic.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/30/2017 2:37:06 PM)

Allied Turn: September 23, 1941

Axis Prior Turn:
Tripitz finds Marat and sinks her while only taking 1 damage back.

The Soviet Garrison next to Tartu is destroyed.
A bomber sent at Mogilev is escorted this time, the Soviet fighter takes 3 damage and I'm not sure if there was any German casualties (perhaps a hit on the escorts?)
Mogilev is taken and a German Panzer suffers 1 damage
The Corps north of Kiev does 1 point of damage to a Corps and an Army. The Russian Corps was either destroyed or railed away.
Kharkov falls to the Germans the defenders doing damage to a Medium Bomber and a point to a Panzer.
There were some other attacks on cities and towns that damaged the defender, but didn't kill them and didn't hurt the Germans. In particular: Talinn, Pskov & Chernigov.
*See below

Allied Turn:
Mud appears in western europe through the Ukraine, but unfortunitly not in central Russia. Hopefully it stays or gets nastier between turns.
The German V Corps takes 2 damage from the 'Great Armored Train Counter Attack'.

More retreating, shuffling, reinforcing, and praying for bad weather.

Axis Prior Turn:
Leonardo da Vinci (IT Sub) scouts the ports of Alexandria and finds nothing there, it does find the Parthan (UK Sub) nearby and an Italian Destroyer moves in to attack. Sub and Destroyer both take 1 damage.

Allied Turn:
TAC Bombers hit Leonardo da Vinci for 3 damage.
Fighters hit da Vinci for 1 damage, another set forces a dive and then the third find not only da Vinci but a German sub as well.
HMS Ark Royal, from the safety of the Suez canal, hits the German sub for 1 damage and then forces a dive.
Parthian finds the German Sub (identified as U35), then HMS Courageous takes her turn and forces U35 to dive again.
HMS Courageous takes her second strike against the da Vinci doing another point of damage to the Italian sub.

Commonwealth ground forces do not advance.

Atlantic & USA

No MPP lost to raiders
US Mobilization: 73%

I'm thinking that the Eastern Med is turning into a Mexican Standoff. The Royal Navy doesn't want to mess with the submarines, and presumably the Regia Marina doesn't want to mess with the air power.

*Sorry all, I didn't complete my notes before starting to move the Russians so my report on Germany's attacks are very spotty.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/30/2017 8:13:13 PM)

Allied Turn: October 15, 1941

Axis Prior Turn:
Thor continues to favor the Germans, as the weather for his turn is clear all round and they make a strong push.

The Finnish Armed forces attack the Stalingrad Corps in the middle of the Russian line on their front. They bring it down to 6 strength (not sure if the Finns took any damage).
The XVI Rifle Corps in Talinn is cut off and reduced to strength 8 while doing a point of damage to the III German Corps.
Paratroopers drop north east of Tartu and are intercepted by Soviet fighters, German escorts prevent any damage to the 1st FSJ paratroopers. An unknown amount of damage was done to the German fighters, while the Soviets took 3.
The Paratroopers move to cut off the city, then attack and bounce (i.e. no damage) off the VI Corps in the city.
Pskov is taken, the Soviet Army defending it manages to only do a single point of damage to a German Panzergrenadier.
Unescorted bombers are intercepted over Velikiye Luki. The bombers take an unknown amount of damage, but still manage to do a point of damage to X Corps defending the city.
Two Panzer Corps and a German Army assault Gommel and take it.
Konotop, defended by a meer Garrison, is also taken. A German Corps takes a point of damage in the assault.
An undefended Belgorod is taken.
Stalino is attacked and the 23rd Army defending it is down to strength 6. No retribution damage is done to the Germans. Two German Armies, a German Corps and a Panzer Corps are north west of the city.
Fighters helped protect the city from bombers. The fighters took 3 damage (and were at 11 strength elite... sheesh!), unknown damage to the German air fighters and/or bombers.
10th Army holds the bottleneck in the Crimea. They are down to 8 strength after a German bomber and the Romanians attack.

Allied Turn:
Rain in the Ukraine for my turn.

The Great Armored Train Counter Attack continues and the German V Corps takes another point of damage.
Talinn is evacuated via transports
Stalino is evacuated via trains.

More retreating, shuffling, reinforcing, and praying for bad weather.

