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mmccot -> Command Postures (12/9/2017 5:15:39 PM)


From the manual... As a reminder a posture appears on the game map to the left
of each forces TDM.Command postures are selected by player or assigned by default. Trouble is I don't see
the postures like {passive, defend, offense, assault} I usually assign a posture before I move.
Anyone else not seeing this?


OldSarge -> RE: Command Postures (12/11/2017 12:12:45 AM)

Sorry, I can see the different posture types just fine with v1.03. Everything looks okay to me.

A screenshot of what you're not seeing might be helpful.

mmccot -> RE: Command Postures (12/11/2017 3:53:03 PM)


I can see the special orders related to fighting. The crossed saber, enter structure, sortie, and forced march.
But I don't have the offensive, defense, passive and assault buttons like most of Ageod games. They are on the stack
already marked but I cant change them.

altipueri -> RE: Command Postures (12/11/2017 3:59:49 PM)

When you click on a stack you get pictures of the commander and some unit cards at the bottom of the screen.

At the left is a green blue orange or red button and below it another. They change postures and rules of engagement.

mmccot -> RE: Command Postures (12/11/2017 4:31:32 PM)

Thanks folks,

I went to the options in media and turned alternate button off,
now I see them. You would figure alternate button on would have it.


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