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johnsmith1212 -> I did it! I won the Swedish Scenario! (12/13/2017 9:08:37 AM)

Kind of a weird AAR I know - but hopefully give you some idea. I finally realized that to win, you can't let Magdeburg or Kassel fall. So I pushed Gustavus over there with the man army right way. I sent Horn up to take Kohlberg but left Baner with Gustavus (GIIA). I decided to leave Mecklenburg to Leslie & Willie S-W. Once GIIA had Magdeburg secured, I basically left it to the Brandenburgers. GIIA then traveled southwest and started taking cities beginning at Frankfurt/Main. After traveling down the Rhein, I found he had to take most of those little cities to get a secure supply line.
Meanwhile, Horn took Frankfurt/Oder. He got sidetracked for awhile defending Magdeburg, but eventually was able to head for Prague then Vienna.
Up north things were very slow. It took Friedrich 34 months to take Lubeck; While it took Leslie 34 months to take Hamburg. Leslie won numerous battles against the garrison during that time.

Final totals (Swedes/HRE)
Morale: 179/26
VP: 3499/3619
Losses: 58,167/ 96,444
Combat Power ratio: 100/58

Some oddities I don't understand:
Baner again got promoted over GIIA. They had been in the same stack all game long and when Baner got promoted to number one - he suddenly outranked Gustavus. What an outrage! {grin} . I wonder if you have two generals with the same rank it goes alphabetically?

A couple of times, there would be a battle where the Swedes would be declared the winner, but suffer more casualties. Then the so called winner was demoted for losing that same battle it said he won.

Sometimes when a leaders stack was completely destroyed - they just kind of hung out there , getting in the way

Sometimes it would call off an assault for not having a breach, when there was one.

Fog of War Off Activation Penalty
Delayed Commit Small Navy easy
Foreign Entry Easy Extended Pool +100%
Attrition Historical Supply Easy
Replacements Manual Traffic penalty Low
A.I. “Private”

