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Taxman66 -> MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/16/2017 2:42:29 AM)

Starting over with the 10.03 Beta patch

Allied Turn: September 8, 1939

Germany's attack on Poland is a bit less aggressive, but nearly as effective.
There are no juicy counter attack targets, just a couple vs. German infantry.


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/16/2017 3:45:57 AM)

Allied Turn: September 22, 1939

Canada's late to the party.

Poland went down on Germany's 2nd turn.
Not much more I could've done. Germany got 2 retreats on the infantry protecting Warsaw. After that, spoiling attacks by Infantry help do in the entrenchment on Warsaw.
The only possible thing different I could've done would have been to move the GAR out of Modin South 1 hex. Then the INF that forced marched to that hex could've just walked into Modin instead.
Better Morale for the hex SE of Warsaw but far fewer entrenchment for Modin.
There wasn't enough MPP to reinforce the fighter to 5 and I was hoping to strike with the TAC on the next turn if something was weak.

HMS Javelin and Terrible find a sub and make it dive twice.

17(?) MPP lost to raiders, IIRC.

Sigh, I miss how well Poland went for me in the previous game.

Not sure how the developers feel about it, but having variable defensive set ups would keep Players from attacking units in the FOW. Having that initial army south of Warsaw not only weakened but revealed by a TAC strike goes a hugely long way to allowing Poland to be taken down in 2 turns.
Additionally knowing about the Mech's location allows it to be neutralized as well.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/16/2017 4:07:44 PM)

Allied Turn: October 14, 1939

The Terrible runs into the Deutschland and takes a point of damage in the rough seas.
Paris (BB) and Tourville (CA) come to Terrible's rescue and do 3 damage to Deutschland, while Paris takes 1 back.

HMS Jersey runs into U35, both DD and Sub take 2 damage.

Javelin finds a sub and forces it to dive.

30 MPP lost to Raiders.

USSR accepts treaty renegotiation
France Bans the Communist Party
UK seizes Irish Treaty Ports
USSR starts the Winter War

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/16/2017 6:47:35 PM)

Allied Turn: November 5, 1939

Deutschland attempts to flee the encounter and right into the gun sights of HMS Hood.
Deutschland makes a good accounting for herself giving almost as good as she gets (Deutschland 4 dmg, Hood 3 dmg) before breaking free.
Tourville finds the German cruiser and Paris and HMS Malaya (BB) finally sink the raider. (Paris takes a 1pt of damage in the fight).

Elsewhere in the Atlantic, HMS Jersey (Str: 8) making her way back to Scotland encounters U47 and forces the sub to dive.
HMS Javelin then finds U47 but both miss each other.

HMCS Saguenay also heading for Jersey and Javelin runs into U35 on the way, forcing a dive.
Terrible comes to assist Saguenay and forces U35 to dive again.

16 MPP lost to Raiders.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/16/2017 8:43:36 PM)

Allied Turn: November 27, 1939

Four destroyers (ORP Blyskawica, HMS Javelin, HMCS Saguenay, and Terrible) attack U47 resulting in 3 dives and one 0:0 wiff.

HMS Mohawk encounters U32 west of Portugal/Spain northern border resulting in a 0:0 wiff

16 MPP lost to Raiders

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/16/2017 10:22:02 PM)

Allied Turn: December 19, 1939

The battle for the Atlantic is a bit quieter this turn.

Terrible vs. U35, both wiff (0:0)

Mohawk vs. U32, both wiff (0:0)

23 MPP lost to Raiders.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/17/2017 2:41:55 AM)

Allied Turn: January 20, 1940

The weather clears up and the seas are calm in the Atlantic, making the encounters more dangerous.

HMCS Saguenay and U47 surprise each other to nasty effect. Saguenay takes 5 damage and U47 takes 4 damage.

Terrible and U35 both damage each other for 1 point.

ORP Blyskawica forces U30 to dive

HMS Javelin spots U32 and calls in air strikes for HMS Courages. U32 takes 2 damage (1 for each strike) and then Javelin herself makes the sub dive.

No MPP lost to Raiders.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/17/2017 3:00:38 PM)

Allied Turn: March 2, 1940

ORP Blyskawica and U32 both wiff against each other.
as does HMS Javelin vs. U32.
U32 however is now down to 2 supply.

26 MPP lost to Raiders.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/17/2017 8:25:51 PM)

Allied Turn: April 3, 1940

Clear weather for late March and early April

Germany DOWs and takes the Netherlands
Belgium joins the Allies.

