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sPzAbt653 -> TOAW TOE's [some] (12/9/2017 2:31:20 PM)

If you are designing a scenario, this file could be of some help. Specific Equipment for various types of units from known sources have been translated into TOAW units. Countries that are currently included are Germany, UK, USA and Russia.

After unzipping the file, place the 'TOAW TOE's-2' folder into your Graphics Override folder, and the 'TOAW TOE's-2.sce' file into the scenario folder of your choice.

Edit: Fred Henriksson [polarenper] made a very detailed pdf of German TO&E's, and that has been added to this zip. Thanks Fred for all of that great work !

sPzAbt653 -> RE: TOAW TOE's [some] (12/9/2017 2:32:17 PM)

Note that by definition, this is not a scenario, it is a collection of TO&E's. To use it, open the 'TOAW TOE's-2' scenario in the Editor.

You will see what looks like a blank screen [these screen shots use some custom graphics so may look different from what you see, but it is the same]. To find a specific country, hit 'b' on the keyboard and type in the country name, then hit Enter.


sPzAbt653 -> RE: TOAW TOE's [some] (12/9/2017 2:32:54 PM)

You will be taken to an area of the map that contains various German units. It looks messy, but the units are organized and if you use this file you will get used to it.


sPzAbt653 -> RE: TOAW TOE's [some] (12/9/2017 2:33:41 PM)

Go to the Force Editor and you will see all of the included units and their Equipment. In this case a German Infantry Division from Welle.1 is selected on the right, and its' Equipment is seen on the left. In some cases, units are further broken down [in this case, immediately below the German Division is a breakdown into its' regimental organization].


sPzAbt653 -> RE: TOAW TOE's [some] (12/9/2017 2:34:36 PM)

Back at the map, hitting the Spacebar will hide all units and reveal the numbers for some Footnotes. These Footnote numbers correspond to notes contained in the Scenario Briefing. Footnotes mostly pertain to the source, but in some cases include other unit notes.

Ideally, this file would contain every unit from every country, but ain't nobody got time for that! All TOE's included in this file are verified as best can be, and except where noted don't include any made up stuff. These are historical TOE's and do not reflect actual strengths in real life situations [where the two often differed[. The point of the file is to save a little research time when initially setting up a scenario.


Nicholas Bell -> RE: TOAW TOE's [some] (12/9/2017 4:48:09 PM)

Thank you! [&o]

Oberst_Klink -> RE: TOAW TOE's [some] (12/9/2017 5:04:57 PM)


ORIGINAL: Nicholas Bell

Thank you! [&o]

Behold, oh grandmaster of editor software of the DOS game decade...

Attached Telumar's (Stefan's) bloody marvellous TO&E for German Panzer Divisions 42/43. He did that to assist poor me in my task to re-create the Kharkov '43 OOB and TO&E; and i am ever grateful to him.

Klink, Oberst

Rosseau -> RE: TOAW TOE's [some] (12/10/2017 2:42:29 AM)

This is a nice help for TOAW IV and for other games.

Wait - there are no other games like IV. Well, maybe one or two [;)]

EDIT: Actually, just one that I'm working with now - creating new Command Op2 estabs. What a job.

r6kunz -> RE: TOAW TOE's [some] (12/20/2017 3:44:43 AM)

Incredible job, SPzAbt653 (aka Steve).
Beautifully done.
I would like to put in a plug for the FITE team. Norm did a remarkable job with equipment values (AT AP Def etc.) but any one of us who has worked with his values have our pet peeves. "How can you say Pz x has the same value as a T-Y??".
The FITE team has put in years of research into hard data (shell weight, the rate of fire, reliability, squad size, LMG, MMG, HMG, etc, etc) and have come up with arguably the most realistic values. The downside is, as FITE implies, it only applies to the East Front plus a good number of lend-lease equipment.

Now that we have the Equipment Editor incorporated in TOAWIV, it is easy to transpose these more accurate values,
I have used the value in Road to Moscow series with the following acknowledgment:

"Many thanks to Soren 'Doc' Gaun as well as other members of the FITE team, Kristian 'Teufel' Kristensen, Stefan 'Snefens' Kristensen for allowing elements of the OOB, TOE, and .eqp values of their scenario FITE2 to be incorporated in Road to Moscow Series"

Hoyt Burrass -> RE: TOAW TOE's [some] (12/31/2017 8:11:19 PM)

where do I find the graphics override folder...I find graphics...but no override folder.

Oberst_Klink -> RE: TOAW TOE's [some] (12/31/2017 8:15:41 PM)


ORIGINAL: High Krausen

where do I find the graphics override folder...I find graphics...but no override folder.

\Documents\My Games\The Operational Art of War IV\Graphics Override

Have a smashing 2018!

Klink, Oberst

Hoyt Burrass -> RE: TOAW TOE's [some] (1/1/2018 12:03:29 AM)

thank you!

olaui13 -> RE: TOAW TOE's [some] (1/14/2018 10:01:50 AM)

Thanks :)

sPzAbt653 -> RE: TOAW TOE's [some] (4/25/2019 9:03:48 AM)

I never understood all the German designations for their Self-Propelled AA Guns, so I researched them and gave them names and silhouettes that made sense to me. Along with a few other changes made since the last time this was posted, the link in post #1 has been updated.


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