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SamSlitherine -> Flashpoint Campaign Red Storm version 2.0.14 (12/5/2017 3:16:27 PM)

Flashpoint Campaign Red Storm has been updated to version 2.0.14!

This version is the culmination of the comprehensive improvements from the previous 2.0.13 update along with a few minor bug fixes and tweaks to the gameplay!

You can download the update from Members Area.

or also from here Pub Area

See you on the battlefield!

Version 2.0.14 Patchnotes

Traffic Jam bug
We had a report that forces would suddenly stop along a route if a large stationary force blocked them. This bug is a reemergence of two old bugs in traffic code undoubtedly from something we did tweaking code in 2.0.13. The bugs are fixed and your troops should no longer get frustrated and halt behind a blocking set of units. They should now replot movement around the obstruction (assuming a valid terrain path exists).

Infantry Limited Ammo Bug
There was a fix added in the 2.0.13 update to fix certain infantry units and weapons from having unlimited ammo. While the fix worked in most cases, it was not doing the job the way we wanted so we tweaked the code again for a better resolution. It is not perfect but it is better than before.

Resource Leak Slow Play/Crash
This problem was unexpected, but happens from time to time when you update tools used in your code base. Most of the time you get new capabilities or improved performance, but every once in a while you are bit. The 2.0.13 game executable ended up with GUI elements that had a resource/memory leak. This could lead to odd slowdowns, glitchy graphics, and ultimately to a crash when all of the GDI resources were used up.
After a fair amount of time spent tracking these things down, we feel we have them squashed and you should be able to play without the crash. We hope that this also takes care some of the odd slowdowns and graphics updating issues as well. Let us know.

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