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rjord1 -> (WIP) Star Trek 1 : The Lyran Star Empire War (11/2/2017 6:20:15 PM)

Work has begun on the first mini mod for Star Trek which is being developed in conjunction with development of the Kirk era Star Trek mod.

The Kirk era mod is a huge mod and is taking time to complete and as a result I am going to release mini mods telling the story of Star Trek in different periods of time.

Star Trek 1 : 233 BC takes place 2250 years ago well before the Federation exists and is based on Earth's history in the 3rd century at times relating to 2 TOS episodes

- Who Mourns for Adonais?
- Plato's Stepchildren

While Earth is still a pre-warp civilization the planet is occupied by Plato's Step children who are the product of a mass eugenics program on another planet... as well as being occupied by an alien called Apollo.

Plato's Stepchildren are perhaps the first products of Eugenics which was later well known for Khan Noonien Singh.

During the time of this mod many races were developing and reaching out to the stars with warp drive technology.

This mod is expected to be released in November or December.


rjord1 -> (WIP) Star Trek 1 : The Lyran Star Empire War (11/2/2017 6:38:05 PM)

In this mod you will choose Earth to either have races based on Apollo or races based on Plato's stepchildren. This mod will tell how races such as the Klingons, Vulcans, Ferengi and Iconians for example handle either Apollo or Plato's Stepchildren.

The Romulans do not exist at this time however the Sargon's species do occur in the mod and the Sargon race are believed to be the originators of the Romulans as mentioned in the TOS episode "Return to Tomorrow"

rjord1 -> (WIP) Star Trek 1 : The Lyran Star Empire War (11/5/2017 9:01:52 PM)

An Iconian Dreadnought......

In this mod the Iconians will go to war with the Romulans and will stop at nothing short of taking Romulus as their new home.

Iconians will have good relations with the Q as well as the species known as The Preservers.


rjord1 -> RE: (WIP) Star Trek 1 : The Lyran Star Empire War (11/17/2017 4:44:27 AM)

Before the Federation.... before the Romulans..... and before the Klingons......

War was coming to the galaxy.....


rjord1 -> (WIP) Star Trek 1 : The Lyran Star Empire War (11/17/2017 5:10:51 AM)

My role play mod for the Kirk era has being renamed as :
Star Trek 4 (James T Kirk era)

This means that there will be 3 smaller mods covering the Star Trek timeline prior to the Kirk era mod.
In order to get these mods out quickly I am looking at changing the way these mods are done.

Beginning with this mod the basic files will be created and released as an alpha version with updates added every week or fortnight.
The updates should just be downloading small zip files and extracting them into the mod directory.

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