2 German Z Destroyers attack Salmon (now with 1 pip of xp)
Salmon takes 3 damage
1 DD takes 6 the other 1

U32 ran into HMS Mohawk and HMS Bulldog fleeing
from HMS Javelin and ORP Blyskawica.
U32 takes 2 damage and so does Bulldog.
U32 has str: 5 and supply: 0

Germany got a very large (27%) diplo hit on
Yugoslavia (72% German).

HMS Glorious air strikes Z2 for 4 damage after finding the German destroyer with an air search.
HMS Suffolk (CA) engages Z2 for 2:3 exchange
Z2 is down to Str: 2

Belgium defense forces adjusted
A French corps moves between Antwerp and Brussels
A UK corps moves SW of Antwerp

25 MPP lost to Raiders


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/18/2017 3:11:29 AM)

Allied Turn: April 25, 1940

More clear weather over the land, and calm in the North Sea for Germany's turn, but rough for the allied.

Germany takes Norway and Denmark
Germany DOWs Luxemburg

The other damaged German Z boat Destroyer runs into HMS Suffolk (CA) and is nearly sunk in the encounter.
German Pocket Battleships (i.e. Battle Cruisers) engage and sink the Suffolk, One of the Battle Cruisers takes some damage in return (3 iirc), the other may have taken 1.

The damaged (Str: 5) German sub U47 runs into HMS Nelson (BB) and both take 1 pt of Damage

U32 trying to escape the gauntlet of destroyers around her takes 2 more damage and does 1 back to ORP Blyskawica

A sub heading towards Gibraltar runs into the French destroyer Jaguar. Both take a point of damage.

Furious air engagements have wounded the UK Coastal Command Fighter group down to Strength: 3, French Grp de Chasse 21 fighter group down to Strength: 7 and the Belgian fighter group down to Strength: 2
Brussels is bombed (and may have been attacked by a Panzer once) but holds as the majority of the effort was spent north of the city.
The Germans push hard north of Brussels, killing the French I corps and bringing the UK II corps down to strength 1.
Germany also takes the city of Liege.

The UK II Corps retreats NW of Amiens.
French 7th Army (between Lille and Calais) attacks the 7th FSJ Paratroopers. Both units take 2 damage.
French 1st Army (in Lille) follows up and also attacks the 7th FSJ Paratroopers. Both units take 2 damage.
The French Armies are both at Strength 8, and the paratroopers are at 5.
The Belgian Army in Brussels is reinforced.
As are both UK and French fighter wings.

HMS Southampton (CL) finds and sinks a crippled Z boat near Kristiansand.

HMS Jersey finds U35. Both take a point of damage. U35 is now Strength: 6

HMS Mohawk, Terrible and ORP Blyskawica finally sink U32

No MPP lost to Raiders

Again, picture will be uploaded later.


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/18/2017 4:40:18 PM)

Allied Turn: May 17, 1940

After numerous attacks Brussels falls. It manages to score multiple 1 damage retributions on many of the attacks.
The 1st FSJ paratroopers attempt to land at Amiens but it is occupied by the UK II corps. Damaged they land north of Amiens and South of Calais.
They then finish off the UK I corps.

The Germans also attack the French 7th army between Calais and Lille with the German 8th army.
They do 3 damage for 1 back but the 7th stand their ground, meaning the paratroopers are currently cut off.

U47 (Str: 4) runs into HMS Southampton (CL), neither sub or light cruiser take any damage.
A German Pocket Battleship is ambushed by the Salmon (sub) attempting to attack HMS Southampton and takes some damage.
The other Pocket Battleship and a heavy cruiser engage the Southampton and do 3 damage to her. Some damage is done back.

A German sub (U??) runs into HMS Courageous near Lisbon and takes some damage from the combat air patrol.

An Italian Transport carrying Graziani sails right next to HMS Warspite between Sicily and Southern Greece.

Salmon then finds Scharnhorst (CC) (Str: 7) and Admril Scheer (CA) (Str: 9) south of Arendal and north of Denmark. Salmon puts a torpedo into the Scharnhorst for 2 dmg
HMS Glorious then sinks the Pocket Battleship with 2 air strikes. Scharnhorst does manage to shoot down 30% of the attacking planes (3 aircraft dmg).

HMS Nelson (BB) (Str: 9) then attacks Admril Scheer for 4 damage and takes 1 back.
Scheer retreats to the coast of Northern Denmark Where HMS Rodney (BB) (Str: 10) scores a hit in the Cruiser's magazine blowing her up while only taking a bit of armor damage (1 dmg) back.

