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speedcuff -> shift toggle button (11/29/2017 3:51:27 PM)

I'm not sure this is the correct place for this post– I'll give it a try. In the war of the East game there is a button on the toolbar to toggle the shift button on and off. As I am disabled I would love to see this key in the current war of the West game as I am unable to operate the keyboard.. Thanks

Joel Billings -> RE: shift toggle button (11/29/2017 4:58:53 PM)

We removed the button in WitW as we ran out of space and didn't think it was something that many players used. Never thought about someone unable to use the keyboard trying to play the game. I don't know how easy it would be to build back into the current interface (maybe if we only built it in at higher resolutions where there's space available?). In WitE2 we will have some additional space so I'll make a note to ask the programmers about this. I liked having the button because without it many new players take a long time to realize that they can make a deliberate attack. I can't make any promises, but will ask if this is something we can add back somehow.

Joel Billings -> RE: shift toggle button (11/30/2017 10:12:26 PM)

I asked the programmers and there is no quick fix we can make for this. When we work on revising the WitE2 interface, we will see if we can add in a way to get into Deliberate Attack mode without having to use the keyboard. If we do that, it might go back into WitW depending on what the fix is. I'm sorry we won't be able to fix WitW so you can play without the keyboard (at least not anytime in the near future).

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