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larryfulkerson -> B41_lgf_5.0 Barbarosa '41 MOD (11/17/2017 9:33:27 PM)

So um....I'm thinking there might be somebody interested in the scenario that I'm using for the
Workshop for New Guys. It's a mod of Barbarosa '41 ( from the "Classics" T3 folder ) and
this scenario I'm posting represents the version I'm making especially for the release of T4.
It's a simple scenario with 40 turns, less than 200 units, I believe. It's my goto scenario
when I have a half an hour to spare.

gwgardner -> RE: B41_lgf_5.0 Barbarosa '41 MOD (12/31/2017 4:09:38 AM)

Thanks for this. Looks like perhaps it might be good for a starter scenario for a newbie like me.

larryfulkerson -> RE: B41_lgf_5.0 Barbarosa '41 MOD (12/31/2017 4:41:23 AM)


ORIGINAL: gwgardner
Thanks for this. Is there an associated .eqp file?

There used to be. But I had no custom units and the only changes I made were to
the scenario itself. There's a 5.5 version that gives the Axis engineers a secondary
icon of artillery so they can fire their mortars but I haven't playtested it yet.
Maybe you'd like to try that one too. I'll post it.


ORIGINAL: gwgardner
I note in the scenario notes there is mention of some color changes, like black for the SS.

I needed the Panzers to stand out more than they were. Helps me find them when I'm in a hurry.
Also I think it adds some chrome to the game. Like green Hunarians and yellow Itlians.


ORIGINAL: gwgardner
Thanks for this. Looks like perhaps it might be good for a starter scenario for a newbie like me.

I like it a lot so when I'm not doing my moves for my FITE2 game then I'm usually going
through the turn 1 moves of B41 just because it needs to be playtested yet. It's a break
from FITE2 without burning out on either. Although I HAVE been known to crank up
Empire Earth about once a week. It's my standby game when I absolutely have to win at
something. I've played it probably 200 times since 2003.

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