HMS Courageous forces a dive from the sub that she bumped into and didn't get far enough away from her to not spot her.

France shuffles some her secondary line units.
France reinforces front line units.

No MPP lost to Raiders

Probably should've forced march I corps further back.

It's a good thing for the Royal Navy that the Luftwaffe is occupied with France.

Why is the Italian Transport pausing in the middle of the Med? Shouldn't it have cruised? Should I declare war on Italy to kill it?
I decided not to for multiple reasons. One being that maybe my opponent isn't aware of the 'Cruise' option.

A picture will be forthcoming later.


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/18/2017 8:18:59 PM)

Allied Turn: June 8, 1940

The Germans launch their primary attack north of Lille, and a secondary attack south of Lille.
Both French Armies are destroyed, and the UK BEF in Calais is reduced to Str: 2
The French Army north of Reims is reduced to str: 6
The paratroopers are put back in supply but are next to a half strength panzer unit and I believe there is another panzer down to str: 6 that retreated behind the lines.
The paratroopers have lost about 75 points of morale (now str: 4, morale 38, and readiness 29 after it participated in the attacks)

Coastal watchers spot a German sub blocking the port of Calais preventing the BEF from escaping.

Bomber Command takes off for the first time this war and strikes at the sub off of the Calais port. The heavy bombers fly unescorted and are intercepted by German Me109s.
The first raid does 1 damage to the sub (U37), and the second forces a dive. Bomber command takes 4 damage from the 2 raids, and the German fighters 1.

UK Whitley Tactical bombers, escorted by French Dewoitine D520 fighters attack the wounded paratroopers but are also scouting for the dived U37.
They find U37 en route to their target, blocking the straight of Dover. Another group of German Me109s intercepts the raid. The French fighters, the UK bombers and the German fighters all take 1 dmg.
As does the paratroopers (str: 3, morale 33, and readiness 24).

The BEF army now safely evacuates Calais.
The remaining UK Corp in Amiens attacks the paratroopers with both taking 1 damage. The English troops then retreat westward.
The French XV Corp offloads from trains in Amiens and starts to dig in.
Then the French heavy tanks drive to the NW of Amiens solidifying the river line. Better yet they shatter the paratroopers, and take no damage themselves.
A French anti-tank unit then moves into the space formerly occupied by the paratroopers and attacks the half strength 5th panzer. Both take 2 damage leaving the panzer corp now at str: 3

The French Army north of Reims is reinforced.

Terrible, ORP Blyskawica, and HMS Mohawk attack U30 (str: 8, 1 exp pip)
The sub damages Terrible and Mohawk 1 pt each, dives from Blyskawica, and takes 1 pt from Mohawk. The sub is now at 0 supply.

USSR annexes Baltic States
USSR demands Bessarabia from Romania

Italy prepares for war (jumped to 97% from 89%) - Axis Turn
Italy declares war on the Allies - End of Allied Turn

Forgot to take a screen shot this turn. Sorry.

End of turn pop-up let me know that I moved the French Corp out of Syria a turn (or 2) too soon.
Knew about the Italy mobilization hit (that maybe didn't matter, Italy was likely to Declare anyway). Didn't know there would be a French morale hit [:(]

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/19/2017 12:00:40 AM)

Allied Turn: June 30, 1940

The heavily damaged 5th Panzer is reinforced fully.

The Luftwaffe hit the French anti-tank unit and Lille.
14th Army, 4th Panzer (str: 9, 1 xp pip) and the 10th Panzer Grenadier follow up and destroy the anti-tank unit. 4th Panzer takes 1 pt of damage and the Panzer Grenadier takes 2 (now str: 6)
Lille is also taken.
The Heavy Tanks take 2 dmg (not sure if this was from ground units or air) and is down to str: 6, and the Corps in Amiens takes 4 dmg as is down to str: 6
3rd Army north of Reims takes 6 damage from various attacks and is now at str: 4.
4th Army next to Luxembourg takes 3 damage.
The reinforced 7th FSJ paratroopers land south of Amiens, and march towards Paris. They do 2 dmg to Gamelin's HQ in an attack to the northwest of Paris.
The paratroopers took 1 dmg on their drop. They are currently cut off but unlikely to remain so for long. Their morale and readiness are low (morale: 35, readiness: 40)

Italian Medium bombers from Sicily do 3 dmg to the French Battleship Paris (now str: 4), I think the bombers took a hit from the attack.