Axis Prior Turn:
At least 2 German subs are seen scouting around the Eastern Med (by the UK sub Parthian)
Turns out my prediction of a Mexican Standoff was wrong. The Regina Maria is not afraid of the Commonwealth air power. All of it is accounted for in the Eastern Med.
Two Italian Destroyers tag team the Parthian which takes 2 damage while one Destroyer takes 2 and the other 1.
Three Italian Battleships and a Heavy Cruiser bombard Montgomery's HQ. The fourth Battleship and two Heavy Cruisers bombards TAC bomber(s) on the shore. Another Heavy Cruiser bombards 7th Army*
Nothing but morale and supply damage (to El Alamein) is done, While one of the Italian Cruisers and I think one of the Battleships take a point of damage.
I didn't get a clear count but several to many of the bombarding ships have been upgraded to Naval 1, but not all of them.

Allied Turn:
Maritime bombers passively spot a German U boat north and slightly east of Alexandria.
Fighters are sent up with the dual mission of scouting for the Italian Navy and drawing out the Italian Fighters. They find the bulk of the RM (4 Battleships, and 2 Heavy Cruisers). The Fighters take 3 points of damage, as do the German fighters, and the Battleship takes 1.
TAC bombers, still somewhat shell shocked from the earlier bombardment, are sent after the same Regina Maria Battleship. The German fighters come up again, this time versus Elite (str: 11) UK escorts. The German fighters take 2 damage, The UK TAC takes 2 damage, and the Battleship takes 3.
A second group of TAC bombers strike (these have more morale and readiness), this time the Italian fighers intercept. Results: IT FTRs -3, IT BB -5, UK TAC -1.
The crippled Battleship (already taken 9 damage) is then sunk by a group of fighters. The sinking warship is identified as Conte di Cavour.
Unintercpeted Maritime bombers then go after another RM Battleship and do 6 damage in two strikes.
Another Fighter strike does a point (the 7th) to the same Battleship.
The RN badly wants a shot at the RM, but leash is still tight as surely there are dastardly subs screening the RM.
HMS Courageous moves up the Canal and hits the German sub twice (2 damage).
HMS Ark Royal tries next and forces a dive. Ark Royal then sends out planes to search for the sub and find that she dived closer to the canal.
HMS Amazon (recently upgraded to ASW 2) takes advantage of the opportunity and approaches U371. The sub is level 3! They do a point of damage to each other.
HMS Sheffield (also recently upgraded to ASW 2) tries her luck and forces a dive from U371. I think the sub is down to 5 supply.

Commonwealth ground forces do not advance.

Atlantic & USA

15 MPP lost to raiders (Egypt Convoy line)
US Mobilization: 76%


I'm pretty sure that Germany rebuilt the paratroopers lost in France, as I think it is the same unit id as the one that was shattered.
* Somewhere in the listing of Heavy Cruisers bombarding, one must have been a Light Cruiser.

Thought about going after the GE sub with the Maritime bomber, but wanted the 100% chance of damage instead of possibly getting a 'dive' result.

I just learned something new about fighters.

Learned the name of the unknown sunk BB, by checking 'Honors' under properties.

Random dive movement is often good, other times it is really, really stupid. This case for example.

HOLY MOLELY, it felt like he just upgraded to level 2 subs 4 or 5 turns ago. He must've gotten a breakthrough. Gonna have to change research plans for the UK (and USA) yet again.


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/30/2017 9:15:00 PM)

Allied Turn: November 6, 1941

Axis Prior Turn:
Snow in Finland, Mud in Europe & Russia and Clear (I think) in the Ukraine.
A pocket Battleship runs into S-4 (Strength 4, sitting in the Leningrad port) and takes 3 damage.
The Finns continue to pick on the same Corps and force it to retreat. A Finnish Army did take 1 damage.
Germany takes the evacuated city of Talinn.
Tartu is bombed and an air engagement is fought over the city. The Russian fighters (which were not at full strength) take 3 damage, and an unknown amount was taken by the German escorts.
The defenders in Tartu hang on another turn.
The Army in Orsha is attacked next and takes 4? damage. The only German losses are to TAC bombers hit by an AA unit.
The Corps south of Orsha takes 2 damage and may have done 1 back to a Germany Army.
The Hungarian armed forces attack Mariupol and need German assistance to finally take the town. The defenders manage a point of damage on a Panzer Corps.
The Army gaurding the bottleneck of the Crimea takes ? damage from the Romanians and does 1 damage back to a Romanian Army.