Easy settings to be sure – but so far I can’t even beat these
Sep 30
100 (morale)/0 (VP)
GIIA(821) to Landsburg; Baner(145) Gartz; Horn(113) Kohlberg;
Leslie (286) to New Brandenburg; cav converts
Cards: mines in Kohlberg; Saxony Brandenburg; Defwrk in Magdeburg
Reinforcements: 2 SwIB, 1 Sw CB, 1 depot
Oct 30
All cards fail; Sieges as above; Weimars enter
Cards: mines -Landsburg; France, England
Nov 30
All cards fail; sieges continue;
Siege arty, cav supply – Stockholm to Kohlberg
Cards: Mines Landsburg; Trier, Mainz
Dec 30
Cards fail;
GIIA defeats Conti near Landsburg;
Cards: mines Landsburg; Gunner Kohlberg; Provinces
Jan 31
All cards fail; Sieges continue; Purchased Sw IB
DefWk, contrib Magdeburg
Cards: mines Landsburg; Gunner Kohlberg
Feb 31
Cards fail; sieges continue
Cards: ask French; mines Landsburg, Gunner Kohlberg
Mar 31
Gunner fails;
GIIA captures Landsburg; Reinforcements & replacements
Gunner Kohlberg, Landmine Gartz; Saxony, Brandenburg; DefWk Magdeburg
Apr 31
Cards fail;
GIIA marches to Magdeburg
Cards: Mines Gartz, Gunner Kohlberg; Saxony, Brandenburg e
May 31
Diplomacy fails
GIIA defeats Pappenhiem near Magdeburg
New Brandenburg falls to Willie S-W
Cards: Saxony, Brandenburg, France
Jun 31
Cards Saxony, others fail
GIIA defeats Pappenhiem near Magdeburg
Baner captures Gartz; Willie S-W besieges Rostock
Cards: mines & gunner Kohlberg
Jul 31
Horn captures Kohlberg; marches toward Frankfurt
Hamilton & Friedrich arrive
Replacements; GIIA chases Pappenhiem
Cards: mines Lubeck; Saxony, Brandenburg
Aug 31
Cards fail
GIIA defeats Pappenhiem near Luneburg
Cards: Mines Rostock; Saxony, Brandenburg
Sep 31
Saxony enters war; Brandenburg fails
Horn besieges Frankfurt, Willie S-W sieges on
Cards: mines & gunners in Frankfurt; Brandenburg
Oct 31
Mines work, others fail
GIIA marches on Kassel
Cards: Gunner Rostock; France
Nov 31
GIIA breaks siege of Kassel -Defeats Tilly
Hungarians finish off Pappenhiem
Hamilton & 2IB dispatched to Magdeburg
Dec 31
Mines work, nothing else
Hamilton skirmishes near Magdeburg; Arnim besieges Erfurt
Cards: mines in Frankfurt
Jan 32
Brandenburg joins allies
Horrn captures Frankfurt (4 months);
GIIA winters in Kassel; Willie S-W sieges on
Cards: mines & gunners Rostock
Feb 32
GIIA moves ˝ army on Gottingen
Cards: mines & gunners Rostock
Mar 32
Horn to Dresden; GIIA chases Tilly
Diplomacy: France, Trier, Mainz, Koln; Replacements
Apr 32
All Cards fail; Tilly escapes – GIIA gives chase
Contributions from Berlin
Gunner Rostock; Diplomacy Mainz, Trier
May 32
Diplomacy Trier
Willie S-W skirmishes near Rostock; Arnim captures Erfurt
Tired of Chasing Tilly, GIIA dispatches Bernie S-W and marches on Frankfurt
Cards: mines & gunner Rostock
Jun 32
Cards fail; Prussians besiege Havelburg
Horn diverted towards Erfurt;
Jul 32
GIIA besieges Frankfurt
Cards: Mines Frankfurt; Trier
Aug 32 106/714
Willie S-W takes Rostock (14 months); Leslie to Hamburg
Baner, Bernie S/W & Tott sent off to pick off small forces
Horn advances towards Tilly
Cards: mines & gunners Frankfurt/Main
Sep 32
Cards fail; Baner wins skirmish near Bamberg; Leslie besieges Hamburg
Cards: Contributions in Stralsund
Oct 32
Horn defeats Tilly at Magdeburg; GIIA captures Frankfort/Main
GIIA joins siege of Manheim; Baner to Frankfurt
Cards: Mines Manheim, Gunner Hamburg; Baner scorched earth
Nov 32
Skirmishes: Leslie in Hamburg, Prussians in Havelberg
Arnim besieging Pilsen; Tilly escapes Horn
Bernie S/W to Frankfurt
Cards: Gunner Manheim; Trier
Dec 32
Mainz; GIIA takes Manheim; Leslie wins skirmish near Hamburg
Cards: Mine Lubeck
Jan 33
Nothing much new
Feb 33
Prussians capture Havelberg
Cards: Diplomacy France
Mar 33
Leslie wins another skirmishes in Hamburg
Hamilton 3IB to Erfurt; Horn to Kassel
GIIA Heidelberg; Baner & Bernie to Hamburg; Prussians to Magdeberg