The French fleet attempt to find the Italian Navy to engage, but they are all apparently in port. 1 dmg is done to a Destroyer, a Light Cruiser and a Heavy Cruiser.

Jaguar (DD) and U30 exchange 1 dmg each

The Maginot line is partly abandoned (the spots between the 3 cities) as well at Corp next to Luxembourg/Verdon.
The heavy tanks also pull back and the corps in Amiens is reinforced.

The writing is on the wall. France should last 2 more German turns, with an outside chance of 3.

No MPP lost to Raiders

Maybe I should've kept the anti-tank in reserve? Maybe I bought myself an extra turn using it when I did?


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/19/2017 4:36:43 PM)

Allied Turn: July 14, 1940

A German Panzer (Str: 8, xp: 1) sweeps around the north of Amiens and into Rouen. They attack the French tanks twice destroying them, but not before taking 4 damage themselves.
Amiens is taken.
The 2 French Corps south east of Amiens are beaten up to Str: 1 and Str: 4
The Panzer grenadier unit is down to str: 5 and the paratroopers down to str: 7 (taking 1 pt from desertions and 1 in an attack).

Strasbourg and Metz are abandoned and the French collapse around Paris and also have a short line of Reims to Chalons then a gap to Nancy.
The str: 1 Corps attacks/surrenders to the Panzer grenadier (to control which German unit gets the experience for it, I chose the half strength mech unit)

Pairs should be a tough nut to take in one turn.

No MPP lost to Raiders.
I'm guessing the subs have gone to Greenland to resupply or gone home (or waiting for France to fall) to do both.

Possibly should've moved the French Tanks into Rouen, instead of the hex south of the city. Not sure if the penalty for tanks defending in a city is better
than the penalty of tanks attacking a city.


KorutZelva -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/19/2017 5:31:29 PM)

Note that the defending penalty in city only applies vs infantry. Not sure about the attacking penalty.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/20/2017 1:33:03 AM)

Allied Turn: July 28, 1940

German units continue to sweep to the north west side of Paris.
Some screening units are destroyed.
Paris is bombed.
The UK No 11 Fighter group, stationed in Dover, interferes with some of the Luftwaffe operations. Me109s launch a retaliatory strike against the Spitfire Is and run into AA fire
Italian Infantry march into Grenoble
Italian Tanks drive through Nice and are next to Toulon.

A damaged (str: 2) Garrison surrenders (i.e. suicide attacks) to a str: 7 Corp.
5th Army attacks the low morale/readiness paratroopers next to Paris and does 2 damage, while taking 1 back (Paratroopers are now str: 4)
XIX Algerian Corps moves into the gap north of Paris.
There is still only 1 hex on Paris. Although the Army in Paris is at low morale and readiness and at entrenchment 3 at the end of the turn.
Corps in Nancy and Milhouse hop on trains and are rushed to Lyon and Marseille.

No MPP lost to Raiders

Operated the Corps to the National Morale cities in the south in the hope to prevent France from surrendering before Paris falls, also as they couldn't help defend Paris and wouldn't have had any attack opportunities.
I'm wondering if Germany will take the Vichy option. It won't take much to finish off the rest of the French forces.


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/20/2017 1:12:09 PM)

Allied Turn: August 11, 1940

Germany continues to attack the units surrounding Paris. Paris itself is reduced to str: 5
The only units around Paris available to Operate away are Gamelin HQ (str: 8), a str: 4 Army and a str: 1 Corps

2 level 1 German subs show up in the Dogger Bank and Strike HMS Hood doing 3 damage. Hood is down to str: 4.

An Italian Sub and Medium bomber sink the damaged French Battleship Paris.

The North Sea is stormy so the UK can't use their air to look for, or strike, the offending subs.

French units that able to flee do so to the south west.
The French Corps in Marseille boards troop ships and heads south.

No MPP lost to raiders


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/20/2017 1:17:37 PM)

Allied Turn: August 25, 1940

Germany cleans up most of the units in and around Paris.
The French deliver a few last points of damage, a couple of points notably to Panzers looking for cheap experience.

A German sub takes a point of damage as she runs into a French Destroyer while moving to block the English Channel between Dover and Calais.
German Fighters launch at the Destroyer, and UK fighters intercept. The Germans appear to get the better of the encounter. No damage is done to the Destroyer.

An Italian Sub damages a French Heavy Cruiser east of Malta.

Germany imposes Vichy.