Allied Turn:
Snow and mud in Finland, clear everywhere else, better my turn than his but if the weather works like World in Flames* this would be bad.
S-4 torpedos Gneisenau (CC) outside the Lenningrad port for 2 damage (Gneisenau now str 6)

More retreating, shuffling, reinforcing, and praying for bad weather.

Axis Prior Turn:
Two Italian Battleships bombard Mersa Matruh.
An Italian Heavy Cruiser bombards El Alamein. The Cruiser takes a point of damage.
Two Italian Heavy Cruisers bombard Montogomery's HQ.
Italian bombers (medium I think) go after one of the Commonwealth Tactical bombers, they are escorted and intercepted. I'm unsure if there was damage to an Axis FTR, but the IT bomber took two hits (unknown full damage) and the UK TAC took 1 point of damage.

Allied Turn:
Low morale UK TAC bombers are sent after an Italian Battleship, they are intercepted by German Fighters: UK Escort Fighters - 1 damage, UK TAC -2 dmg, GE FTR -2 dmg, IT BB -3 dmg.
The Maritime bombers then go for the Battleship, again intercepted by the Germans: UK FTR -1 dmg, UK Maritime -1 dmg, GE FTR -2(-3?) dmg, IT BB -3 dmg.
The 2nd UK TAC bombers are sent to finish off the Battleship, this time the Italians intercept: UK FTR -1 dmg, UK TAC no dmg, IT FTR -5 dmg (4 by FTR, 1 by TAC), BB Caio Duilio sunk.

Monty gives the command and the BEF, WDF and 10th Armies move forward to make contact with the German Recon in Sidi Barani, the AT unit and Rommel's Panzers. Monty's AT unit flanks the Panzers from the south.
Meanwhile opperation 'Uppercut' is launched from the vicinity of the Siwa Oasis. XII Corps and the Kiwis Corps both attack the German fighter air base. German Artillary defends the fighters. Both Commonwealth Corps take 2 damage each, and the Fighters take 3.
The Desert Rats (UK Recon) plug the whole between the Kiwis and the UK AT, by moving next to the Panzers, the spent German Artillary and the German fighters. They shatter the badly damaged fighters.

The Maritime bombers 2nd strike force a German sub to dive.
Fighters search for the sub and luck out in not only finding her but doing a point of damage.
HMS Courageous, from the safety of the Canal forces the sub to dive again. Then she strikes at another German sub and does a point of damage to her.
HMS Ark Royal forces the second German sub to dive.
HMS Amazon (DD str 7), finds one of the dived subs (U73) north of the mouth of the Nile. Amazon takes a shot and both Amazon and U73 both take a point of damage. Amazon then retreats into the Port at Port Said.
HMS Ark Royal then forces U73 to dive.
HMS Glorious, which had just arrived in the Red Sea, sends out a search for the dive subs and finds another German sub and hits it for 1 damage (while spotting U73 on the way).
HMS Sheffield (CL, ASW 2) dashes out to try her luck against U73. It's a mistake as U73 takes 1 and Sheffield takes 2.
HMS Glorious takes another shot at U73 and forces the sub to dive again.

Stage 2 of Operation Uppercut (the Combo?) is launched and the 3 Armies (BEF, WDF & 10th) all attack Rommel's Panzers (WDF and BEF swap positions to pull this off), doing 6 points of damage to the Panzers and taking 8 spread out against the 3 armies (3, 3 & 2).
The AT unit then takes it shot and does 3 damage and takes 3 back.
7th Armor rolls forward and finishes the job shattering Rommel's tanks.
The Aussies then move forward and take the position occupied by the German tanks, protecting 7th Armor from the German AT unit.

Monty may get all the publicity, but Wavell (3 pips of exp) is the true hero of Egypt.

Atlantic & USA
HMS Javelin (ASW 2) encounters U505 (Sub 3) and does 3 damage to the sub while taking 2 back.

21 MPP lost to raiders (India Convoy line)
US Mobilization: 80%

*In World in Flames there is a bit of a weight on the weather based on the previous impulse's (i.e. turn equivalent in SC) weather.

Got a bit of luck in that 2 aireal recon missons landed right on top of subs.

I count at least 4 German subs in the Med, 2 in the Atlantic, and 3 sunk. Unless he built more that should be all of them.

I forgot to ground the fighters in northern Russia after I moved them, since they can't move and reinforce. They intercepted at 7 strength, less than optimal.

