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Akmatov -> Resolution Adjustable? (12/10/2017 3:35:00 PM)

Just got it and WOW.

One fast question I'm not finding info in Manual or game itself - how to change resolution and/or font size - really tiny and would prefer to be able to play with my face more than really close to screen.

2560x1440 - really tiny, feel urge to find a magnifying glass
1920x1080 - better, but a bit small
1600x900 - best, but map loses almost 1/3rd of its vertical rows, from 17 hexes to 11

Surely there is a game based adjustment for resolution rather than changing the resolution by changing the desktop resolution.

Paullus -> RE: Resolution Adjustable? (12/10/2017 4:17:17 PM)

You can change the resolution in the Configuration.ini file. This is How to Guide:
Check the manual for supported resolutions.

Akmatov -> RE: Resolution Adjustable? (12/10/2017 9:45:58 PM)

Thx for the fast response.

Info is useful.

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