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SnuggleBunnies -> Activate on Steam? (11/2/2017 8:40:10 PM)


I purchased the game on the Matrix Games website and attempted to use the provided key to activate the game on Steam, only to be told (by Steam) that it was invalid.


miller7219 -> RE: Activate on Steam? (11/3/2017 12:04:38 AM)

Same here. Serial provided from matrix purchase won't activate on Steam.

zakblood -> RE: Activate on Steam? (11/3/2017 4:59:08 AM)

being looked at by support staff atm, will reply asap

DerGrenadier -> RE: Activate on Steam? (11/3/2017 8:05:42 AM)

Same here. Cant activate.

Indirectlemon -> RE: Activate on Steam? (11/3/2017 9:52:25 AM)

Sorry you're having this issue, Mare Nostrvm does not use Steam Keys as its serial, instead you can register your serial to redeem a Steam key, which can then be activated on Steam. Full instructions here.

I hope this clears up any confusion.

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