UK support De Gaulle and the Free French.
UK and the USA come to terms exchanging destroyers for Caribbean bases.
UK launches operation 'Catapult' and devastates the Vichy fleet.
De Gaulle's Free French and UK Marines raid Dakar and seize a large supply of gold in an operation code named 'Menace'.

Probably should've grounded the UK fighters.

It appears that Germany is likely now at lvl 2 fighters.

* I would've posted pictures but I can only include 1 per message (not sure how others are doing more). Anyway some graph information follows

Land Units:
Germany 38, Italy 17, UK 23, USSR 26

Diplomacy MPP Spent:
Germany: 200
Italy: 50
UK: 100

Research MPP Spent:
Germany: 1,075
Italy: 400
UK: 725
USA: 1,000
USSR: 500

US Mobilization: 36%
USSR Mobilization: 14%

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/20/2017 7:03:55 PM)

Allied Turn: September 8, 1940

No observable Axis activity.

HMCS Saguenay finds refurbished U37 north east of Scotland and forces her to dive.
HMCS Assiniboine is called to help find U37, but instead finds U47 and exchanges 1pt of damage with the sub.
HMS Jersey finds U37 and forces another dive.

Romania joins the Axis

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/21/2017 1:21:38 AM)

Allied Turn: September 22, 1940

Italian Medium Bombers strike Malta, take 2 hits and do no direct damage.

U37 strikes HMS Jersey for 6 damage then runs a gauntlet trap of destroyers along with U47.
The end results:
U47 -1
U37 -3
HMS Jersey -6
HMCS Assiniboine -1
HMS Mohawk -2

HMS Illustrious exacts a bit of revenge air striking U-37 for 2 damage over 2 strikes.
HMS Mohawk forces U37 to dive.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/21/2017 1:22:45 AM)

Allied Turn: October 14, 1940

The Italian Fleet shore bombards Malta
Italian and German medium bombers attack Malta, bringing the defending AA unit down to 7.
Axis get a 13% diplo hit on Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia is now at 85%.

UK Med fleet does not try and engage the Italian fleet, assuredly under the air cover of Sicily.

36 MPP lost to raiders

jjdenver -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/21/2017 9:12:37 AM)


ORIGINAL: Taxman66
UK launches operation 'Catapult' and devastates the Vichy fleet.
De Gaulle's Free French and UK Marines raid Dakar and seize a large supply of gold in an operation code named 'Menace'.

Catapult seems like moves Vichy toward Axis. Aren't you concerned Vichy will join Axis? Is it really worth it?
Same with Dakar - this seems like a real longshot - I think I read 20%(?) chance. Is it worth the chance?

I noticed you also took Bessarabia. I've wondered about that option. It seems form an allied perspective that taking Bessarabia only gives a few hexes but increases Rumanian activation so in essence gives Germany more MPP's since Rumania will join more quickly and hand their MPP's over to Germany. Is it worth it?

I also noticed you said that you were moving some French units SW away from Paris. Why? Just to avoid giving xp to German troops?

And about Vichy. Why would Germany go for complete conquest instead of Vichy? What are the pros and cons?


Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/21/2017 10:50:58 AM)

1. Catapult: If Germany wants they can declare war on Tunisia and Algeria and take them with little more than a paratrooper and a plane or two. Then the UK can try and hold Casablanca without help. That will only last so long. If you do catapult it makes it easier for Germany to get them with diplo chits, but it still will likely take 3-4 chits for each of Tunisia, Algeria and Vichy.

2. [:-]The Dakar thing is a bit of a longshot, and I probably wouldn't normally do it. But with France lasting into August... Well sometimes you just have to ask yourself' 'Do you feel lucky, punk?'

3. The French units fled toward Bordoux in case Germany didn't declare Vichy. That's defensible or a port to sail to Algeria. Avoiding experience kills is also legit.

4. Going for all of France nets more MPP per turn for Germany. In most cases it is easier to declare Vichy and sweep up Africa, then grab Vichy once the USA is in the war, but there are USA and USSR mobilization hits for doing that. There are none if you go all France and if you have killed or cut off everything in France itself it may be worthwhile to finish the job.

5. Bessarabia - I don't know if it is or isn't. It seems the Allied AI does it more often than not.

KorutZelva -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/21/2017 12:00:06 PM)

Bessarrabia is a flat Romanian mobilization increase (10% I think). But Romania joining is not tied to its mobilization level so unless the Axis manage to increase it a lot via diplochits, it won't change the joining timetable.