I'm really tempted to repair the Russian sub S-4.

Got sloppy again and didn't finish my notes in Russia before I started moving/reinforcing and then ended the turn so left out the unit ids and a few damages done to my units.


MrLongleg -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/30/2017 9:59:29 PM)

Congratulation to a brilliant operation in Africa, Rommel is all but beaten. Seems like the whole British army is down there...

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (1/1/2018 2:35:40 PM)

Allied Turn: November 28, 1941

Axis Prior Turn:
Thor continues to bless the Germans. There is clear weather everywhere (except maybe Finland).
German Maritime bombers go after S-4 in the northern Lenningrad port. The sub takes 2 damage, while the intercepting Soviet Fighter takes 3 and an unknown amount of damage is done to the Finnish Fighter.
The Finns attack the 13th Army in Vyborg and bounce (no damage to either side).
A Panzergrenadier forces the defending Corps out of Tartu, then the Paratroopers move into the city and finish off the cut off Corps.
The 11th Panzer attacks the 3rd Corps in Luga and both take a point of damage.
Orsha falls, the great train is no match for Panzers (Have I mentioned that in my opinion Light Armor generally sucks and is not worth a point of investment?)
The Corps south of Orsha does 1 dmg to a German Army, is then forced to retreat and finally shattered by bombers.
The XXX German Corps attacks from the southern suburbs of Bryansk, occupied by VII Corps. No damage. Two more German Corps appear behind the XXX Corps.
The 7th FSJ Paratroopers attack the II Corps in Kursk from the south. No damage to either side.
Corps in the forest north of Taganrog is destroyed. A Romanina Fighter takes an unknown amount of damage during the air combat, while the Soviet Fighter takes 2 damage
Taganrog itself is brought down to half strength
The 10th Army in the bottleneck of the Crimea continues to hold out, taking 4 damge and doing 1 back to a Romanian Army. The 10th Army's morale and readiness are begining to suffer.

Allied Turn:
Rain in Finland, Mud in the Ukraine and it continues to be clear in central Russia (Are you F-bombing kidding me?)
S-4 (Str 3) hits Gneisenau (CC) for a point of damage.

More retreating, shuffling, reinforcing, and praying for bad weather.
Oh, and some new equipment starts making its way to the troops.

Partisans strike Dnepropetovsk and the surrounding area.

Axis Prior Turn:
A German sub attacks HMS Amazon in the port of Port Said, it's a mistake and the sub takes 2 damage.
An Italian Battleship and Heavy Cruiser bombard Mersa Matruh, occupied by Monty's HQ. The Battleship takes a point of damage and the town is reduced to 1.
An Italian Heavy Cruiser bombards the UK TAC west of El Alamein, but only reduces the morale and readiness of the bombers.
The Italians swing south and with the German Recon's help hammer XII Corps for 7 damage, including forcing it to retreat westward (away from it's supply and allies). The Italian Armor takes 1 damage in the fighting.
The German AT retreats to Bardia and the Artillary to the south west of Bardia.

Italian forces in East Africa surrender.

Allied Turn:
Parthian (UK Sub) finds U81 South of Cyprus.
XII Corps (Strength 3) retreats towards Siwi Oasis and I Corps moves to cover their retreat.
The Aussies swap places with the Desert Rats and attack the Italian 5th Army dealing 2 damage.
The BEF and WDF move forward and Monty takes Sidi Barani.
TAC bombers force U81 to dive, and then Parthian quickly refinds the german sub.
HMS Courageous forces U81 to dive. HMS Sheffield finds the sub again, and Courageous's 2nd strike hits for a point of damage.
HMS Ark Royal gets a point of damage in and then forces a dive.
Sheffield finds her yet again, and takes her shot forcing yet another dive.
This time it is HMCS Assiniboine (DD) that finds her... and forces a dive.
U81, badly damaged (strength 3), manages to get away.

Atlantic & USA
Axis Prior Turn:
U505 finds itself trapped in a guantlet of Destroyers and runs into HMCS Saguenay and ORP Blyskawica. U505 takes 3 damage reducing it to Strength 5, The Polish destroyer takes 1 damage.

Allied Turn:
U505 is sunk after being attacked by six Destroyers and a Motor Torpedo boat.

Japan attacks Pearl Harbor, USA prepares for war.

20 MPP lost to raiders (Canadian Convoy)
US Mobilization: 99%



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