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bde4soldier223 -> transport helicopters (12/9/2017 2:26:03 AM)

I've always noticed these units but never knew how to use them. how will i use them to transpot my units around the battlefield?

thanks in advance.

Raindem -> RE: transport helicopters (12/9/2017 3:04:19 AM)

They provide airmobility to eligible units within range. But not on a turn that they are moved. So the best thing to do is find a safe, centralized location and park them.

bde4soldier223 -> RE: transport helicopters (12/9/2017 3:35:57 AM)

ah i see ok. thanks

mrblonde1 -> RE: transport helicopters (4/18/2019 9:32:05 AM)

Should I park them on airfield or will they provide airmobile transport from every hex available for movement?

josant -> RE: transport helicopters (4/18/2019 10:50:40 AM)

No, you dont need to put them on an airfield to provide airmobile transport (note that only units with airmobile icons can use this movement)

mrblonde1 -> RE: transport helicopters (4/19/2019 6:01:53 PM)


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