Additionally, all of France insures Catapult doesn't happen, so there's 2 BB to be add.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/21/2017 3:23:16 PM)

Allied Turn: November 5, 1940

Malta is pounded again.
A strength 9 Italian Battleship shells the city again, and is reduced to strength 8 in the effort.
3 Medium Bombers (2 German, 1 Italian) and 3 Tactical Bombers (all German) reduce the AA unit down to a strength of 1

Reinforcements are sent to Malta.

55 MPP lost to raiders
German subs are having a happy time.

Forgot to note that Germany did not force Hungarian and Bulgarian territorial concessions against Romania.
Thought if you're following closely it would be obvious given that Romania joined on Sept. 8 1940.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/21/2017 7:31:52 PM)

Allied Turn: November 27, 1940

Valletta (i.e. Malta) is shelled again by 3 Italian Battleships. Two of whom take a point of damage in retaliation (Strengths: 9, 8 & 10)
Bombers again hit Malta reducing the reinforced AA down to 3.
This time the Italian sub blockades the Malta ports.

Rough Seas in the Med.

Hungry joins the Axis.

76 MPP lost to Raiders.

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/21/2017 11:42:38 PM)

Allied Turn: December 19, 1940

Malta succumbs to bombing and a paratrooper, but not before reducing another Italian Battleship by a point.

HMCS Saguenay, with upgraded AWS (lvl 1), finds U35 and does 2 damage to the sub.

33 MPP lost to raiders

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/22/2017 12:50:47 AM)

Allied Turn: January 20, 1941

The Italian sub runs across HMS Amazon (DD) in the Gulf of Salum. The sub takes 2 damage, the destroyer 1.

U35 attacks HMCS Saguenay (both DD & Sub are level 1) each take 4 damage (U35 - str: 4 Sauenay - Str: 6)
Saguenay spots full strength sub moving nearby but it declines to attack the damaged destroyer.

The Parthian (UK sub) finds the Leonardo da Vinci (IT sub)
HMS Amazon is called in and attacks the sub doing 2 damage and taking 1.
Fighters then strafe the sub for another point of damage (da Vinci - str: 5).
HMS Sheffield (CL), which has been upgraded (including ASW), also attacks Leonardo da Vinci but it escapes with a dive.

HMS Mohawk, mostly scouting the way back to friendly waters for the damaged Saguenay, finds U30 and forces a dive.
ORP Blyskawica comes to assist Mohawk and finds U30. Both take 1 point of damage.
HMS Bulldog, finds the heavily damaged U35 still on the convoy line. Bulldog hits the sub for 1 damage (U35 str: 3, supply: 4)

16 MPP lost to Raiders

Taxman66 -> RE: MrLongLeg vs Taxman66 AAR v10.03 Beta (12/22/2017 5:03:40 PM)

Allied Turn: March 3, 1941

A 9 strength level 1 sub with 1 pip attack ORP Blyskawica and does 5 damage to the destroyer while only taking 1 back.
A few other subs run into destroyers and take 1 or 2 damage while doing 1 or 2 damage. Slightly favoring the destroyers in the exchange.

Bulgaria joins the Axis

Pro-Allied coup fires in Yugoslavia (99% allies) and will join on the allied next turn, baring German DOW on her.

HMS Mohawk finds U30 (str: 6 1 pip & the most likely sub that assaulted Blyskawica) while scouting the area to ensure Blyskawica makes it home.
Blyskawica then retreats back towards home waters before Mohawk attacks the sub. Once Blyskawica is safely away Mohawk hits the sub for 2 damage.

HMS Bulldog finds U73 and hits her for 2 while taking 1 (U73: Str: 8, 1 pip)

Parliament rejects Churchill's proposal to seize the Irish port of Limerick.

No MPP lost to raiders this turn.

I sure hope that hit on the Polish DD was a lucky roll. Sheesh both were at level 1 upgrade.

Order of actions has to be done carefully. If U30 dived and Blyskawica ran over the hex things might've been ugly.

Germany has spent 250 MPP on Diplomacy and Italy 100 MPP, at a strong guess I believe all of it was on Yugo (particularly after that early spectacular +27% hit)
UK spent 250 MPP to block Yugo joining (at least not without more Axis effort, as they can out chit the UK alone).

MrLongleg -> Greenland Glitch (12/22/2017 6:57:18 PM)

I just experienced a little game problem. I actually had garrisoned Greenland and the "Greenland becomes US protectorate" event made that garrison disappear in thin air. I believe the event should not fire if there are German troops in the port. I put them there in the hope that I could keep that base a bit longer. Opinions?

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