Cards: D/W in Kassel; Mines Lubeck, Gunner Hamburg; France
April 33
Cards fail;
Horn wins a couple of skirmishes, but is delayed on march to Kassel
Baner wins a skirmish near Wurzburg
Erfurt falls, Hamilton moves in;
Cards: mines in Wurzburg ; Diplomacy France
May 33
Cards fail; Horn wins another delaying skirmish
Cards: Mines Pilsen, Gunner Heidelberg
Jun 33
Cards fail, Horn breaks siege of Kassel
Cards: mines & gunner Heidelberg, D/W Kassel; France
Jul 33
GIIA wins battle at Heidelberg, but is blamed for defeat????????
Cards: mines Wurzburg, Gunner Heidelberg; Trier
Aug 33
Horn & Tilly dance around Kassel; Gottingen falls to Horn
GIIA takes Heidelberg; marches towards Augsburg
Cards: mines Wurzburg
Sep 33
Arnim captures Pilsen; Horn withdraws to Kassel
Cards: D/W Frankfurt; Gunner Hamburg; Trier, Mainz, Brandenburg
Oct 33
Landmine Wurzburg;
GIIA besieges Stuttgart
Nov 33
Horn marches to Magdeburg
Dec 33
GIIA captures Stuttgart; Hamilton recaptures Erfurt
Horn defeats Tilly in bloody battle near Magdeburg
Cards: landmine Wurzburg; D/W in Frankfurt
Jan 34
Horn defeats Tilly again
Cards: Mines Wurzburg, gunner in Hamburg
Feb 34
GIIA defeats Feria near Mannheim
Wallenstein Murdered
Mar 34
Baner leaves Wurzburg to join GIIA, Hamilton replaces him
GIIA Hielbronn; GIIA defeats Feria, Hamilton finishes him off
Apr 34
All cards fail
May 34
GIIA captures Holbronn moves on to Ulm
Hamilton captures Wurzburg, marches on Bamberg
Prussians march on Luneberg
Cards: Gunner Hamburg, mines Luneburg
Diplomacy: France, England, UP, Koln, Mainz, Trier
Jun 34
Mainz, UP; Friedrich captures Lubeck (34 months)
Hamilton defeats Feria near Bamberg
Cards: mines & gunner Ulm
July 34
GIIA captures Ulm
Cards: gunner & mines Prague
Aug 34
Cards fail
GIIA wins skirmish near Augsburg
Cards: mines & gunners Prague
Sep 34
All cards fail
GIIA captures Augsburg, marches on Munich
Horn Captures Prague, marches on Brunn
Cards: mines & guns at Hamburg, diplomacy on bishoprics
Oct 34
Koln, Mainz, others fail; France enters war; Ruthven enters – to Prussians
GIIA smashes Cardinale Infante’s army near Ulm, pursues
Colonel loses battle near Phillipsburg
Diplomacy: Koln, Mainz, Munster
Nov 34
Munster, Mainz
GIIA destroys Cardinal (Tott killed) – splits up for winter
Cards: gunner Brunn
Dec 34
Mines work
Horn captures Brunn – winters there
Cards: DW Heidelberg; gunner & mines in Hamburg; Mainz, Munster
Jan 35
Cards fail
Cards: gunner & mines in Hamburg
Feb 35
Ruthven takes Luneburg, Hamilton takes Bamberg
Friedrich wins battle in Hamburg (note: results say win, but suffered more losses, but they lose seniority for losing battle)
French arrive; Cards: mines & gunners in Hamburg
Mar 35
All cards fail; Replacements
GIIA, Banner & Bernie march on Munich
Horn & Armin march on Viena
Ruthven & Prussians siege on
Cards: mines & gunner Hamburg
Apr 35
Cards fail
GIIA & co. defeat Cardinale Infante then Feria near Munich
Cards: mines & gunner in Hamburg
May 35
Baner somehow outranks GIIA now – (alphabetical?)
they win battle outside Munich – Baner sent to Hamburg
Horn besieges Vienna
Turrene wins skirmish; marches on Koblenz
Breze army besieges Trier
Saar army besieges Mainz
Diplomacy: German Bishoprics
Jun 35
All cards fail
Sieges continue
Diplomacy German Bishoprics
Jul 35
Koln, Mainz – others fail
Cards: mines & gunner in Munich
Aug 35
Turrenne wins victory outside of Koblenz
GIIA wins storms Munich in bloody battle
Horn wins skirmish outside Vienna
Baner takes control of Hamburg siege
Cards: mines& gunner Vienna; Declare Bremen,
Sep 35
Banner captures Hamburg (2yrs, 10 months), marches on Bremen
GIIA marches to help in Vienna
Cards: mines in Vienna
Oct 35
Cards: gunner in Vienna
Nov 35
Vienna Surrenders! Major Victory! (26/3619)

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