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AlbertoC -> Order of Battle: Panzerkrieg is here! (11/30/2017 3:04:13 PM)

The hotly anticipated new expansion to the Order of Battle series is finally here!

Panzerkrieg is the expansion the Artistocrats wanted to make since they started focusing on the European theatre. In Panzerkrieg you will lead the Wehrmacht in the crucial years of ’42 and ’43 on the Eastern Front and relive the epic battles which shaped history like Stalingrad, Kursk and Kharkov. With 12 new scenarios, over 40 new units, new specializations and several gameplay improvements (including new terrain rules) Panzerkrieg is a must-have.

Most importantly, Panzerkrieg can be tied to Blitzkrieg as part of a new mega-campaign. Carry over your core army from one campaign to the next and fight across the whole Eastern Front! The carry-over system itself has been greatly enhanced and Panzerkrieg is tailored to make full use of these improvements.

Shards, producer for the series, will be playing the game live on our Twitch channel at 4 pm GMT! Don’t miss it!

Furthermore… we have a new trailer for the base game, Order of Battle: World War II.

Watch the trailer!

Order of Battle: World War II is completely free to try. Download it and play through the boot camp as well as the first mission from every campaign for free! Get Order of Battle: World War II here.

VegasOZ -> RE: Order of Battle: Panzerkrieg is here! (11/30/2017 7:34:00 PM)

The installer is asking for version 5.1.6 but I have the game updated to 5.2. How do you get Panzerkrieg to install?

VegasOZ -> RE: Order of Battle: Panzerkrieg is here! (11/30/2017 8:26:05 PM)

There is a post on the Slitherine forum that states that the install problem is known to Tech Support. Matrix should withdraw the release of Panzerkrieg until this install problem is fixed. I own a ton of Matrix games and am a loyal supporter, this is the first time I"ve encountered an install problem, but this should not be happening and should not take until tomorrow to fix. Respectfully, Thanks.

VegasOZ -> RE: Order of Battle: Panzerkrieg is here! (12/1/2017 4:59:57 PM)

I was able to install Panzerkreig and it appears to be running fine/normally now after the upgrade patch that was issued today.

athineos -> RE: Order of Battle: Panzerkrieg is here! (12/9/2017 11:12:12 PM)

After all these DLCs and still no Random Battle Generator. There are a lot of people that don't have the time to mess with the scenario editor. I guess for now I will keep on playing John Tiller's Campaign series.

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