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calgar -> Suggested Feature: Synchronizing Waypoints (12/1/2017 10:32:06 PM)

Hi all,

I remember a feature from the ArmA II Editor very fondly, and that was the ability to "tie" waypoints of units to another to synchronize movement and actions.

I was always wondering why that is not more present in wargames. I think this might be worth considering for AB as well. The ability to, for example, synchronize the attack of multiple platoons of tanks could make the gaming experience more satisfying.



Veitikka -> RE: Suggested Feature: Synchronizing Waypoints (12/4/2017 4:26:39 PM)

We don't have anything that advanced, but it's possible to plan ahead by placing waypoints in 'disabled' mode (currently by holding down the ctrl key). For example, you give the waypoints for several platoons, and when you think the time is right you activate the waypoints. This way you can minimize the effects of command delay, because it keeps running even while a waypoint is disabled. If the waypoint is activated after the command delay then the order is executed immediately.

Also, it's possible to issue orders while the game is paused.

calgar -> RE: Suggested Feature: Synchronizing Waypoints (12/6/2017 12:12:00 AM)

Thanks for taking your time and elaborating,

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